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Beeman Under Lever PCP Air Rifle #117


Beeman Under Lever PCP Air Rifle

The Beeman Under Lever PCP Air Rifle is a unique and affordable bullpup that provides shooters with features and a level of quality that typically cost more. 

Its powerful 20mm rifle-caliber rounds shoot up to 1000 fps. The fast-shooting.22 caliber offers the versatility of medium-range shooting as well as small-game hunting, pest control, and plinking.

This gun is a bolt-action design. It has a cocking lever in the bottom of the buttstock. It’s easy to cycle, and easy to load and fire from either the right or left side. A bullpup PCP offers a more compact package that is shorter and lighter than other carbines without sacrificing power or accuracy. This makes it easier to handle in the field.


The ambidextrous stock on the air rifle features a stylish thumbhole for a secure and comfortable grip. The durable rubber buttpad also ensures a stable hold on the air rifle. The male quick-disconnect fill port makes for simple filling, and the integrated manometer makes it easy to tell the state of the fill at a glance.

To give shooters the opportunity for a more accurate shot, this air rifle comes with a 4×32 Beeman scope, and it includes two additional Picatinny accessory rails for adding other items such as laser sights or lights.


Value For Money

The Beeman Model 1358 PCP air rifle costs $350 at a Street Price, which puts it in the middle of the $300 – $350 PCPs. Though it’s the best-selling PCP air rifle right now, it’s the cheapest wood-stock PCP for sale right now.

Of course, low-cost bullpup PCPs are a hot area of the market right now, so this product will have a big attraction for many. It’s supplied with a scope. This may be an attraction to some buyers, but the HAM Team is not so sure, as we’ll see in the next paragraph.


The model 1358 is bundled with a comprehensive range of accessories. This includes two magazines, two single shot trays, a degassing tool, and an attachment for the degassing tool.

It’s well-equipped and is the standard of most people who buy them. And most people still prefer a wooden stock when available. No regulation, but this is still a great value for money.

Speed And Accuracy

The maximum muzzle velocity for the Beeman Model 1358 air rifle tested by HAM was 1,091.5 fps with H&N Field Target Trophy Green pellets.

The fastest-shooting lead pellets are always the light 11.9 grain RWS Hobby wadcutters.

The best performer from the.223 caliber group was the Vortex Viper PST. The Vortex Viper PST is the only semi-auto with an advanced recoil control system. It also features high accuracy in a lightweight package.


Power hit 25 Ft/Lbs, which is good for a handgun of this size and caliber. From the table above, it is clear that the Model 1358 was very accurate at detecting pellets for the HAM standard test suite. 

The best accuracy in HAM testing was achieved using 14.3 Grain Crosman Premier Hollow Point pellets. These Premier pellets will be the choice of most owners of the Beeman 1358.

Trigger And Cocking Effort

The trigger tested had an average pull weight of 6 lbs, or 8.9 oz.

You’ll probably be very happy with how it performs and how it looks, but it’s a heavy trigger pull, and you’ll be using it much more than you normally would if it had that pull weight.

This isn’t first stage take up, it’s the product of slack in the long linkage inherent in bullpup airguns where the trigger is separated from the sear at the rear.

The 25 Yard test target above shows that HAM Publisher Stephen Archer had trouble with horizontal stringing.

This happened because he found that the long, heavy trigger pull caused him to shoot in a strange, uncontrolled manner.


The inherent accuracy of the gun would seem to be better than his test target shows, if somehow the trigger could be improved.

This knife is made from high carbon steel, making it hard and durable. A single stage trigger with a considerable amount of slack and a high pull weight. If they were better, they could sell a lot more guns.” He also agreed that accuracy could be better if the trigger were to be improved.

HAM plans to look into making improvements to the Model 1358 trigger in the future. For this test, we shoot in “as received” condition, as always. The underlever cocking system is easy to use and is comfortable for most shooters.

It’s likely that like the HAM testers, you’ll be grasping for a non-existent side lever when first making acquaintance with the Model 1358, but once your muscle memory takes over and the underlever action becomes second nature, it will feel perfectly normal.

Comparison To Makes Claims

Not surprisingly, Beeman makes few claims for the Model 1358. The primary muzzle velocity of the DPMS VSR-16 is 880 fps. While this is a conservative estimate, there is still a large margin of error. 


In HAM testing, we were able to achieve a maximum of 838 FPS with lead pellets and 910 FPS. It’s true, the sample had a higher average than expected.


The Beeman Model 1358 is an unregulated PCP air rifle that delivers a very aggressive shot curve. We found that the average Standard Deviation produced when shooting the HAM test pellet suits was 12.98 FPS.

As you can see, this is a real picture of an adult cockroach. It appears to have been killed and its head removed. That’s because it reduces the “point of impact” on the target, too.

The standard HAM metric of regarding a shot difference of 40 frames as the maximum; that makes the number of consistent shots per fill just 10. That depends on the gun’s muzzle velocity and the distance from which it is fired.


If you’re a hunter, you might want to look for a better rifle. For plinkers, this is probably a good curve. It’s very unsatisfactory compared to the performance of similarly-priced (but not bullpup) PCPs in the market today.

There was nothing wrong with Beeman using the scope with the Model 1358, but they could have saved money by not having included the scope with the gun. I think you’ll find it’s more expensive to add a regulator.

We’re not saying it would be easy to do. We just believe that it’s worth considering if this is something that you’d like to add to your arsenal as a tool to help. The Beeman Model 1358 tested by HAM was a very consistent trigger. The trigger pull weight varied by only about 1 oz either side of the average value we recorded.

This is excellent consistency, and it’s a completely consistent trigger pull weight.

Noise Level

The Beeman Model 1358 Air Rifle has a shrouded barrel. However the HAM testers did find it to be a loud air rifle. This planter will probably survive your backyard without needing any maintenance. If you have an expansive backyard, this planter will likely be happy in it.

The de-gassing tool looks like an odd-looking, oddly shaped stick. The hose adapter screws into the quick-disconnect nozzle and releases pressure by depressing the one-way valve on the nozzle.

Sights And Scope

The Beeman Model 1358 is supplied complete with a 4×32 scope and rings.

This “ready to shoot” airgun package is laudable, but it will not provide a shooter with the best quality 4×32 scope. The HAM Team recommends that the first thing any owner should do is buy a better quality scope, not to mention better PCP charging equipment.

While it could be a suitable scope for a bargain basement $100 airgun, it’s completely unsuitable for a $350 PCP.


We mounted a Leapers UTG 3-12 x 44 SWAT riflescope, together with a stylish UTG ACCU-SYNC one piece mount. 

In order to find the right scope for this gun, we took a step back and looked at the needs of the shooter. We found a scope that would allow us to do so! This Picatinny rail is the longest one I’ve ever seen on a pistol. It’s very well positioned on the gun, too. When you buy this product, you will also receive a complete rail mount assembly, which is an important part of this product.


A bullpup rifle, regardless of what type it is, is a bit of an acquired taste. Some people really like them, while others really do not. For example, HAM PCP Reviewer Doug Rogers does not.

It’s really not Doug’s favorite configuration, but even he had to comment in his test notes that the Beeman Model 1358 was “easy to hold and shoot. The gun weighed in at nine pounds eight ounces, including the UTG scope and mount. (Without the scope, it was seven pounds fourteen ounces.

The Model 1358 has a soft, comfortable cheekpiece that fits securely. It is especially suitable for long-range shooting. It’s best to use for right-handed shooters, though it’s not comfortable for left-handers, like Doug.


This was because the magazine was protruding from the side of the gun when he was testing it. This is a very versatile, compact pistol that requires no gunsmithing or modification to mount a suppressor, the design of which was made to be compatible with the weapon.

The Beeman Model 1358 may not have been designed for the purpose of shooting from the bench, but it is possible to do so. 

Overall, the Beeman Model 1358 PCP air rifle was comfortable and convenient to shoot. The short length, light weight and good balance make it easy to aim and shoot and would be convenient for the hunter from a hide. This one would make for a better fit and would give you more grip, but we’d prefer to see a rather more grippy rubber buttpad than the one fitted to this stock.

Appearance And Finish

The reviewer was very happy with the quality of workmanship, saying that it exceeded his expectations. He also noted the accuracy of the rifle, saying that he could put groups in the 1/2-inch range consistently.

The overall level of finish on the plastic, metal and wood parts was “Good, considering the price.” Molding seams on the few plastic parts were minimal. The wood stock appears to be made from beech and was also well finished. There are no obvious signs of cracks or filler.


This is a nice quality piece of hardwood stock. It would make a good trigger guard for someone who wants to customize the stock to suit his / her own unique style. Design-wise, the skeleton-style stock is similar to that seen in a number of other bullpup air rifles, so you get a little of what you see there. If you like bullpups, you’ll find the looks of the Beeman Model 1358 to be quite pleasant.

Buying And Owning

It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything like this, but HAM has fit an actual pressure gauge on the 1358 in order to allow you to take advantage of the best pressure and angle available to make some incredible lead balls.

Some low cost PCPs have the gauge at the end of the pressure tube. Although Crosman has always been a notable exception to that unfortunate trend.


This is correct, the mid-mount pressure gauge is more expensive than the bolt-action pressure gauge, however it’s much safer for the shooter because they do not have to look down the barrel to check the pressure.

One of the safety features you would expect to be included on all PCP air rifles is a de-gassing capability. The Beeman Model 1358 has this feature. This product has an unusual and innovative design.

The degassing tool is placed in the fill nozzle of the machine. I was able to create a set of images, select a group of people who would benefit from those images, then test their comprehension. As mentioned above, a connection to the HPA supply is made using standard 1/8-inch NPT fittings. It’s a good size and can be filled with a small hand pump.

Beeman Under Lever Specs


Beeman Under Lever Specs

Max Velocity1050 fps
Overall Length29.25″
Weight7.4 lbs
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practice
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Barrel Length18.9″
Shot Capacity12
Cocking Effortlbs
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Operating Pressure3000 PSI / 206 BAR
Body TypeBullpup
Fixed/adj. powerMultiple settings

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