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Is Airsoft Helmet Necessary In Airsoft #73

airsoft helmet

Do You Really Need a Helmet For Airsoft

There are many good reasons for owning an airsoft helmet – they are a necessity for safe airsofting and other shooting sports, and also provide safety benefits if you do get injured while playing.

Now, wearing a helmet is not rocket science and a helmet is not a rocket. But some players enjoy the benefits of helmets while others don’t and sometimes they regret it. So, should you wear a helmet for your next airsoft game?

Playing without a helmet isn’t advisable, but may also protect you not only from the incoming BBs, but also from other unexpected objects that you might run into while playing the game. It is smarter to wear a helmet, and they add to realism.

In short, you should have your choice of a different helmet for yourself, and in case the choice is not enough, then check out the reviews regarding the different helmets on the internet, as there will be hundreds of them available to choose from.


Helmet is a protection against the objects you may encounter

Playing airsoft can be really dangerous. A variety of unpredictable objects may appear in front of you when you play. This could range from tree limbs, window frames, door frames, and rocks.

When you are adrenaline rushing it is easy to forget about moving your head for that inch and a half and it is exactly what causes the worst injuries in airsoft. As a matter of fact most players who have experienced serious injuries while playing airsoft have not received them from BBs that everyone lose their minds about.

The most common serious injuries are concussions from hitting your head against concrete objects like a tree or other object, or twisting your ankle.

When you shoot a BB gun, it may hurt when it hits your head and it may even cause a concussion if it hits your scalp, but it won’t cause any other type of injury.

Getting shot in the back of your head or in temple hurts a lot, so you may be protected by helmets. If you want to stay safe, don’t wear a helmet though, because you can be injured more frequently. A bandana, scarf, hat, or even just a towel will protect you for less than a full-head helmet, so you’ll be safer.

Wearing a helmet is still better than a hat or bandana for close range engagements, but if you do decide to go without a helmet you should wear something that won’t easily fly off your head, otherwise it will hinder your ability to move.

Helmets are great place for your Go Pro

This is a great GoPro mount for the best action cameras. Do you like capturing your awesome moments on film? I often regret moments in my life that were awesome and I did not record them on a film, however you do not have to repeat my mistakes.

Pro is a cool thing for anyone who plays sports, whether you’re into football, soccer or basketball. You’ll use it to record awesome moments on the fields, and you can later show off for your friends by editing all the parts where you were getting obliterated, and highlighting the parts where you seem to be the right hand of Rambo.

Helmets are the place where you attach your go pro camera. They are ideal for recording because the angle is similar to your eyes’ angle and the recordings look awesome. Many airsoft youtubers use this angle when shooting their videos as well.

No helmet is needed, if that’s what you’re looking for. Attach the GoPro to something else, like on your chest, shoulder, or some other place, and the angle might be a little wacky, but it would still be less bad than the feet.

They add up to realism

Whether you care about realism more than anything else, you know that helmets are a must. Every professional unit in the world wear helmets, and there are many different shapes and sizes you can choose from.

airsoft helmet

Some players enjoy mixing parts from different units’ arsenals, this means that one may have a full unit’s uniform while the other uses a piece of the unit’s weapon, this is strictly forbidden for some players. This also applies to helmets.

Are airsoft helmets sweaty

Airsoft helmets do sweat. It’s true! But as long as the helmet you choose fits your head and is designed to be comfortable during play, it will only sweat a little bit.

Airsoft helmets should have some sort of ventilation system to prevent sweat from building up and dripping onto your eyes. Hats or pieces of clothing that you wrap around your head should be water-resistant to prevent sweat from dripping down and collecting on your eyes.

Can you use a motorcycle helmet for airsoft

Airsoft helmets come in many different types of styles and sizes, so you need to make sure you have the right size before you start to play. If you don’t have an airsoft helmet, you can use a motorcycle helmet instead.

Motorcycle helmets are a great way to increase your safety and cover as much of the soft tissue on your head as possible. However, if you’re talking about full face motorcycle helmets, then you should expect them to sweat after some time.

Testing the ventilation system on any full face helmet can be really important, because sweating can be annoying and you do not want that. Motorcycle helmets, on the other hand, are great when you accidentally fall and hit the head off something concrete, and regular airsoft and other helmets can be good enough for the protection in case of accidents.

Unless you play airsoft while riding a motor you will not be able to fully utilize motorcycle helmets and will neither regret buying them.

More Room to Add Tactical Accessories

This is all about tactical add-ons. You can buy a wide range of accessories to install on your airsoft helmet. Some are useful, some just for aesthetics. Either way, an airsoft helmet is better when you’ve got a few basic attachments installed.

The most important thing you can and should attach to your helmet is a face mask, as some come with clips that can be attached to most helmets. It should be a mesh mask – not a face shield – because it offers a more comfortable and secure fit.

Another important piece of equipment you can attach to your airsoft helmet is comms. If you play at large events and with lots of people, you will want a radio. To make it easier to operate quietly, you will want to use hearing aids.

For tactical accessories, night vision goggles are a good choice. NVGs give you and your team a huge advantage when participating in milsim games that last throughout the night.

Most helmets have a dedicated mount for NVG technology. This will allow you to lower your night vision goggles when needed, and also keep them out of your line of sight during the day. Other tactical accessories that you might consider are flashlights and night lights.

Running a flashlight on your helmet can be very useful when playing or just setting up in low light conditions. Night lights are usually placed on the back of your helmet, and they are very dim. They have the function of signalling your position to your teammates.

Not to Wear Helmet: Airsoft Helmets Can Cause Neck Fatigue

You need to wear your airsoft helmet properly or you could end up with neck fatigue. Some helmets have multiple accessories and attachments that can cause neck fatigue.

There are many ways to improve your posture, including good habits, like sitting with your back straight and looking people in the eyes, and more complicated methods, like learning a specific yoga routine or using an exercise ball that helps your core muscles strengthen.

Airsoft helmets vary in weight from around 5 pounds. Depending on the model, a protective ballistic helmet can weigh around 2 to 4 pounds or just under a kilogram.

Cheap airsoft helmets will do the job just fine if you decide to play airsoft with friends. You may not need a steel helmet to be able to keep safe, so you could go with something a bit more affordable.

If you like airsoft, you should own a M1 helmet (or two). They’re one of the most popular helmets for use in airsoft, yet they are rather heavy.

The Stahlhelm was worn by the German armed forces in 65 pounds or 3.2 kg is a common weight for replicas of this item. You can also see people wearing WW2 uniforms with replicas of the M1 Garand, Thompson Submachine Gun, Kar 98 rifle, or MP 40 machine gun.

The weight of the helmet accessories is also something to keep in mind. Adding too much stuff to your helmet will make you very uncomfortable. Here is the weight of some common helmet attachments: Night vision goggles, cameras, night vision googles: 500 to 900 grams.

NVG counterweight: this is a bag that attaches to the back of your helmet to provide balance. Also, 300 to 900 grams. Action camera: GoPros weigh about 85 to 116 grams. You will need to add the weight of the mount that attaches to your helmet.

If you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer screen or looking down at your smartphone, you can develop neck issues like “text neck”. These can lead to shoulder pain, eye pain and headaches.

If this is something you experience often, you may want to avoid wearing an airsoft helmet, and, instead, get another piece of protective gear. To buy a helmet, make sure it is the lightest one available.

Wear your protective headgear when you’re going to be active for long periods of time. The longer your headgear is worn, the more protection it gives your head.

Not to Wear Helmet: Airsoft Helmets Can Get Hot and Humid

You have to be careful with airsoft helmets. It can get quite hot and humid while playing, especially in warmer months. Running around a lot can get you to overheat, which is why I like to sprint a lot.

When your helmet doesn’t provide a proper amount of ventilation, it could cause you to overheat, so make sure you’re wearing the correct helmet for your activity and for the season. You might want to consider an additional cooling vest to mitigate the impact of excessive overheating, or you could even go as far as wearing a full suit!

Another thing I notice when wearing a helmet is that my goggles or protective glasses tend to get fogged up more because of the trapped heat. You can use fog-proof goggles or apply anti-fog agents to your lenses to prevent this, but even then it might happen.

The best solution is to just remove your helmet when you aren’t actually playing, during breaks and in the staging area. Sweating while wearing a helmet is common. My helmet gets completely soaked after a day of airsofting.

That is why it is always a good idea to remove your helmet liner (if possible) and allow it to dry, or you could wash it if the materials can handle it. Trust me, the smell of stale sweat in your helmet is nasty and tough to get rid of.

To make airsofting more comfortable and enjoyable, wear an airsoft helmet that has an interior lining or an interior pad that you can wash out and sanitize, and don’t forget the goggles!

Many of these can get pretty warm, especially the winter models. However, they may work better in colder climates.

Not to Wear Helmet: Airsoft Helmets Make You a Bigger Target

The best way to avoid getting hit is to present a small target for the enemy to shoot at, which is why I wear an airsoft helmet for my big head. The same applies to you.

You won’t know if your football player is a good one until you play him. Being tall and bigger than the other players will help him run faster and more efficiently, and he will also be able to kick farther. Some football players wear padding on their feet or knees to protect themselves from injury and injuries are no laughing matter.

If you’re a sniper and you shoot from behind cover, you may not be visible to your enemy. But, the enemy could still see the top of your head. This is because your enemy’s sight is above your hiding spot.

Types of Airsoft Helmets

Types of Airsoft Helmets. Some models of airsoft helmets come with a standard visor. Others have an extended visor. Most airsoft helmets can be customized to fit your head size and shape. FAST/High Cut/Maritime Cut/ATE – FAST stands for Future Assault Shell Technology – these helmets were designed for maritime special operations and feature a minimalist design.

They are great choices for airsoft because they offer adequate protection while still being light and ventilated. Most FAST helmets have options for attaching accessories like face masks, ear protection, lights and cameras.

For example, MICH or ACH helmets – Modular Integrated Communications Helmet – a bulkier design that incorporates ear protection. These helmets are still used by military and law enforcement operators around the world.

MIH and FAST helmets are generally heavier and more expensive than civilian styles, so the best choice depends on your budget and helmet needs. I would also include all types of military inspired helmets in this category, as many countries’ armed forces have different models of helmets.

Examples of very sought after models of helmets include Russian helmets with visors. They were designed to protect the face and eyes of the user, but they do limit your field of view significantly.

These are custom airsoft helmets and they’re specially designed for airsoft. They come in all kinds of shapes, designs, and they can even be made to look like sci-fi inspired creations.

This is a good choice of a muzzle brake for you if you like to get up close and personal while aiming or need to have a little more breathing room behind the weapon.

When wearing a full face helmet it’s difficult to see through the sights because they are in the way of your vision. One way to get around this would be to attach an optic to your weapon so you could wear glasses while you shoot.

If you want your rifle to shoot at the highest possible elevation, you should put a high elevation optic on it. However, I don’t much like this option as some helmets have a hard time accepting such a big lens.

Helmet Accessories

Your helmet should be future-proofed to keep you safe in the field of battle. I recommend mounting points for your goggles and face mask, and side rails for adding hearing aides or ear protection.

Most tactical helmets also come with a camera mount on the forehead, allowing you to add cameras to your headgear. If you need a helmet to cover your head and be comfortable, the Velcro padded and waterproof helmet is the one for you.

The guys at Airsoft GI show you how to build your own custom helmet to replicate the ones worn by pros. It’s a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect set-up for your head.

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