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#4 Benefits of Automatic Cats LED Laser Pointer

Laser pointer

What Is The Benefits Of Laser Pointer for Cats

Laser pointers and cats are always fun. We could watch our small predators chasing the red dot forever. Cats are drawn to laser pointers because of the fun and fascination they bring to the party.


Why do cats like laser pointer

According to animal behavioral specialists, a typical cat will perform between 8 and 10 “hunting expeditions” per day. Some cats don’t need to hunt to keep their lives exciting. That’s why house cats go crazy about laser pointer toys.

Can a laser pointer harm my kitty’s eyes

A cat may not seem like a dangerous animal but the reality is that they can be extremely dangerous if handled without caution.

Do lasers pose a danger to your cat’s eyes? We asked the experts and this is what they said.

A surefire way to stop a laser beam from injuring your eye is by turning off the power switch for a few seconds. Cat laser pointers and automatic cat toys with lasers usually feature lasers in the range of 1 to 5 milliwatts that are safe for human and animal eyes.

Laser pointers aren’t all the same. Check the label to ensure your model meets the requirements for safety for pets.

Pros and cons of laser pointers for cats

It’s no mystery that laser games with pets are amusing. Although this laser game isn’t suitable for all cats, there are several advantages to entertaining your cat with a laser. There are, however, also some serious restrictions.

Laser pointer

There are a lot of reasons why you should use laser pointers for cats. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of using laser pointers for cats.

Pros – Outstanding physical exercise

If you’ve got a cat, you know that they are quite boring. While they do get to climb trees, sneak across the ground, hide in the grass, track their lunches and hunt them down, home kitties mostly spend most of their day looking for the best place to sleep (and eventually it turns out to be your keyboard). They are rather obese because of their sedentary lifestyle.

Even if cats don’t like playing with their old style physical toys, they almost always want to play with their red dot. Great fun, and it really is a workout!

Pros – Great mental stimulation

Cats have only been domesticated for about 5,000 years but they’ve been around long enough to have developed some incredible survival instincts.

Cats who stay home alone will usually get bored quickly if they don’t have a way to occupy themselves. Keeping them entertained is the key to keeping them happy and healthy.

Pros – Another way to play

Play is important for all cats. It teaches them boundaries and social skills. Kittens have many skills that other animals don’t have. Play allows cats to hone their prey instincts.

Pros – A stronger bond

Laser Pointers for Cats, like many things for cats, can be used to fulfill their natural instincts and get your cat to trust and play with you.

Pros – Easy way to play

I love my cats, but their toy preferences are not always consistent. So to avoid them picking up one particular toy, it’s best to choose a variety of toys that they enjoy playing with.

What’s the best pet sitter to hire when you are out of town?

Here is when the cat laser pointer comes in: you can easily move it while resting on your sofa or go for a high-tech solution and get your petcube play camera to play laser games with your pet using your smartphone even from afar.

Cons – No satisfaction

Cats are predators, and they need to hunt for their food. Lazer beams cannot be tracked down, and it’s pretty frustrating. A cat doesn’t always hit its prey the first time, but it does eventually.

Cons – Destructive behavior

Your cat may be frustrated at not being able to chase after a red dot continuously. But with patience and training, it should get better with time.

This can easily cause your carpet or furniture to become torn and your vases to fall from their perch. If your cat doesn’t know what’s happening, he could even end up getting a nasty bite or scratch.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to avoid this type of reaction, but to get the best results you’ll want to practice the tips below.

Make sure to point the laser at a physical object that can be caught, like a toy or hidden treats, so your small hunter can win his victory.

How to Use a Laser Pointer With Your Cat

You should only introduce exercise to your cat if they are at a good physical condition. If your cat doesn’t get scared of the light, you’re ready to start playing laser tag. Move it slowly around in small, prey-like movements until your cat pays attention to you.

Imagine a mouse running around on the floor. Sometimes it runs in a straight line, or into a corner, or back and forth. Your cats interest is likely to be caught the quickest with these laser pointer movements.

Move the laser pointer slowly back and forth, letting your cat move closer or farther away from the light beam. Keep your cat’s eyes clean!

As your cat watches the light, let it study it for a little bit, then slowly start moving it away, as though the light is being captured by something behind it. There are many breeds of cats, but only some can hunt in the wild. Some breeds of cats are better than others at hunting. Many cats chase the laser pointer for several minutes.

Some cats are more difficult to train than others. If your cat seems uninterested, or loses interest in your training program quickly, try using the laser pointer and catnip for more excitement.

There are many types of lasers on the market—even some that are automated so your kitty can play when you are not at home.

What If My Cat Doesn’t Like Laser Pointers

Some cats don’t like laser pointers, they might just not be that into chasing the light.

There are plenty of other interactive electronic toys for your cat to help keep her fit and happy, including remote-controlled mice. A cat may enjoy a wiffle ball or soft plastic feather-tipped ball to chase and play with.

There are cat-safe toys that make bubbles for cats to chase. You’ll need to try several different types of toys to see which are your cat’s favorites. Don’t let that stop you from getting one. Toys are fun, and you can’t go wrong picking up a new toy.

There are always one or two toys that get cats moving for any budget.

Safety tips for laser games

Do not aim the laser pointer directly at your cat’s eyes. It is safe for your cat and human eyes even in case of a brief direct contact. It is important to avoid looking directly at the laser for an extended period of time.

Make sure to limit your cat’s games sessions to three hours per day. Don’t forget to entertain your cat with different physical toys, a cat playground and treats aside from the laser.

You must remember that a cat is not a toy, but he is your feline friend, and you are his person. Spend some quality time with your pet, everyday.

Petcube products are designed to make your pets and their pet parents happy. Petcube’s Play interactive pet camera and Petcube Bites treat cam let you watch, hear, play, train and give treats to your pet remotely.

Our warning system will tell you when destructive or disturbed behavior is coming and give you the opportunity to stop it before it escalates into a full blown problem.

Psychological Effects of Laser Pointers

You might be able to play laser tag with your dog, but the dog may have a different experience. Playing laser tag with your pet is not recommended. It might cause damage to their eyes.

Toys, especially those that are dangerous, might frustrate your cat. Keep an eye out for other objects that could be dangerous.

Because cats are natural-born hunters, they can get frustrated if they don’t complete their hunting sequence by pouncing and catching their prey. That’s why they can get upset and frustrated if they can’t catch a laser light. The reason why cats love laser pointers is because the fast movements of the dot of light mimics the motions of a living creature. 

To get this effect in your video, make sure to change the direction and speed of your video, or your viewers will look at you and not at what you’re filming. If your cat likes to chase the dots, this toy will keep him interested.

Laser pointers can also be dangerous if your cat chases them and is not paying attention to their surroundings and runs into a wall or furniture. Or if it’s not properly secured you could hurt yourself or even break something in your home.

If you decide to use a laser pointer, make sure it’s used only outdoors and away from anything that could damage your eyes. The best thing to do when you’re stuck with a situation where the answer isn’t clear is to give your cat something to catch!

Toys work well for learning the skill of grabbing things with the hand. They can even be used for teaching toddlers to learn to grab things with their hands.

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