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#18 Best Different Type Of T-shirt Style Clothes

Stronger Than Your Excuses

Finding Your Perfect Type of Clothes

Whether you’re a finance bro or a skater guy, over the hill or underage, or more style challenged than a style savant, every man could benefit from an upgrade in his closet.

Get rid of your clothes that don’t fit, don’t fit well and don’t flatter your body. You’ll feel much better and your wardrobe will look so much better.

Why do you have multiple concert t-shits and only one tattered undershirt? It is time for you to have a better selection of shirts for you to wear.


When shopping for a new T-shirt, look for a style that is slim and fit. You can find a variety of styles these days, but look for a style that is slim and fits well.

No matter how much money you spend on clothes, don’t start buying more expensive clothing until you’ve thought about what types of clothes work best for your personal style.

Wear t-shirts that suit your needs and are appropriate to the season, the occasion, and the weather. They can also be functional, so choose wisely.


T-Shirt Fit Styles

You should look for a T-shirt with a body-skimming, compression-like fit with a longer length. If you’re just wearing a T-shirt under a denim jacket or on its own, there are more fit options.

Slim-fits are the most flattering and flattering for your body. They are preferred for layering, without unwanted bulk. When it comes to oversized jackets, they’re a cool way to keep warm and show off your style!


Usually, the most common fit that isn’t too tight or too loose that you’re most familiar with is labeled as a regular fit T-shirt.

T-Shirt Fabrics

When buying a T-shirt, look for the right fabric to get the most from the garment.

No-nonsense guys often gravitate towards cotton tees because they’re relatively affordable, breathable, and easy to care for, like their average Hanes t-shirt.

There are so many kinds of cotton tees and we’re always on the hunt for the ones that feel super soft, look great and feel luxurious. That’s why we love our cotton tee from Sunspel. It’s a long-staple cotton and it feels just as good as it looks.


Extra-long-staple cotton is one of the most important characteristics to look for in your T-shirt, and this is a list of some of the best.

Slub cotton is a trendy T-shirt fabric of the moment for men, adding a rugged texture to the cotton fabric, like Buck Mason’s curved hem t-shirt.

Linen t-shirts are a great option for warm weather. These are lightweight and dry really fast, so they don’t need a lot of drying time. 

In the summer, nothing beats linen for easy, relaxed style when at the pool or beach. When we have an active lifestyle, we usually require a blend of fabrics.


Performance t-shirts are usually made with a blend of polyester and elastane.

Polyester has wicking properties, making it perfect for guys who tend to sweat a lot. It also gives you the extra hint of stretch to help you move with ease.

The most comfy T-shirts are tri-blends, which consist of cotton, polyester, and silky-soft rayon. Always read the fabric details of a T-shirt to know what it’s made of.

T-Shirt Neckline Styles – Crewneck

A polo shirt is a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. Whether you want to dress down or dress up, a polo shirt is the right choice.

This classic sweater is made for people who work out, but don’t want to sweat. It features a round, circular collar, and a simple but elegant stitch pattern. Perfect as a base layer or a stylish layering piece.


You’ll want one in every essential color: Navy, Gray, Black, and White. If you want to step outside the T-Shirt box, a Ringer Tee with contrast color trimming is a great choice.

If you decide to get a tee with a contrasting placket, you should make sure that you have a good understanding of your shirt style and the size of your shirt body.

T-Shirt Neckline Styles – V neck

This type of t-shirt gets its name from the collar’s V shape, it is mostly favored by guys who are interested in showing off a hint of skin. A V-neck can be a great addition to your layering game, whether you’re doing it to stay warm or for added sex appeal. Don’t buy into the trend of wearing skinny v-necks. No one wants to see too much skin!


T-Shirt Neckline Styles – Henley

Henleys are a classic, old-school, T-shirt look that never goes out of style. Also called the Y-neck t-shirt, this style is perfect for pairing with slim-fit cargo pants, your casual chinos and even your WFH sweatpants.


If you’re wearing a blazer, you may as well show off that chiseled body. Leave it slightly unbuttoned to show a peep of chest. You’ll find Henleys in both short sleeve and long sleeve lengths.

T-Shirt Neckline Styles – Boatneck and Scoop Styles

There are a few different ways you can wear this style, but most men wouldn’t normally think to do so.

Boatneck tees usually have a wide horizontal neckline that you’ll mostly see on Breton striped tees. The scoop neck has an exaggerated circular neckline for a relaxed, casual look.

You should buy each of the above styles of shirts in a small quantity. You don’t want to spend much time looking at these items.

After considering all the different shirt styles available, you’re going to want to find those that are best for making your wardrobe more fashionable while offering maximum comfort.


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