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Crosman AK1 Full Auto CO2 BB Air Rifle #95


Crosman AK1 Full Auto CO2 BB Air Rifle

The Crosman AK1 Full Auto BB Gun (often misspelled Crossman AK1. is an update to one of the most famous firearms in the world.

A powerful handgun that fires high-velocity rounds at high speeds, this.22 rimfire is well suited for plinking cans or experiencing maximum fun.

With two CO2 cartridges in the distinctive curved, spring-fed, 28-round drop out magazine, this air rifle looks right at home in an AK lineup.

This powerful rifle was designed for high volume shooters looking for the accuracy and performance of an AR platform rifle, but without the hassle of carrying it or having to buy expensive optics.

This CO2 rifle comes with an adjustable and removable rear sight and fixed front sight, as well as a long Picatinny optics rail for maximum flexibility when adding an optic.

In addition to the three 13-slot Picatinny accessory rails on the handguard for adding items such as lights, bipods, and lasers.

For the most accurate representation of the actual firearms platform, this air rifle has an AK-compatible grip and an AR-compatible stock tube, so users can swap those out to get the look they want.

The included buttstock folds to make it easier to transport, and sling mounts are also included for a more finished appearance.


Accuracy, Power, and Shot Count

Because the AK1 uses CO2, which freezes and drops pressure when expelled quickly, velocity and shot count will vary widely based on how you shoot it.

If you are planning on going fast, you’ll get the highest shot count, velocity, and accuracy. However, if you plan to shoot lots of rounds, you’ll need to make sure you have lots of CO2 available, since the gas runs out fairly quickly.

You’ll have an easier time using a rapid-fire or full-auto gun, and with that much recoil, you may want to consider a longer-than-average barrel for stability and better handling.

It’s not surprising that this rifle was able to maintain such impressive accuracy from an affordable starter package. It shoots fast enough to be used for plinking and shooting at targets, and the accuracy will satisfy anyone looking for a reliable target shooting solution.

If you have an old firearm that you’re interested in upgrading, ambient temperature is a huge factor in how accurately the gun shoots. With years of experience shooting all forms of airguns, our expectations were relatively low when contemplating its potential accuracy.

This rifle was set up correctly and with proper aim, we were able to hit the target dead center three times with no adjustments.

So did the next shot, and the next shot. We were shooting from a standing position at about 20 feet from the target. We emptied the mag into the target and were extremely pleased with the results, especially from a smooth-bore BB rifle.

In addition to being extremely accurate and reliable for a sub-$500 pistol, the AK-series is also incredibly fun to shoot with. The mag dumps easily without hesitation in the more fun mode, and the ammo is inexpensive and plentiful.

For more than 100 rounds, I’ve shot thousands of rounds of co2 and bb’s with no issues. The AK1 is an excellent rifle.

Crosman AK1 CO2 Blowback Full Auto BB Rifle Field Test

Field test of the Crosman AK1 CO2 Blowback Full Auto BB rifle! After shooting this new Crosman AK1 model, I’ve been anticipating getting my hands on it. Since this model was not available at SHOT Show, I had to wait until they showed off their new guns at the NRA Show.

First I test out the velocity and consistency of the bb with the rifle by running it through it’s full range of motion and verifying it shoots the ball at the advertised fps rate.

The best place to shoot is outside, but if there is no direct sunlight, use the airgun indoors to avoid overheating. Make sure the airgun is set to a steady temperature and keep the room temperature around this range.

If I were to follow up my velocity test with an accuracy test, I would shoot ten rounds at a paper target from thirty feet away using a resting and seated shooting position. First I’d like to see how many of the BB’s stay on the target after I do a full mag dump of my 28 round magazine.

After I fired off my velocity test, I used a digital chronograph to time how long it took me to get the 6 shots at 50 feet and 60 feet. I then calculated my velocity test by adding up the velocity test numbers.

The average velocity of the Crosman AK1 CO2 Blowback Full Auto BB Rifle is about 410 fps and the maximum fps of 430 so it would be easy to hit that speed if the right loadings were chosen.

When the day arrived, I carefully placed ten rounds into the target using my Red Dot Sight, and sure enough they grouped right around 1.5-2 inches! I’m very pleased with the accuracy and feel that this gun is capable of putting an entire magazine into one target with practice and technique.

The grouping of the AK1 was slightly better than the Crosman AR line, and the barrel had a better accuracy. As a matter of fact the Crosman AK1 CO2 Blowback Full Auto BB Rifle might be the best Crosman Full Auto AR line of BB Rifles you can get right now.

Now we have yet another choice in full auto blowback airguns, so if you’ve been waiting for or looking for an AK version this may be your only choice to date. It’s not a bad choice at all, but is not a great one.


With the AK1, Crosman has delivered an impressive select-fire CO2 rifle. There are many AR15 variants, Crosman’s own DPMS is a great example, but there aren’t many AK variants.

You need an AK for the game that’s fun. You need a realistic weight and real switch technology. You also need the right accuracy and shot count to make the game playable and enjoyable. The AK1 does all of this, and it feels great to hold and shoot.

For a small amount of money, the Crosman AK1 can be purchased with a battery pack that will allow for a full day of shooting with its.177 bb pellets.

Crosman AK1 Full-Auto Specs

Max Velocity430 fps
Overall Length34.5″
Weight8.0 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Shot Capacity28
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightPost
Rear SightAdjustable
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerFixed

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