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Ataman BP17 PCP Air Rifle #74

ataman bp17

Ataman BP17 Air Rifle .22 Caliber

This review features the Ataman BP17 air rifle, a.22 caliber hunting rifle. It weighs 5 pounds and the barrel measures .50 inch in diameter. It is built from lightweight aluminum and features a free-floating action. I shot this rifle with a variety of ammunition, including Barnes, and it did an excellent job of stopping everything I used.

The ATAMAN BP17 air rifle is an outstanding compact PCP. This gun is great in design, and it’s very easy to use. The trigger is excellent for any type of shooting, and the look of this gun is fantastic.

ataman bp17

In fact, the ATAMAN BP17 is too light, as it was never intended to be a high-end hunting rifle. Instead it’s meant to be an all-round hunting weapon and therefore does not excel in every field. However, if you appreciate the handling of the compact model and do not plan to use the 4,350 PSI fill pressure, it’s the perfect compact weapon for you.

The ATAMAN BP17 is a HAM Gold Award winner, so if you want to take your skin care to the next level, this is the perfect book for you.



The Ataman BP17 is a bullpup style air rifle with a unique shape. It’s made with high quality materials and finishes. You’ll love the Ataman BP17!

This is the most compact PCP air rifle ever. Maybe no other air rifle even comes close to matching its performance. The HAM Team will guess that the majority of Ataman BP17 air rifles will be used for hunting paired with a quality scope.

A complete set of air rifle accessories such as this one that costs $2,000 has got to be seen to be believed, but if you want one and like the idea of owning this, then you must accept that you’re willing to spend the money required to get one.

It’s a unique, special design that we absolutely love. We can’t wait to share it with you.


Ataman BP17 air rifle, using Gamo Raptor alloy pellets. Maximum muzzle velocity achieved was 974.91 FPS. Using this type of pellets has given the Ataman BP17 the very high speed.

This is in.22 caliber. But like most of the guns we’ve tested from this airgun manufacturer, the highest FPS was not accompanied by the best accuracy or greatest muzzle energy. The greatest muzzle energy, however, was usually achieved with the heaviest weights.

For anyone who wants to make a H&N Baracuda Match air rifle, this will be very satisfying. In this case, the heavy H&N Baracuda Match pellets gave both the best accuracy and the highest Ft/Lbs on test.

At 25 yards, the ATAMAN BP17 tested by HAM gave a group with a CTC of.377-inch x.393-inch for 10 shots. A good shot from Stephen Archer, but he was adamant that Doug Rogers would have achieved a still tighter group!


It’s hard to believe that there are so many differences between the ATAMAN BP17 and the BP20, but the fact that the two are essentially identical means that the ATAMAN BP17 will likely be an excellent choice for a shooter who has never shot before or has had a few years of experience with a different platform and needs something smaller and lighter.

No, Zero Pounds eight ounces! This pull weight is great for target shooting. It’s definitely too light for a hunting gun, however. It can give a new owner a surprise or two until they become used to it. It’s been a wild day for cryptocurrencies.

This is a heavy pull weight meaning that there’s a second stage trigger with a long travel and a slight ramp up. This makes it an extremely effective design. The effect seems like a double action; when you first squeeze the trigger, the striker is pressed forward into the casing. There is no reset. After that, the striker remains held in place by the striker spring until the trigger is released.

Compared to most other guns, the cocking of the Ataman BP17 air rifle is not an arduous task at all. The best part of the gun is the location of the cocking lever. In many bullpups the cocking lever is way back in the rifle.

The gun is mounted to the left side, and it can easily be operated by using your thumb and forefinger on the side of the pistol. The cocking lever is located at the front and is just forward of the trigger guard.

It takes some time to master the basics of operating your own semi-automatic pistol. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to do! You don’t have to “feel” for it or use your fingers to operate it. Instead, simply push the cocking lever all the way forward and let it go.

Remember that with a multi-shot air rifle, like this one, there’s no double feed prevention system in it. If you cock it twice with the magazine in place, it WILL shoot two pellets at once (or possibly jam).

The answer to your question is simple: don’t do that. The design of the gun is obviously intended for the cocking lever to work from the right side. As HAM Tester Doug Rogers is left-handed, we were very interested in this option.

Indeed the company really made and sent a video to the customer service people showing how to make this change. This is just one example of the outstanding customer service Rustam at Ataman provides. While a cocking lever change is something that can be done, it’s really a professional job and not one for the average user.

If you are a left-handed buyer looking to buy a Ataman BP17, please tell your dealer to modify this rifle before shipping. It is a push-across type, and the safety is easy to engage. But don’t push it all the way out towards “fire”.


The Ataman BP17 tested by HAM met, or exceeded, the manufacturer’s specifications. The Ataman BP17 specs call for a maximum muzzle velocity of 840 fps with .89 grain pellets and a muzzle energy of 25 ft/lbs with .89 grain pellets.

We were able to fire 35 shots in a fill. The manufacturer’s claims state that the pump shoots 25 shots. In this consistency test, we fired 35 consistent shots from a 300 Bar fill.


Consistent quality across all tests shows how well the Ataman BP17 was made. With virtually no variation in trigger pull weight, it is a high-quality product that will meet the needs of its users with absolute precision.

The HAM test revealed that the smallest cartridge for the HPA H380 that produced the best shot consistency was the HAM test pellet. The average was only 3.85 FPS, which is outstanding! The shot count of the gun tested was surprisingly long for such a small HPA tank of only 100 cc.

The graph clearly shows that a consistent shot was obtained with 15.89 Grain JSB pellets at operating pressure of 130 Bar (1,885 PSI).


The Ataman BP17 air rifle features a full-length shrouded barrel that is very quiet to shoot. It’s quieter than our “Gold Standard” for backyard-friendliness, the Benjamin Marauder.

This rifle is quieter than the majority of air rifles on the market today. And it doesn’t require a power source to fire.


The Ataman BP17 air rifle is supplied without a scope, which means the choice of optic is wide open. There is a Weaver / Picatinny rail for scope mounting.

But – like most bullpups – you’ll need either very high rings, or a riser mount in order to achieve a comfortable and accurate shooting position. And while – in theory – any scope will work, it clearly benefits from a shorter one rather than a longer one.

There’s not many air rifles that have objective scopes which are further forward than the muzzle.


A solid performer in this price bracket. Pointability is excellent, and the gun features a full length 14.5 inch barrel.

The ATAMAN BP17 is designed for the hunter and sportsman who wants an all-round, no-nonsense shotgun for the shooting range, the field, or even a long-range home defense. It’s not the most comfortable gun ever made. It does, however, offer excellent performance at an economical price.

The gun was designed for indoor use only, and is made from durable, high-impact polycarbonate. It has a single-action trigger and is fed by a unique magazine.

The compact size of this handgun is obviously ideal for concealment. However, it’s best not to load the magazine into the breech too quickly. That could damage the firearm.

When you release the trigger you’re rewarded with a fast paced shooting action, and when you see the green light go out of the scope it means you’ve got a target in your sights.

With the Picatinny scope, you can have 4 magazines. They simply slide in and are held by detents. When the magazine is empty it can easily be removed from the gun.

That’s 6 in the mag in the breech, plus 27 in the mags in the scope rail. The wrap around design of the BP19’s rear stock upper offers a comfortable cheek rest for both left-and right-handed shooters. A new poll shows that most U.S.

This is an area where many bullpup designs fall short and Ataman has covered well. The Cheek Comforts are a critical component of a great bullpup shooting position.The role of the dorsal vagal complex in the regulation of the arterial pressure in dogs.

“The gun is easy to shoot” was all left-handed HAM Tester Doug Rogers could say about the left-handed BP19 after the first 30 shots.


The gun is almost entirely encased in its black, soft touch wood stock. Its finish was flawless on the example tested by HAM. It looked and felt beautiful. The finish on the few metal parts visible from the outside was also excellent.


A specialist long-range air rifle, it’s no surprise that the Ataman BP17 air rifle is found primarily at dedicated Air Venturi dealers. 

Air Venturi offers parts and service for many different types of vacuum pumps. The ATAMAN BP17 is supplied with a complete range of accessories, including two magazines, several Allen wrenches, replacement O rings for the fill probes, and two brass fill probes.

There are two HPA male quick disconnects on the other end, which makes them both ideal for use with most HPAs. The instruction manual is in English only and is very well-illustrated, including a complete parts list and diagram.

Nowadays, there are many types of air rifles and they are widely sold. However, it is difficult to get the products you want with a limited budget. There is an option for everyone who wants to get their favorite air rifle.

A fill probe is a simple device which simply pushes into the tank from either side, allowing you to fully charge the tank. However, this requires some attention as most HPAs will require a maximum of 4,350 PSI to fully charge the tank, however, you are unlikely to get a full charge of the ATAMAN BP17, so you may need to use it more frequently.

Of course, the regulated action means that it’s not necessary to completely fill the gun with HPA every time. But if filled to a lower pressure, the result will be less full-power shots per fill. To avoid the frustration that this brings, it’s probably best to fill this air rifle with an HPA compressor dedicated such as the Air Venturi Nomad.

When you fill up a tank of compressed air, you’ll always hit the psi limit at least once, even after a long time. However, one thing you’ll notice with the Ataman is that it features a pressure gauge that is set right in the buttstock. As a result, you won’t have to look down the barrel to check the pressure level.

The HAM Team really likes this for safety reasons. And it also has a de-pressurizing capability built in. This is done using an Allen key through the underside of the stock. That’s another good safety feature.

Ataman BP17 Specs

Max Velocity840 fps
Overall Length23.85″
Weight5.1 lbs
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practice
Caliber.22 (5.5mm)
Muzzle Energy25 ft/lbs
Barrel Length14.5″
Shot Capacity7
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill25
Body TypeBullpup
Cylinder Size100 cc

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