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Airsoft S510 Air Rifle Review #4

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle Review

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle XS Ultimate Sporter

In the episode of American Airgunner that was taped yesterday, Rossi Morreale goes into detail about the features and features of the .25 caliber Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter. The big feature that gets mentioned first is that this is a true.25 caliber rifle, meaning that it can be used as an entry-level rifle, yet can compete with a much larger magnum sized air rifle.

Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter Xtra Air Rifle, FAC, Black Soft Touch. Precharged pneumatic. Smooth sidelever cocking mechanism. 10-shot repeater. 2-stage adjustable trigger with safety. 11mm scope grooves (no open sights). 250 Bar / 3,626 PSI Fill Pressure.

A built-in manometer is an analog air gauge used for measuring the pressure of air inside a container. It’s often located on a tank, pipe, or valve. The unit is built into the gun’s stock or body and can be adjusted as required.

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle

Fully-regulated piston power at a very reasonable price. The Ultimate Sporter Xtra XS takes one of the most coveted airgun platforms available and builds on that. Add to that an increased capacity of .22 LR and .177 and you’ve got a whole lot of value for less money.

After introducing the air-piston Airsoft S510 Air Rifle airsoft pistol earlier this year, Air Arms has now developed its first XS version of the gun. The Airsoft S510 Air Rifle XS is the first XS gun to feature the company’s patented air-piston system, an internal spring-loaded piston that compresses and forces air into the barrel. It is a welcome update for those who have enjoyed the Airsoft S510 Air Rifle but want more out of their guns.



The Airsoft S510 Air Rifle is not designed to give super-high muzzle velocities. It delivers solid, practical muzzle velocities in the 950 – 1000 FPS range in .22 caliber with the vast majority of pellets, combined with great accuracy with mid-weight and heavy pellets.

The Airsoft S510 Air Rifle Superlight is a powerful .22 caliber air rifle that can perform well at a variety of ranges while maintaining the accuracy of a sub-caliber. The barrel length of this airgun is an impressive 10.5 inches and the muzzle velocity is high – up to 450 feet per second.

With a standard .22, the muzzle velocity is often limited by the power of the bullet being used. However, with a powerful rifle like the Airsoft S510 Air Rifle, there is no such limitation because there is no bullet to slow down the velocity. The heavier bullets gave higher velocities and the best groups were obtained using the heavier bullets in the 29 – 30 foot per second (Ft/Lb) range.

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle

But the lighter H&N Trophy and RWS Hobby pellets were inaccurate and required a little extra force to get them to drop in the magazine. This could be due to manufacturing differences between these two products or because the pellets are just more lightweight than others.

Realistically, it’s very unlikely that any purchaser of the Air Arms S510 Extra FAC Superlight Combo will expect to use any other than mid-weight or heavy pellets. And, as the test target for the Gamo Platinum PBA pellets shows, if lighter pellets drop easily into the magazine, the Airsoft S510 Air Rifle will shoot them well, too, if required.


The average trigger pull weight for the Air Arms S510 Extra FAC Superlight Combo tested by HAM was 1 lb 11 oz. While this is lighter than some of the other Air Arms models, the fact that this was still a little on the heavy side meant that I could not get a full set of the 10 different magazines on the test bench with the new trigger set at the heaviest position.

The Airsoft S510 Air Rifle’s trigger gives an effortless first stage and a very clear, precise “glass-like” break with the second stage. This is very different from a traditional trigger. The difference is that with the Airsoft S510 Air Rifle, you don’t need to adjust the trigger during use, while a traditional trigger often requires some amount of pre-trigger adjustments.

The manual safety is located in the trigger itself. The push-over feature is a great addition, but the key to it’s overall quality is how easy it is to feel and function with.

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle

The Grippo G10 is a double-action revolver with a strong and reliable mechanical action. It has a small trigger pull, smooth hammer fall, and a single-action cylinder. The action is smooth and has a short lock time. The gun is also easy to clean.

This is a great action to use! It feels like something you want to do and does what you wanted to do.


The Air Arms S510 Extra FAC Superlight is an excellent combination air gun. To get the most out of your investment, you’ll want to make sure you have the right scope, as it’s the only way to really get what you’re paying for. We’ve tested the Aeon 8 -32×50 Classic scope and we think it’s a great choice for this model. Also you can choose other air rifle scope.

It’s easy to focus the lens when you want to, but most often it is far from being perfect. The EOS M is just as good as many other cameras, but the viewfinder gives much more information and aids in focusing. The optional accessory Aeon Side Focus Wheel will make focusing even easier by enabling you to adjust the camera’s focus without touching the camera.

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle

The way your scope works depends entirely on the scope and the optics that are in it. Some scopes have etched glass reticles that are extremely sharp and allow for a fine reticle pattern. Others have a wire reticle that are less expensive but less precise.

The Aeon 8 – 32 x 50 Classic scope is a field target model that comes with a complex “Christmas Tree” reticle that includes fine, 1/4 MOA mil dots. It is a dedicated Field target scope that has a number of fine features.

This is a complex reticle that is specifically designed for easy and accurate holdover when shooting in Field Target competition. This reticle is perfect for experienced and knowledgeable air rifle shooters who are prepared to put in the necessary time and effort to learn how to use it to best effect.


The Air Arms S510 Extra FAC Superlight Combo delivered very consistent results. If used with the appropriate pellets – see the Speed and Accuracy section above – the 510 gave very consistent accuracy, as is shown by the test targets.

Steer clear of any pellet type that has a tight pattern. Tight patterns create more problems than they’re worth, and in the HAM’s testing that was the case. The average Standard Deviation (variation in FPS between shots) averaged 8.62 FPS across the suite of standard HAM test pellets.

The best airgun is the one that fits your hand and your budget. And if you’re looking for a great match of performance to price, it’s time to start thinking about an airgun that shoots 1 lb 9 oz and 1 lb 11 oz in.22 LR.

It’s awesome to know what your site visitors like so much.


This is another example of a test where the testers are doing a thorough job. The fact that they have found this firearm to be lighter than it looks tells us it may be a little bit more accurate and/or have a better trigger pull than expected.

The Airsoft S510 Air Rifle‘s light weight made it easy to handle and it was comfortable to shoot. While there were some minor gripes, overall testers liked the rifle. They particularly appreciated its ambidextrous stock design for either hand.

The design of this air rifle is such that it is comfortable to hold and that its parts, especially the scope, remain in place as they should. This is all part of the repeatability that helps make this air gun accurate in the field.

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle

The stock design is largely responsible for this consistent hold, with its thin wrist, comfortable comb and carefully-curved forend. This makes it so easy for the shooter to adopt a consistent, comfortable hold!

The Airsoft S510 Air Rifle is a fully automatic rifle with a magazine that holds ten rounds of ammunition. It fires from a closed bolt action. It has an easily visible and adjustable side-wheel focus, a precision reticle for quick and easy target acquisition, a rubber grip with a pistol-grip handle for a firm and secure hold, a fully-automatic fire mode and a five position detachable carry case.


The Air Arms S510 Extra FAC Superlight air rifle has a shrouded barrel that is effective at reducing the report when fired. The HAM testers felt it was quiet, but in fact they also found it to be quite accurate. It is one of quiet air rifles and powerful air rifles.

If the Marauder was regarded as the gold standard, then the Benelli M3 would be the gun of choice. The Benelli M3 delivers an incredibly quiet shooting experience.


I had to be honest with this particular review. I love the gun. It’s gorgeous in every sense of the word. It’s small, lightweight, comfortable, easy to shoot and feels great in your hands. I have shot a bunch of different Air Arms’ air rifles and this is one of the best I’ve held. The finish is exquisite. The stock is soft, but solid and the grip is very comfortable. The trigger pull is amazing; crisp and light with good accuracy. The only thing I don’t like about this gun is the stock is so short that you don’t have any cheekpiece options for your rifle. So you have to hold it right out at an angle if you want to look down range.

The Airsoft S510 Air Rifle looks elegant and well finished, with beautiful curves and fine checkering. The stock design is elegant and flawlessly finished, with beautiful curves and fine checkering. The poplar wood is attractively figured but not too flashy.

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle

Metal parts are entirely devoid of machine marks and finished to perfection. The depth of bluing and mirror finish of the air tube, in particular, has to be seen to be believed. The BKL 300 MB rings and Aeon 8-32 x 50 Classic scope included in this Pyramyd Air combo were also beautifully finished and a good match to the quality of the air rifle.

The only improvement the HAM testers could suggest – and we were really trying hard! – was that a set of sling swivels be factory installed on the gun. This would obviously make for easier carrying in the field.

With a new product like the Air Arms S510 Extra FAC, the temptation may be to try and make it yourself, but the quality and cost of the Air Arms S510 Extra FAC Superlight Combo makes us shake at the thought of even approaching this gun with the sharp tools necessary to make the installation ourselves.

You get what you pay for

The Airsoft S510 Air Rifle Extra is the only AR-15 rifle that was ever sold at a high price. However, we know that it is a highly-regarded rifle that has the ability to outperform other similarly priced rifles.

The Air Arms S510 Extra FAC Superlight Combo is a combination of gun, laser and camera. Its features include a 3x magnification and 3D display. It can operate with both an external battery pack and an internal lithium ion battery. It also has an integrated GPS system, a compass, a 3-axis gyro, 4-way tilt-swivel, a keypad, an LED light, an integrated micro SD card slot, and a detachable shoulder stock.

Most buyers of the Airsoft S510 Air Rifle will take the latter view and so this HAM rating is given in that light. As HAM tester Doug Rogers wrote in his testing notes, “It’s very hard to find any faults with the Airsoft S510 Air Rifle.

One of the first things most people do with a new shotgun is shoot it into the ground to get an idea of how it performs and what it does. This is a practice that can be fun, but also quite destructive if not done carefully.

The others in the HAM test team agreed with my assessment that you will, too.


The Air Arms S510 Extra FAC Superlight air rifle was designed by Air Venturi for the US market. The rifle is a.22 LR bolt-action air rifle chambered in 5.56mm NATO. The Air Arms S510 is not a US-issue rifle.

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle

The Airsoft S510 Air Rifle is the perfect handgun for those who prefer the 1911 style of grip, as the short barrel is more comfortable in the hand. It’s also good for people who like to handle a gun, as you can rest your hand on the short barrel. The small trigger guard makes the handgun feel very comfortable in your hands.

It exceeded the muzzle energy claim with those same Baracudas. Here, for once, is an air rifle that could stand some more marketing claims!


Finding a nice looking Air Arms S510 Extra FAC Superlight for sale can be easy when you know where to look. You can find them at online sports retailers such as Pyramyd Air. Unfortunately, they aren’t always readily available, even though they are very popular. You may find them at a local sporting goods store, but there are several things that can make it hard to find an Air Arms S510 Extra FAC Superlight.

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle are made in the USA, and they carry a lifetime warranty. The owner’s manual for the S510 is a good example of how a manual should be written. It’s a well-illustrated and well-written manual that provides everything you need to know about your new gun.

As you can see from our testing, the lower the power, the greater the reduction in muzzle velocity. But that is not to say that this rifle is for those looking for a speedier firing platform. Instead, the lower power is perfect for those who want the best accuracy possible.

The reduction to 580 FPS from 954 FPS with JSB Jumbo Exact pellets brought the muzzle energy down to just 10.73 Ft/Lbs, making the low power setting ideal for indoor practice shooting when the weather’s too bad to shoot outdoors.

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