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#12 Benefits Of Trash Bins And Garbage Disposal

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Trash Bins

There’s a lot of garbage that comes in to the recycling center. This is not true, most people think it’s enough. That’s not the case. 

In fact, unclean trash bins contribute to many health and safety concerns that are easy to avoid. There are many benefits of cleaning your trash bins.


Remove Harmful Bacteria

Trash bags usually contain only one type of bacteria, but leaks from trash bags are very common, so there’s plenty of room for different types of bacteria. Trash bins are usually a warm and damp environment, perfect for the growth of bacteria.

Some of these are even more dangerous than cigarettes, such as asbestos and silica. The most common bacteria found in trash bins is E. coli. That’s why it’s important to put your trash cans in places where the bacteria can’t be spread to the environment.

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Coliform, Salmonella, and Listeria are all top contributors to “the most illnesses, hospitalizations, or deaths in the United States.” They can also pose a major health and safety risk to your home or business.

It’s important to clean your trash bins often, not just when they start to smell. Bacteria loves to grow in your trash cans.

Remove Odors

Trash bins with any kind of odor left in them should be emptied and scrubbed. This happens when you have bacteria decomposing food waste and other biodegradable materials. It creates an odor.

All those gases contribute to the stench. It takes several months to clean the trash bins, and during that time the odor will only get worse.

Stop Attracting Wild Animals

Garbage cans and trash bins can attract wild animals to your property, which increases the risks of accidents or injury. One of these risks is rabies. Rabies is a deadly disease that affects both humans and animals.

Raccoons have no official cure for rabies, so make sure you clean up your trash. Many plants have medicinal value, but only some are safe to consume. Read about the poisonous plants and avoid them.

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Rats are very attracted to garbage, especially if it is rotting. They often carry disease-causing bacteria, such as hantavirus and even the plague. This is a sample of the animals that might become an issue if your garbage cans are not kept clean.

Once the source of the odor is removed, however, the danger from wildlife has been greatly reduced.

Stop Attracting Insects

There are many kinds of insects that live in the world, some are friendly and others are not. Insects are drawn to the smell of garbage. A common example of this phenomenon is flies, which often lay eggs in trash bins.

Eggs will hatch into maggots, and then after some time, they’ll become fully grown flies, and the cycle continues. Fly’s are a big pain to deal with every time we throw them away, but did you know they’re known for spreading a host of harmful diseases?

As NEHA states, the common housefly can carry over 1 million bacteria on its body and transfer those to contaminate surfaces and food. Roaches also thrive in trash bins. Flies can carry bacteria and are known for spreading infections such as salmonella and strep throat.

Keeping your garbage bins clean will keep these insect pests away.

Taking Out The Trash Is Easier

After you’ve put your rubbish out, the residue can still make its way onto your hands and clothing when taking it out. Considering the bacteria found in trash bins and odor transfer, this would certainly require sufficient washing to remove.

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If the trash is taken out at night, then you might also have to contend with wild animals. So, you have just cleaned out your trash bins and are ready to start using them to take out the trash.

Benefits of Having a Garbage Disposal

Installing a garbage disposal unit under your kitchen sink will keep food scraps from getting into the water pipes and septic tank. This will also reduce odors and help you cut down on your trash bill.

It’s a simple process. You throw your leftover food in, open the tap, and flip a switch; the machine then shreds the material into small pieces that can easily pass through plumbing pipe.

Most people don’t realize that garbage disposal replacement is inevitable, so having a licensed plumber on call means you won’t have to be without a working sink for long.

Saves Time

It’s much easier to dispose of kitchen waste using the garbage disposal than to make up garbage and take it to the landfill. More time to relax after finishing a meal means more time for you to relax and spend relaxing.

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Less Trash

Reducing the amount of work is possible because there is less food waste to throw out. You use less plastic and paper on a daily basis. There isn’t as much to get from the store and there aren’t as many things to throw out.

Reduced Kitchen Odor

Once disposed of, food waste will not be left in a garbage can to rot. It will be recycled into new food. This system works because it eliminates food odors without calling on local plumbers to find the source of bad smells.

Fewer Pipe Leaks

There is less pressure on the drainage pipes because the food scraps are ground up. If there is a leak or a burst pipe, you won’t have to call a 24 hour plumbing professional.

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Cost Savings

You will save money if you don’t have a plumbing service every now and then. You can improve drainage and protect your pipes with the help of the disposal unit. Spending money on trash bags and other supplies is avoided by this method.


Garbage disposals can range in cost, but they generally last for years. Some last for a decade or more. They may cost more, but don’t count on the machine lasting longer.

Protect the Environment

You’ll save money on your garbage bill by disposing of food waste yourself. This way, you can save money and cut down on greenhouse gases. Waste water treatment plants can use it to power their facilities and generate electricity and fertilizer.

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Choice of Models

You can select garbage disposals that are most convenient for you. With continuous-feed machines, you simply drop stuff into the bin as the machine crushes and mixes everything together.

When using batch-feed models, the stopper must be closed before the blades activate, which improves safety.

Useful Features

Some models of shredders come with an auto-reverse feature and more powerful motors that are capable of cutting through bones and other hard materials.

A quick-mount neck speed allows you to quickly install the device, and looks for safety covers to prevent accidental activation before the device is closed.

Repair by Plumbing Experts

One of the benefits of owning a plumbing service is that they have experience with garbage disposal repair and replacement. The company that fixes your drain, faucet, toilet, or dishwasher will be the same one that fixes your drain, faucet, toilet, or dishwasher.

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