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Airsoft Rules for Beginners #44


Airsoft Rules for Beginners

There are airsoft rules every new airsoft player should know. Some are just plain silly, others make perfect sense and the rules vary depending on the local field you go to play.

I will mention the most common rules and give you an explanation for each one. If you’re just looking for the rules to airsoft, this article is for you.


Without rules, airsoft would be just a bunch of hot air and it’s on us to protect it!

Airsoft gun rules are usually the same as the normal rules in the games. All you have to know is about those basic airsoft rules which you should be familiar with.


Airsoft Eye Protection

Eye protection is important whatever you play, so never play airsoft without wearing glasses or goggles. You should consider the rules of your tournament and/or league before participating in it, and make sure that you have a pair of glasses or goggles that you’re comfortable to use.

I’m serious! Don’t take chances, wear safety goggle during your play.


No matter whether you’re a player or a visitor, we strongly suggest that you wear safety goggles or other eye protection. A safety zone is discussed in detail later.

Airsoft Face Protection

It is a really good idea to wear eye protection if you are going to play in an airsoft match. You might end up being hit by a bullet coming from behind and hitting your head, so you don’t want to lose your vision.

To start with, try not to get your face near the muzzle of the Airsoft gun. This is very bad for your ears.

The Game Moderator

There is a game moderator in any airsoft game you play, anywhere in any venue. In a sport like airsoft there are always conflicts among the players about whether he got hit or not. Most of the time the players resolves the situation or the conflicts themselves between them.

It was a rough game, but we were able to finish the game even though it didn’t go according to plan. There were many times when the game moderator made tough calls. If there are any other ways to make those tough calls, we might want to do so.

You don’t want to argue with him. It will make you get kicked out of the game immediately. If you have any other objections to his decision, you should let him know politely.

Airsoft Safe Zone Rules

There is a Safe Zone in any venue arranging an airsoft game. The safe zone is the area where you are not allowed to shoot. If you open fire on anyone, it will result in an ejection from that day of the event.

You will have a good time at the party. Of course, you can be there tomorrow morning, but you must play by the rules, right?

The Bang Rule/ Safety Kill

You can shoot any enemy you find, no matter how far away they are from you. And if they see that they are not in danger of dying, they should turn around. That’s called a safety kill.

Most teams play around 3 metres / 10 feet from their opponents. Make sure you know the distance between your team and the other team before calling ‘bang’. If you call ‘Bang’ and someone shoots you instead of the person you targeted, you should not complain about it.

Know and respect the rules, and find the re-spawn point.

Getting Hit

To dribble the ball, hold down both left and right analog sticks in any direction.

If the clothing that you have worn got hit by the opponents, then you are considered to be “Hit”. Do not try to cheat and do not try to be friendly to the opponent. Be honest and be aware of the rules.

If you ignore the rules of getting hit, and continue to play as you were, it is a violation. Such violation of rules shall be dealt immediately and severely. As a result you will be pulled out of the game that day of the event.

Airsoft Blind Man Rule

In airsoft, the blind man is used when a player gets injured, and the other players take a time out in order to assess the situation and determine the next course of action. If no one has an injury that they think needs treatment, then it means the situation is safe to continue play.

And if you get any real injury yourself, just shout “Blind Man” and ask for help.

Airsoft Head Shot Rules

A good shot should always target the torso area or body part (not a headshot). The best way to get a headshot is to shoot the opponent’s arm, shoulder, or hand. Also make sure to avoid shooting in the face.

Airsoft Medic Rules

The best way to recover when you’ve been hit in an airsoft game is to simply say “Hit” and to sit down and put on the red bandana. If you can’t do this, someone else can take the hit for you and get a free turn.

After the injured player received medical attention, he would be able to continue playing. But you should remember this: An injured player cannot heal or first-aid another player.

Only one person can get one medic, and if a player gets hit after getting medic in any time, it should be considered as KIA. If you want to learn how to be an airsoft medic, read our this article.

Airsoft Border Rules

The airsoft border area is for players only. It is strictly forbidden for the players to bring in their own firearms. And for the players who are carrying their airsoft weapons to walk out of the designated border area is also forbidden.

Police officers often encounter calls of suspicious activities that could turn out to be something more. Your plans may be to go hiking, but if you think it is a mass shooting and you’re out of reach of police, then stay inside the venue.

Checking Weapons

When a team loses a game, they have to pay money for the loss. If there is no loser team, there is only a “Winner” and the winner team gets a free round.

Weapons Should Be Cased

A weapon should always be covered when it’s stored. If it’s not then the police could arrest you if they see your weapons out. Most weapons are made so that you don’t have to cover them, but in some situations you might need to cover them to protect it from damages.

To avoid any and all kinds of unnecessary troubles, keep your weapons cased.

Physical Contact

No physical contact is permitted among the players or the moderators. You cannot physically attack anyone, or wrestle or fight. It’s a shooting game, not a boxing match.

Airsoft Sniper Safety Rules

When using a long range sniper rifle in an airsoft game, it is always recommended that you carry a sidearm. And if you are firing at a target that is closer than 50 feet, you need to be prepared for them to fire back.

A sniper should avoid hitting people in the face with his rifle intentionally if a sniper don’t carry any pistol at all and spot enemy he can either wait for the opponent player to move to safe distance. The sniper should relocate to the safe range to avoid confrontation.

A “sniper rifle” is a term you shouldn’t use in the Airsoft arena. They’re illegal for use in an official event.

Airsoft Blind Firing Rules

Blind firing is definitely not one of those things that are permitted in airsoft. Any incident of blind firing may lead to expulsion from the game. So, don’t try to fire blindly.

Don’t ever hit anyone in the face!

Police Interference

There may be an unwanted situation like this when the local police or the SWAT team got any misleading information about the game and enter the field. That could possibly be a dangerous situation until the police team gets convinced that this is a game, not a real thing.

So, what to do if the police enter the field? The first thing you should do is enter the safe zone. You can either enter the safe zone with your arms above your head or putting them on the ground.

There are plenty of things to do, but don’t ever play a real gun game again! When all of you come together in one place in the Safe Zone, make sure you put your arms at a conspicuous distance.

You can wear a hoodie to hide your face and blend in while avoiding unwanted attention.

No Drugs Or Alcohol

In airsoft there are no drugs or alcohol. And while there is no dope test involved, it’s best not to drink alcohol or do drugs during the game.

We are excited to add some fun and interesting new features to this game.

No Real Firearms

Even if you have real firearms for your own protection, airsoft games don’t allow that in the field. So you either show off or you are not allowed to bring it into the venue.

Can You Use Full Auto In Airsoft

Some airsoft fields do not allow you to fire the gun in full auto. While some people believe it’s wrong, others believe that it’s okay and that they don’t care for the noise and damage they cause.

The biggest difference between CQB airsoft fields and open air games is that there is a risk of injury when you shoot the airsoft pellets from full auto if you are too close to the opponent.

What Is The Maximum FPS Allowed For Airsoft Guns

What’s the maximum FPS allowed for airsoft guns? FPS helps you achieve better performance with your airsoft gun, but also the higher it is, the worse damage gets to the player on a receiving end.

Fields usually have rules regarding the maximum FPS and the distance at which you are allowed to shoot. Usually, the fields implement the MED (medium engagement distance) and chrono the airsoft guns for the allowed FPS before you can enter the field.

You can go to an airsoft field that states the maximum FPS of a gun you can bring and some field might even allow for a max of 500 FPS, yet some field may also have restrictions on bringing certain guns or having certain ammunition.

When it comes to injuries caused by FPS airsoft guns, there are a number of rules and laws that limit how players can act, and therefore it is important to know these regulations and play safely.

Remember, when a player is wearing good equipment, the BBs don’t hurt. It’s the most important piece of gear — safety eye protection! The quality of the eye protection you wear can affect your protection, so make sure you wear quality eye protection.

Finally, this concludes the book. There were FPS requirements for your safety, and I’ve outlined how to use them.

What Is Blind Firing

Blind firing is one of the worst tactics you can implement in airsoft. It can also be dangerous and certainly, it can be unfair for the opposite team. Blind firing is defined as shooting randomly, and hoping you hit something which you don’t see.

So, for instance, blind firing usually occurs when a player is protected by a cover and he does not expose himself to the enemy team but instead pushes the gun out of the cover and blindly fires. This is terrible for accuracy but the biggest problem is that this does not allow the enemy player to counter fire and because hits through the cover do not count in airsoft, it’s impossible to take down the target that is not exposed at all at the moment of shooting.

Another big issue with blind firing is that it’s very easy to accidentally hit the target in the head, while it could be perfectly avoided if you had the aim.

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