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Best Ataman AP16 Compact Air Pistol, Desert Review #38

Ataman ap16

Ataman AP16 Standard Air Pistol, Desert

The Ataman AP16 Compact Desert is a beautiful gun. It is very accurate and well built. I have no complaints about the Ataman AP16 Compact Desert.

The Beretta M9 was designed to bring an American-style handgun to the military. It is a double action only semi-automatic handgun chambered for 9mm ammunition. The pistol is reliable, easy to maintain, accurate and has an effective firing rate of 850 rounds per minute.

The grip is a good choice for large hands although I ordered the target grips which I know will be much better once they are back in stock. The manual is easy to follow and does show how to disassemble and adjust the trigger guard.

This is my third pistol that I’ve received. The other two pistols that were bought from another seller and both were defective: one had a loose lever from a screw that would not tighten and the other had a cylinder leak after about 300 rounds were shot through it.


I had to do this again because it just wasn’t working and I had to purchase a new one, which was a bit more expensive than the AP12. It also appears much more durable.

This gun is super accurate. You get incredible accuracy out of it. It’s also very loud, so it’s definitely an attention getter. The included DonnyFL silencer adapter will help to keep it quiet.

I tried a couple of other brands. The 17.75 grains Hatsan Vortex Strike pellets are by far my best performing pellet gun for both accuracy and longer pellets.

The package includes all the components you need to create an elegant piece of jewelry or wearable art.

The trigger pull is smooth and the action is light to the point of almost being too light, but with a little practice and practice it will get easier. I really like this gun, but I would have given it a 5.0 if the accuracy wasn’t that off.

Overall design and feel, accuracy, QC and attention to detail, price. The “tan” is more like “gold”. My pistol failed the first time I tried to change air cylinders. All the air rushed out when I tried to install a charged cylinder and now the gun will not hold air.

I really like the pistol, but it’s difficult to get comfortable with it after it jams on me a few times. It’s a good gun, but it could use some work.

It’s very difficult to disengage, and it’s definitely not a positive action gun. There is a small ding in the barrel, and the bolt is scratched along its length.

A friend gave me a S&W M&P.40 as a gift and I really like the way it shoots and carry it around, although I don’t use it very often. I don’t know if it is comparable to the Glock because I have never shot the Glock before.

Ataman AP16

The Ataman AP16 is not easy to create a compact air pistol that produces enough energy to humanely take game, but the pre-charged pneumatic Ataman AP16 manages to get the job done in.22 caliber.

This gun has the power to knock a deer right off its feet, so don’t underestimate it. Its power comes from a stout reservoir located directly below the barrel, which can hold air at a whopping 300 bar. That’s over 4,350 pounds per square inch of pressure.

The Swiss Army AP16 is a reliable and affordable pistol that is suitable for many recreational shooters. It features a free-floating Lothar Walther barrel, a two-way adjustable match-grade trigger, and adjustable hop-up.

The AP16 Regulated Standard Air Pistol VS Ataman AP16 Regulated Compact Air Pistol

The two air pistols by the Ataman brand are virtually identical in most aspects, but there are a few differences between them that will help you decide which one suits you better.

It is crucial that you pay attention to the extra features available and not miss out on any important functions.

Standard AP16 Version and Compact AP16 Similarities

Both versions of this air gun possess the same high pressure fill level and can fire up to 25 shots, and both have aluminum frame and steel construction.

Two air rifles feature integrated 11mm dovetail mounting rail and Lothar Walther free-floating barrel. They’re both fully regulated and come as packages containing one magazine, two probes with one with foster connection, and two Allen wrenches.

I think that is not so easy to get a perfect camera. There is no guarantee you are going to get what you want.

Differences between Standard AP16 Version and Compact AP16

Although they both have many similar properties, the standard AP16 and Compact AP16 cartridges are not identical. I have to acknowledge the difference in velocities and power between the two versions. In the standard version, the maximum speed is up to 656 fps, while the compact version has 590 fps.

There isn’t a great difference between these two types of barrels, but they do result in significant differences in the hunting performance. The primary reason for this is the barrel length. The standard model is 14.37 inches while the compact is 12 inches long.

This difference of 2.3 inches affects the muzzle velocity of the pellets, which is proportional to the maximum speed a gun can fire a pellet. However, the weight of the pellet, among other factors, can have a considerable impact. The standard version of the Ataman AP16 outshines the compact version regarding the power in FPS measured using the.22 caliber.

The standard version features a 75 FPE while the compact version features a 7 FPE. The other difference, which is quite apparent from the first glance, is the black finish for the standard version and the black finish for the compact version.

While the former fires more shots per fill, it also fires from a farther distance. The compact model offers fewer shots, but they’re fired at a closer range.

Outstanding Construction

This powerful air gun is outstanding in almost every respect. It’s a one-of-a-kind air rifle, because it comes with a shrouded Lothar Walther barrel, an adjustable two-way trigger, an ergonomic design, and many other features.

This is among the most powerful guns which use pellets as the projectiles.

Unique Grip Construction

This unique grip construction makes this airgun very durable. It’s also quite stylish and elegant because of its polished aluminum.

The handle is made from precision laminated wood and features precise housing for easy installation of the wooden sheets that the gun is equipped with. The handle is attached to the gun’s body by long screws.

An Incredibly Powerful Air Gun

A very powerful air gun. You may be wondering where this small pistol gets all its power from, well, it boasts a whopping 4,350 psi fill pressure, allowing it to fire pellets at 590 to 656 fps as the maximum velocities.

The best feature is the fact that the device has two separate batteries. So you don’t have to worry about not having a spare battery. Just like in guns, if you are familiar with them, you’ll understand that the more shots you can make between battery changes, the better your accuracy.

The Ataman AP16 is a relatively simple airgun to shoot. However, it allows you to customize the power by loosening the screw on the back.

When you need to increase the power of your AK47, you just tighten the screw. This is pretty easy, however, you shouldn’t force the screw because doing so can damage the power control mechanism. It would be terrible if the power control screw broke as this could lead to triggers malfunctioning.

Unmatched Accuracy of AP16 Pistol

The AP16 Pistol doesn’t need to look further. 4350 filling pressure and free floating barrel design increase the level of accuracy.

The Ataman AP16 Air Gun has the classic stock design with a weight to suit beginners who are just learning how to use air guns. It also has a pressure regulator to help make the process of shooting the pellet smooth and consistent.

As the name implies, this air gun is one of the best air rifles for hunting, because it maintains shot to shot consistency. That’s why I consider it one of the best air rifles for hunting, where accuracy and precision need to go hand in hand.

Interchangeable Compact and Standard Length Barrels

Interchangeable barrels allow for easy handling. The barrel of this weapon is unique, and there are two barrel sizes. The difference in length is just a few inches.

The only downside is that it’s not as easy to interchange the two-barrel sizes in the same weapon as it is with the two cylinder sizes. The two-barrel system also features two cylinder sizes, which can be interchanged with ease.

It’s quite impossible to use a.22 rifle on a shotgun. You need to know that the cylinders are factory-gauged to each specific gun caliber, and it’s quite impossible to interchange them.

With all the other parts, such as the barrel, you can easily interchange them. However, regardless of the brand of barrel, the Ataman barrel can be installed on any muffler.

It’s threaded on the tip of the barrel while removing a trim, which shows the silencer’s threading. You can easily change the barrel. The only thing you need to remove the screws which attach them.

The chamber is located on the top of the rifle. You just need to lift the barrel up to pull out. It is quite easy to install a new barrel. Just place it into its position and tighten it with the screws.

Most gun covers usually have a valid guide that allows the installation of universal aiming systems and allow easy installation of scopes, holographic sights, red dots, and other sighting devices.

The unique dovetail mounting rail allows the hassle-free installation of scoping devices.

Impressive Velocity

The Ataman AP16 is an impressive PCP gun. It has more punch than its counterparts, which is why it’s better for my small game hunting, and backyard shooting practices.

There’s a lot of competition among CO2 replica makers, and this is something that I know is pretty hard to achieve with them.

Alluring Design of the AP16 Air Gun

The new Ataman Air Gun looks absolutely stunning. I was particularly impressed with how easy it is to refill, and the added benefit of its design making it a lot more compact than most other guns on the market.

Ataman ap16

A little filling in the bottom with your hand makes your nail polish more opaque and prevents it from dripping down your finger.

Things That I Feel Need Some Improvement

I think that the things that are most important to work on improving include the barrel and trigger. It’s very hard to make improvements when the thing you’re trying to improve is perfect.

In this particular model, I feel that the scope and the rear sight need to be slightly more adjustable. The other minor problem is the O rings are not very much available.

But, this air gun is already perfect for its purpose. No need to purchase anything else.

Ataman AP16 Compact Desert Specs

Max Velocity590 fps
Overall Length12.0″
Weight1.76 lbs
Scopeable11mm dovetail
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practice
Caliber.22″ (5.5mm)
Muzzle Energy14.75 ft/lbs
Barrel Length6.69″
Shot Capacity7
Front SightAdjustable for elevation
Rear SightAdjustable for windage
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill15
Body TypePistol
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Grip SizeLarge
Cylinder Size60 cc

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