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How to Do Basic Maintenance on Your Airsoft Gun #47

maintenance airsoft

How to Do Basic Maintenance on Your Airsoft Gun

How to do basic maintenance on your airsoft gun. As the owner of an airsoft gun, you’ll want to take proper care of it so that it can be enjoyed and used for years to come. A malfunctioning airsoft gun is both unnecessary and avoidable.

Your airsoft gun should be kept in proper working order, but by following these cleaning instructions, you can ensure that your gun remains safe.

maintenance airsoft

Cleaning the Airsoft Gun. Frequent cleaning is necessary to ensure that your airsoft gun functions properly and consistently. Use the manufacturer’s recommended method and use of a specific type of cleaning rod.

A. Thread the cleaning rod through the barrel’s tip. B. After each use, wipe the cleaning rod with a strip of paper towel (about 3 inches long by ½ inch wide).

Lightly spray silicone lubricant onto the strip. Lightly spray silicone lubricant onto the strip. Insert the cleaning rod into the barrel, strip-first. Insert the cleaning rod into the barrel, strip-first. Gently spin the rod while moving it down the length of the barrel, and repeat the process as needed.

Gently spin the rod while moving it down the length of the barrel, and repeat the process as needed. To lubricate your gun, you should first check the gearbox for any obstructions.


There are two important steps to making sure that a weapon is clean for your next range day. First, remove the magazine and make sure there are no live rounds in the weapon. Then, if you want, use a bottle of silicone oil to spray a bit onto the hop up of the weapon.

The best solution is to use the oil sparingly. Allow it to sit for a few minutes so that it can seep in, and don’t overtighten the spring. Lubricate the gearbox when it needs it, and to do this you will first need to remove the motor.

Once this task is completed, you will be able to see a small hole in the lower gearbox. From this point you can spray the silicon oil into the hole several times. Make sure that you let the oil soak in for a while before you continue.

When you care for your magazine it will depend on the type of gun you own. If you own a spring or electric gun, you will want to empty the magazine every time you use the gun.

To keep your airsoft gun in excellent shape, it should be pressurized. The pressurization will help to keep the magazine’s spring and all necessary parts intact.

In order for your airsoft gun to work effectively, you should make sure to avoid using carbon fiber, plastic, steel and any other metal when you are using gas that does not have silicon lubricant in it.

Even if your airsoft gun is in top condition, it can jam. Some simple maintenance can prevent future jams.

A damaged barrel is the most common cause of a malfunctioning airsoft gun. Dirt, debris, or residue accumulation inside the barrel. Damaged tappet plates or nozzles. A damaged BB chamber or receiver.

Damaged nozzles, or tappet plates. A damaged or deformed hop up, or a hop up that is too tight. If your airsoft gun jams, it is important to take steps to clear it immediately.

Put the airsoft gun down on the table, then remove the magazine and the spring and spring retainer. Next, remove the cleaning rod and turn the gun upside down. Using the tip of the cleaning rod, gently pry the BB that was stuck in the barrel back into the chamber. Finally, test fire the gun to make sure it works properly.

Lubricate Your Gun

If your gun is misfiring or jamming, the first thing you can do is to lubricate your gun. Remove your magazine and load your gun in semi-auto mode a few times to make sure that it is clean of any debris.

Turn the gun upside down and spray silicone oil into the hop. Let it stand for a few minutes, then turn the gun back over so the oil covers the shaft.

This technique works best with coconut oil. Simply put a couple of drops into your palms, rub them together for about 15 seconds to warm it up, then roll your hands around on a soft towel to spread the oil all over.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to lubricate the internals of both electric and gas blowback replicas without having to do much disassembling. Make sure that the magazine is empty before trying any of this.

Most gas blowback M4s are assembled with the pin in the barrel, so all you have to do is remove the rear pin, split the upper from the lower, and lubricate the parts that already seem lubricated previously. Don’t overdo it though.

As for AEGs, again using an M4 as an example, the gearbox can be rather difficult to get to but there is an easy way to lubricate the internals.

Disconnect the motor first, then remove the gearbox assembly. You’ll notice a hole in the base of the gearbox. Use the hole to attach the cables that will connect it to the servo. Put it back together carefully!

Spray a small amount of silicone oil onto the gears and put it all back together. Wipe off the excess oil and test it before you go firing it.

Maintenance Tools

Hex driver is a type of fastener that can be found in most airsoft guns. It ranges in sizes, and it’s important to know the corresponding size for your gun.

Screwdrivers– If you’re working on your gun, you may want to take the heads off your screws. You should also make sure that you have the correct screwdrivers for your gun.

If you’re a hobbyist, you don’t necessarily need to buy expensive equipment. You can always buy quality equipment that will work for you. However, if you want to have high-end equipment, then there are times when you’ll want to invest in more expensive equipment.

Sharpies- Picks can help provide you with easier access to hard to reach places. Knife- A hobby knife can assist in carving plastic pieces. Greases and oils– Keep a thick grease to lubricate your gear sets.

Lithium grease is easy to find at hardware stores, and it’s very effective for the o-rings and hop up bucking. For rubber components such as o-rings and hop up bucking, you can also use silicone oils.

Keeping track of your things, or toolbox, will help you do more things with fewer mistakes, and save you money because you won’t misplace your tools so often.

Airsoft Magazine Care

Whether you own an electric or spring gun, always empty your magazine after each use to preserve the spring, ensuring the long-term longevity of your airsoft gun.

If you have a gas airsoft gun, leave the magazine pressurized. Adding a drop of lubricant on the internals will help keep all components intact. When you expel gas from the gun, don’t use the release valve.

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If you’re an AMZ Affiliate Marketers or a Group Buying member, your group should empty all the magazines after each buying session.

You can have a bit of fun if you pick off your still targets.

There is no need to clean these as it is a bit dusty. Never ever use BBs in an AEG magazine as this will cause harm to your gun.

And don’t ever throw your magazines around in the dirt or mud. Dust can get into the magazine feed tube and eventually find its way into your airsoft gun, causing damage. Cleaning your magazines is just as important as cleaning your airsoft gun.

A handy tool for gun cleaning is to keep a can of duster gas ready to spray off dust and sediment from your gun when you get home. It makes getting gun soot out of tight spaces much easier than a piece of wet cloth.

How To Unjam Your Gun

If your gun is jammed, first turn off the hop-up. Insert the opposite end of a cleaning rod into the barrel, turn the gun upside down, and then push the BB back into the magazine.

Taking the gun to a professional will solve the problem.

When it comes to your Airsoft gun, cleaning is extremely important. Cleaning will reduce the chance of malfunctions, and there are ways to do it correctly. No Airsoft gun is perfect so there will always be moments where malfunctions may eventually occur.

There are several reasons why it occurs. Dirt can be an issue if there is an excessive amount. Dirt can accumulate in the magazine so it’s always best to swab it down.

Most of the time when you squeeze a can of air pump, you’ll get a very loud “pssshh!” noise, or a soft “whoosh” depending on what model of pump you have. Internal parts like the nozzle and the tappet plate will degrade over time and need replacing from time to time.

Fortunately, that particular part is very affordable. This also goes for the hop up rubber or unit itself. Don’t forget to make sure that your hop isn’t too loose. If your gun jams in the middle of your game day, it’s a good idea to take it to a gun shop and have them tune your hop.

You need to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that you will not have any more problems and to ensure that your Airsoft gun is safe to shoot. Lower the hop to the minimum and remove the magazine.

I tried to insert the magazine but it keeps getting jammed in. That will probably require a trip to the service center, which will cost you some money.

The Do’s And Don’t Of Airsoft Maintenance

Leave a small amount of gas in the magazine- this will keep the o-rings lubricated.

Never leave your airsoft gun without cleaning and lubricating it! Make sure you clean it every 1 to 2 months and oil it before shooting. This will ensure it works properly every time you use it.

Be careful that you don’t weaken the follower spring by emptying your airsoft magazine while it is sitting idle for a while. DON’T. Don’t let all of the gas out of your magazine by pressing the release valve.

After a few shots, it will be clear whether your magazine will leak. If there is any doubt, do not slam the magazine into the chamber. It may break the mag lips and the cartridge nose inside the chamber and cause the gun to misfire.

A small amount of gas left in the magazine is good but a magazine left full of gas will cause the o-rings to deform. Don’t operate an airsoft gun in cold weather as this will hinder its performance.

Don’t try to be in the front- you will damage the spring. While the process of cleaning and maintaining an airsoft gun sounds daunting, it is actually very simple and helps to ensure that your weapon will last you for years to come.

A Clean Barrel

Make sure your gun is clean. You’ll need to use a clean rag or something to wipe down all your gun parts. You’ll also want to make sure your gun isn’t going to jam, so make sure it’s fully charged and properly functioning before continuing.

Slip a rag into the end of the barrel that’s got a slit in it and apply a bit of lubricant. Then insert the rag into the barrel a few times and take it out. It works best when used before and after using it.

Dirt inside the barrel can ruin your airsoft gun. When you buy a new Airsoft gun, some brands will include a cleaning rod with it. For example, Tokyo Marui includes a cleaning rod with all of its Airsoft guns.

Replicas are often cheaper than original products. If you want to buy a product that already has a warranty, but you can’t find a genuine one, a replica might be a better alternative. Read on to learn why.

In the long run, you’ll save money by cleaning your BBs and keep yourself organized. You’ll also have a higher rate of accuracy.

It’s very important that your barrel has a tight fit. BBs are generally 6mm, but there is less than an inch of wiggle room.

A plastic BB travels at high velocity through the barrel and sand is inside. If your barrel is not properly maintained, it will reduce the accuracy and power of your bullet.

You’ll be a little more likely to shoot your BB in the barrel if you are shooting in full-auto mode, and it’s possible that multiple BBs could jam the BB loader before you realize what is happening. But even worse than that, if your BB loader jams, your gun will be damaged beyond repair.

It’s worth it. If it doesn’t work out, you’ve got a backup plan!


A lot of information about batteries is good to know, but I don’t think anyone wants to read a freakin book on them! So, here’s my summary. mAh – This is the capacity of your battery.

The higher this is the better. Most are around 1100 to1600. These are great because the larger the number the longer each charge will last. If your gun came with some 800 mAh battery, I suggest going for one that is higher.

A NiMH Battery is the most common type of Airsoft battery. They are the most reliable and they are the type of battery I recommend. If you’re interested in the other types of batteries we have, please see the products listed below.

I’ve been using them for the last 6 months, and I like them. But I haven’t found a “smart” charger for NICD yet, though I do have the “smart” charger for NiMH. Conclusion-There’s not a lot of info on NICD except that it requires a special charger.

The XM-L R is a perfect pistol for those who love the idea of an open chamber, but hate the idea of having to keep the bolt open after firing. The best thing about the XM-L R is that you don’t need to.

Are you interested in learning more? I’m happy to talk to you more about what you’re interested in.


If you are using an iron gearbox, you won’t have to worry about it for a while, as long as you don’t put your gun through some intense use and weather and such.

Take it somewhere and get help. Try to clean the gun yourself and see what happens. If you’re comfortable with it, you could probably get the gun working. The difficulty of it depends on the type of gun, spring guns are usually easier than most others.


Black Ops BBs are the best BBs for all BB guns. If you don’t regularly get airsoft supplies online then go to Walmart and buy them they’re really good and always seem to work great in high end guns, as well as all others.

I always buy the 10000 BB jar of them because they are 0.2g and therefore they are great for the overall use in guns and grenades or whatever else. I don’t recommend Crosman BBs though, I used to find deformed ones in them and seams and stuff.

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