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ASG Cobray Ingram M11 CO2 BB Submachine Gun Kit #19

Ingram M11

ASG Ingram M11 Kit Reviews

For starters, this ASG Ingram M11 is incredibly efficient with conserving CO2. I was able to shoot about 300 rounds on a single 12g capsule! That’s good news for you, the environment, and your wallet.

Pretty good deal, the included magazines offer a nice bonus.

I’m able to load 40 rounds of ammunition into each of my firearms.

ASG Ingram M11

The most important thing is that the pistol fits your hand well, and that you can get a feel for its balance and weight. It must be easy to use, and it must be comfortable to hold.

I’ve been using the Vixen 1911 and the CZ-75 for almost 6 months now and I love them both. I bought a new gun about 2 months ago and decided to get something different for a while.


MAC-11 History

50 meters (. 70 meters (9×19mm Parabellum). The MAC-11 is a compact pistol chambered for the smaller.380 ACP cartridge. It is a sub-compact version of the Model 10.

This weapon is sometimes confused with the Sylvia & Wayne Daniels M-11/9, its successor the Leinad PM-11, or the Vulcan M-11-9, both of which are later variants of the MAC chambered for the 9mm Parabellum cartridge. There was also a.380 ACP version of the M-11 called the M12.

Ingram M11

The Cobray M-11/9

The Cobray is known as the M-11/9, but it’s also known by another name – the MAC-11. In fact, the MAC designator is often used on these small arms as well. Cobray did not use the MAC designator.

This is a semi-automatic blowback operated 9mm pistol that fires from the closed bolt. Although some open bolt semi-autos existed but they were quickly kiboshed by the ATF for the ease of turning them into machine guns.

Does It Look Cool?

A rectangle going horizontally and a smaller rectangle going vertically. It’s massive and heavy, and much bigger than a pistol needs to be.

It’s true that the Glock is a lighter, better designed gun. But the biggest reason to buy a Glock, if you’re looking for a good quality firearm, is the cost. At around $500-600, a Glock is a decent option.

Ingram M11

But the M-11/9 has no riddles, no hidden meanings. There’s no mystery. No clues. Just a handgun that can help you protect yourself.

I can hear the commandos, the concealed carriers, and many other folks with ‘common sense,’ calling the M-11/9 a big useless gun. Look how scary it looks though!

How Are Those Ergos

My experience with the iPhone 4 has been that it is hard to get used to the size. At first, I had trouble holding it properly, and it seemed rather heavy. It was also uncomfortable to handle because of the large, thick, solid aluminum body.

While the M4 carbine does share a lot of components with other firearms, it is still a full-sized rifle. While some handguns may share similar characteristics, they are all designed to be fired in one hand, and their size make them difficult to operate from the hip.

While it might take some time to get used to the recoil of your new firearm, the trigger can be pulled just as rapidly as you can pull your trigger finger. The magazine release is a heel magazine release at the bottom of the pistol grip.

Ingram M11

It’s perfect because it lets you enjoy your load time. You don’t want to reload fast, or even anything crazy. Take your time, enjoy the sensation of pulling the trigger.

You don’t need to be a machinist to understand the basics of a mag.

Can I Attach Mostly Useless Stuff to Make It Look Cooler?

This is America? So yeah, that front portion of the thread around the barrel makes it a perfect host for fake suppressors.

There are plenty of options when it comes to fake gun suppressors, but not all are great. Guntec has some good options that should be able to keep up with any of your needs.

Prices for this gun are currently accurate at time of writing. You can add other ‘useful’ things to this gun if you want to, I guess.

Ingram M11

If you want an easy way to attach a brace, or optic, you have a few options. One company named Stormwerkz makes an adapter for both AR and SIG MPX/MCX stocks and rifles.

Brownell’s is the place to go for good prices on all of your accessories and gear!

Is it Accurate?

Of course not, because shooting this thing is like pissing in a tornado, you have no idea where your projectile is going. That’s the only guarantee!

The primary function of this weapon is to provide suppressive fire. If you want to know the difference between a support weapon and a sniper, or even between a primary weapon and a grenade launcher, the answer lies in their fire control.

An oval zone where your projectiles land is called a beaten zone. The area of projectiles in the air is known as a cone of fire. A belt-fed weapon isn’t designed for precision, and the seemingly poor accuracy of the rounds is a benefit to the weapon’s ability to suppress a target.

Ingram M11

I don’t think that the Cobray M-11/9 is the only gun that can shoot straight and consistently. There are a number of guns that are just as effective, though some may be a bit larger and heavier.

You have to be aware of the characteristics of your weapon in order to make an accurate shot. If the sights on your gun are poor quality, they can seriously affect how well you can hit the target.


Like the larger M-10, the M-11 has iron sights with the rear pinhole sight welded to the receiver. These sights are for use with the folding stock, but they can also be used without it. You’ll get the best performance when you mount the sights on the gun.

The Model 11A1 is a variant of the Model 10A1 with a few minor design changes. It is most notable for having a safety mechanism which is slightly different than that of the Model 10A1.

This prevents the weapon from discharging when dropped, but it’s important to note that it is not the safest option.


The MAC 11 is one of the most controversial semi-automatic pistols available. In many circles it is considered to be the worst firearm on the market today. It is because of the MAC 11’s poor reputation that it has remained popular throughout history and remains one of the most used firearms today.[6] Although many people complain about the rate of fire, its rapid rate of fire makes it extremely accurate.

The MAC 10 is a semi-automatic handgun. It was the first pistol developed with interchangeable magazines, but its poor accuracy meant it had limited utility as a law enforcement weapon. However, due to its low price it was quickly adopted by the criminal element.

Ingram M11

The MAC-11 is the least common variant of the MAC series of semi-automatic pistols. It is also the smallest MAC pistol in the series and features a 10-round magazine.

When you are the one with no training in shooting, the tendency is to squeeze off a shot in rapid succession. This can lead to inaccuracy and poor quality ammunition.

Sound Suppressor

A specific suppressor was designed for the MAC-11, which used wipes as baffles instead of the reflex baffles Mitchell WerBell III had created for the MAC-

The suppressor is a short barrel-shaped weapon that is used in automatic weapons to absorb some of the impact force of fired bullets, allowing the operator to aim the weapon faster. The suppressor absorbs a small fraction of the bullet’s energy in a cone in front of the shooter.

What About Reliability?

The M-11/9 is a reliable gun but it can still have some issues with its magazines. The Mags can be a weak point and Zytel mags can have problems with their feed lips.

The gun shoots everything well. Keep in mind I mostly put 115 grain Federal Match King bullets through the gun with no issues. The quality of the ammo is high.

It all works and ejects and cycles when I use the metal mags. American Eagle 9mm 115 gr. Prices accurate at time of writing.

Brownells and Lucky Gunner both carry their products at very reasonable prices. In fact, we’ve seen even lower prices at other places!

A malfunctioning semi-automatic rifle that wouldn’t feed ammunition is a common problem. It could be that the bullet casing is damaged, or it could be that the weapon is damaged. However, most of the time the problem comes from the chamber being empty of rounds.

ASG M11 Kit Specs

Ingram M11
Max Velocity394 fps
Overall Length10.04″
Weight4.29 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177″ (4.5mm)
Barrel Length5.04″
Shot Capacity39
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightPost
Rear SightFixed
Max Shots per Fill39
Body TypeSubmachine gun
Fixed/adj. powerFixed

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