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Beretta M84FS CO2 BB Pistol #136

beretta m84


The Beretta M84FS CO2 BB Pistol has a street price of around $90. It’s a very competitive gun, and it plays in an extremely competitive section of the market.

You can find many other choices of replica BBs for this price, as well as revolvers and semi-automatics.

This is a real Beretta M84FS pistol. It’s a bit smaller than most CO2 pistols, but it has an attractive design and realistic look that will turn heads wherever you go. It has a good shot count, realistic weight, a high muzzle velocity and good accuracy.

beretta m84



The Beretta Mod 84FS blowback pistol has good realistic looks. It features the same sleek, matte-finished stainless steel slide, frame and barrel as its predecessor and comes in a black plastic carrying case.

Pietro Beretta’s name and serial number markings are almost exactly the same as the firearm that was originally sold to the customer. There is a joint between the two halves of the frame and this is somewhat unsightly.

The gun was so quiet, you had to be right next to it to hear it. The only other real departure from the firearm in appearance is caused by the plastic CO2 cartridge tightening key at the base of the magazine.

The first HAM tester wrote about this in the feedback section of the survey after he had read about it in the interview. Once he saw how effective this was in the interview, it ceased to be a problem for him.

At 23 ounces, the weight of the Beretta Mod 84FS blowback pistol is equal to that of its firearm counterpart. Takedown is carried out in the same manner as with the firearm, using the lever and pin provided in the frame. The slide lifts off.


The Beretta Mod 84FS blowback pistol works really well at short distances, but it’s not as accurate as some other designs. All the standard HAM test BBs are centered well on the bull of the target.

This air pistol replicates the sound and feel of the Mod 84 FS, a firearm developed by the German firm of Walther in the late 1980s. Accurey was easily within “minute of soda can” at 6 yards for the Beretta Mod 84FS blowback pistol.

The best groups were obtained with the Umarex Steel BB and the Avanti Precision Ground Shot. The Beretta Mod 84FS hold all 10 shots inside the soda can target.

This is creditable shooting for a compact, blowback BB replica air pistol. It’s one of the best in this price range. When a company has a test record like this, it’s worth reading. The best rifle ever made is the Mod 84, and now we can see why.


The Beretta Mod 84FS blowback pistol fires a maximum muzzle velocity of 360 fps. In 10-shot groups, an average of about 330-350 fps was seen for HAM tests.

The first shots fired with both the Hornady Black Diamond and Avanti Precision Ground Shot pellets clocked 359 fps, with a slightly slower rate of 356 fps for the first shot with Avanti Precision Ground Shot.

The Beretta Mod 84FS blowback pistol is accurate at a range of only 50 yards and can be fired from a cold start. It’s therefore no surprise that this handgun is as reliable as its claims.

This camera will exceed the 360 fps claim at temperatures in the 80s, and it’s also weatherproof, so it’s perfect for those outdoor adventures. This was achieved easily with all the standard HAM test BBs.


Consistency is a strong suit for the Beretta Mod 84FS blowback pistol, and for good reason. In all of our tests, the Beretta’s barrel performed extremely well.

You can clearly see from the test targets that the Mod 84FS shot accurately with all of the types of BB tested by HAM. The point of impact was also quite consistent. The standard deviation for all HAM targets was very low.

The trigger pull weights were also consistent, ranging only plus or minus 4 Ounces around the heavier 9 lb 2 oz average trigger pull. The best BB gun for your money will produce the best velocity and consistent shot, and you can get the most velocity and consistency with a slow-fire type.

If you keep the bow string warm by resting it between strings, it’ll return some of its speed and you won’t need as much time to draw back. You can clearly see that as each of the strings were fired, the muzzle velocity steadily declined.

The Beretta Mod 84FS is made with high-quality materials and assembled by skilled professionals. It is perfectly manufactured and a perfect weapon to have in your collection.


This trigger weighs approximately 9 Lbs and works in double action only. This is a very close replica of the actual trigger. It was first used in WW2 by German soldiers and they called it the “Long Schmeisser”.

While a firearm is more effective than a bow, a bow is more effective than a firearm, because a firearm’s trigger pull is too soft. This rough spot was felt just before the gun fired and may be caused by the bullet feeding mechanism.

The ambidextrous safety works well, and blocks the trigger very firmly. The Beretta 91/15 is just like the Beretta 92/96 in that it has a semi-automatic action but does not have the de-cocking feature of the original Bere

The slide travel isn’t very good, and it tends to get stuck under blowback, but it doesn’t move all the way back. The first time I watched an NHL game, the play-by-play guy mentioned that the Leafs have a lot of shots, and there was this big sigh of relief.


The Beretta Mod 84FS blowback pistol tested by HAM gave 99 shots at 67 degrees F with a muzzle velocity of above 260 fps from one 12 gram CO2 cartridge.

From here on, the gun would make more shots at a low muzzle velocity by manually cocking the hammer. But blowback operation stopped at shot 99, so we’re treating this as the shot count.

Here is a magazine that is manufactured of plastic and a metal valve section. This is a great CO2 powered pistol and – like the best muzzle velocities – would work better in a warmer environment.

The Beretta Mod 84FS blowback pistol is a great choice. It has a higher muzzle velocity and a higher shot count than other blowback BB pistols.


The Beretta M9-84FS pistol tested by HAM gave high muzzle velocities for a BB pistol at the ambient range temperature of 67 degrees F.

The highest muzzle velocity was obtained using 5.32 Grain ASG Blaster BBs.


The appearance of the Beretta Mod 84FS blowback pistol is very realistic. There are no major differences between this version and the original firearm. The overall appearance and proportions are dead on.

It’s hard to tell from a distance, but there is no doubt that the firearm has been designed to kill. You’ll notice that the matt black finish of the external aluminum components are a slightly different color from the original.

This is common to many replica air pistols, but this one looks pretty good.


The Beretta M4 Mod 84FS has the shortest pull to operate (less than 1 inch) of any BB replica air gun that we have tested. The BB follower holds on to your phone and has a large, chamfered hole for the Bb’s to fall into.

The Mod 84FS is designed to be completely reliable and dependable. During every test session there was no jamming, no feed failures, and no issues whatsoever.

The author of “The Complete Guide to High-Speed BBs” claims that there’s a real need for a BB with high-powered bullets; he recommends the HAM High-Cap. The operator’s manual for the Beretta Mod 84FS blowback pistol is well-illustrated.

Beretta M8FS Specs

beretta m84
Max Velocity360 fps
Overall Length7.0″
Weight1.4 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Barrel Length3.6″
Shot Capacity17
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
Trigger ActionSingle-Action
MaterialFull metal
Body TypePistol
Fixed/adj. powerFixed

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