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Bear X Impact CDXV Crossbow #119


Bear X Impact CDXV Crossbow Review

If you want an accurate crossbow but don’t want to spend a fortune, the new Bear X Impact and the Impact CDXV are a couple of good choices.

If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to a regular crossbow, look no further than the Impact CDXV. It’s basically the same crossbow, but instead of using a crank for cocking, it comes with a rope cocker. It’s a great company, and its bears are just about the best.

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Crossbows are the perfect hunting weapons, and their quality is well worth the extra money. Crossbows made by TenPoint and Ravin are great options if you want to get into hunting or target shooting. They’re simple to use, and you don’t need special training to use them. My bear crossbows are dependable and don’t disappoint me.

Both the Bear X Impact and the CDXV are pre-assembled into a convenient, ready-to-go crossbow package. This package includes a crossbow scope, three 20-inch Bear X TrueX bolts, a 4 arrow quiver, a crossbow sling, standard cockerel, and of course, Bear X generously added some rail lubricant and string wax. The Impact comes with the Silent Crank.


Bear X Impact Crossbow Size and Weight

I was amazed at how compact the Bear X Impact is. Killer Instinct’s swap-out is the best, in terms of gameplay, on the entire market, and it can make for some really cool and unique combos.

The Bear XL Impact has a total length of 27.5 inches and an axle-to-axle width of 8-3/4 inches wide cocked and 12-7/16 inches uncocked. This product is similar in size to Ravin’s R29 and R26.

The Impact is a great alternative to the traditional deer stand blind. It’s versatile and compact enough to be used in the field or at your stand in the woods, making it a great option for smaller bucks.

The Impact and the CDXV both weigh 8 pounds, but the impact crossbow has a much better feel to it than the CDXV.

Bear X Impact Crossbow Assembly

These crossbows are ready to hunt right out of the box. You don’t have to break them in at all. You won’t even need to adjust the mechanical release lever.

If you only have to mount and calibrate the scope, then it’s very easy to do and you’ll just need to buy the X-TOP Tech quiver and mount and calibrate the scope.

The X-TOP Tech quiver mount is a short Picatinny rail that is attached to the barrel at the front. You can mount this speaker on either side and it’s fully customizable. It uses two screws to secure the quiver mount to the barrel.

Bear X Impact Crossbow Durability

We have extensive experience in the field of archery and test our equipment extensively. We’ve never had any complaints regarding the limbs, cams, and strings.

The crossbow was clearly designed to be durable. A buddy of mine even dropped it when he was sitting in a tree stand. I yelled at my friend for being careless with my equipment and I picked up the crossbow to find it wasn’t damaged.

Bear X Impact Crossbow Optics

This is the Bear X Impact’s four-dot scope, a scope designed specifically for crossbow use. The scope is revealed for when you find yourself in dark circumstances. The Crossbow Scope is the perfect choice for hunters looking to take shots at distances beyond 50 yards.

It’s a great price considering the scope on the weapon. There are two options when using the 1-4x Scope, one has the scope mounted and the other does not.

Sighting In

It was easy to calibrate the scope. If you are a beginner, this book will guide you through it step by step. Next, start by turning on your oven to 500°F or higher. Once the oven is preheated, turn off the oven and wait 10 minutes.

At a distance of thirty yards from the target, the crossbow should be fired at the target. If the arrow impacts the target lower, turn the speed selector lower. When the 30-yard crosswire is sighted in the crossbow scope, it’s now calibrated to the crossbow so all crossbows remain in this position and are ready for use.


The Bear X Impact is easy to cock, but it’s not as easy to load as a pump or semi-auto. When it comes to a rifle, there are different cranks, depending on what you want it for. It’s a completely silent, no-click process, so no annoying clicking noises.

This of course decreases the chance that you’ll scare away potential prey with the noise you make while cocking your gun. You can also use the crank system to decock the crossbow!

This rowing machine has an easy-to-use hydraulic system, making it perfect for the beginner who wants to do light cardio without breaking a sweat. The pull weight is cut in half so you’ll only need to be able to pull 42.5 pounds to properly cock the crossbow.


The Bear X Impact has a great trigger system that allows you to take excellent shots while giving you the feel of a traditional, smooth-bore trigger. I’m pleased with this trigger system.

It works fine. The trigger assembly also has all the safety features you’d expect from a modern crossbow. The trigger assembly contains anti-dry fire, which prevents the crossbow from dry firing, and an auto safety mechanism.


Don’t let the size of this small crossbow fool you, the Bear X Impact is a powerful crossbow for its size. The Impact can use it’s 185 pound front limbs to propel it’s arrows up to 425 feet per second.

We took the crossbow to the range and used a chronograph to measure how fast it could shoot an arrow. Using BearX TrueX 350-grain arrows, we achieved 425.2 fps.

The Wilson Impact is comfortable to hold, the way the rail and grip fit together makes it perfectly balanced for any shooting situation.

Of course we also tested the Bear X Impact outdoors. The Impact is extremely comfortable to hold, shoot with, and shoulder. It’s the perfect combination of rail, grip and balance that make it an excellent choice for any shooting situation.

I shot it in the woods and had some really good results. It’s extremely accurate due to the good balance of the crossbow. This scope works fine when properly calibrated, but I recommend that you calibrate it first before you make any adjustments.

My crossbow is so accurate that after I got used to it, I shot my target consistently within 2 inches at 50 yards. The BearX TrueX 370-grain hunting arrows are a great choice for deer and turkey.

These arrows are designed for bigger game like deer, bear or elk and the broad, deep nock helps them fly straighter.

We recommend the Bear X TrueX Carbon Crossbow Arrows. They are high-quality, fast, and accurate and will give you the performance you’re looking for.

Each package of TrueX crossbow arrows comes fully equipped with 100-grain field points, inserts, and TrueX nocks for consistent and accurate arrow flight shot after shot.

Each TrueX Crossbow Arrow is inspected and sorted for straightness within +/-.005″, fletched with 4″ vanes, 20″ long, and 370 grains for bone-crushing penetration with each shot.

We recommend a TrueX arrows and the Rage Crossbow X broadheads, which are great crossbow broadheads designed for high-velocity crossbows. They’re made from the same stuff as kitchen knives, which makes them extremely sturdy, with a 2-inch cutting diameter and ultrasharp.

If you want a case to keep the crossbow safe, then we’d recommend a good universal crossbow case. The Silfrae Tactical Case is a good quality case that will keep your crossbow safe. It’s an affordable option.

If you’re going to carry a crossbow, we suggest that you get yourself a universal crossbow sling so you can comfortably carry your weapon.

The Bear X Impact is known for its incredibly narrow frame and for its ability to shoot arrows at speeds of 420 feet per second.

A bolt-action rifle is not only durable but extremely accurate. It is compact, lightweight, and powerful enough to take down large game, even if the prey has been wounded by the shot.

If you want a more compact crossbow in the woods this year, the Impact is a great choice!

Bear Archery Impact CDXV Specs

Max Velocity420 fps
Bow/Crossbow TypeCompound Crossbow
Peak Draw Weight185 lbs
Axel to Axel Length Cocked8.125 “
Axel to Axel Length UnCocked12.062 “
Weight4.9 lbs
Trigger Pull4.0 lbs
Sold With QuiverYes
Quiver Capacity4 rounds
Suggested forHunting
Muzzle Energy145 ft/lbs
Body TypeRifle
Recommended Bolt Length20 “
Cocking AidRope
Powerstroke15.5 “
UpgradesVeil Stoke

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