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Do US Marines Use Airsoft Guns In Training #77

airsoft guns in training

Do US Marines Actually Use Airsoft Guns In Training

Have you ever wondered whether US Marines actually use airsoft guns in training? You may not have realized this, but US Marine Corps training is more than just running through the woods and shooting cans off of trees. Airsoft training is a regular part of the training program for US Marines.

The US Marines are known for being professional and trained professionals with developed combat mindset and strategies. If you ever want to see one in a field opposing you, you definitely should remember this. I did some research and talked to some people who have experience, and they say the Marines love to play airsoft.

airsoft guns in training

The US Marines don’t practice with airsoft guns, but they usually have other airsoft players in the airsoft field. They use the real steel guns with training ammunition for training because airsoft guns just don’t meet the requirements such as the recoil, accuracy and range or clear indication that someone has been hit.

There are several types of training scenarios where airsoft guns can actually be used, and they include, but aren’t limited to, scenarios where airsoft guns can be used by Marine’s.


Airsoft Guns Are Not Ideal For Training

There are two main kinds of airsoft guns, which are the real deal and the replica, although replica guns are becoming more and more realistic over time, in general, replica guns are less expensive than real guns and are good enough for training purpose.

It’s no secret that airsoft guns are more affordable than their real counterpart. And for those who shoot a lot, they can turn into a smart choice if you wish to practice or train with real steel guns in a safe manner.

For me, the best part of airsoft is that you can shoot it as often as you like, but with real guns you need to be careful with your neighbors and the law. The best part about airsoft replicas is that they’re much easier to handle than real guns.

No one knows if the laws of any state are stricter than others, but the laws of the US are much different from those of other countries. However, for those who want to be armed, the best thing is to have a training.

This is a good starter airsoft gun that will get the airsofter started. It will help them develop their shooting skills, and in the process of learning to aim accurately and hit the right targets, many will find that they enjoy it enough to want to buy a real steel gun.

I’ve been testing and comparing various airsoft guns on airsoft field. You must check my post if you want to know about that.

Replicas are very accurate in both size and shape. The tolerances for the grips are close enough so they may not be an issue for most players. However, in some cases, the magazine may not match the exact size.

Another great problem that we often see in the fields is the inability to call hits consistently every time. This is not only about cheaters who do not call hits on purpose, but it also happens quite often that a noble player simply does not register getting hit with a very first BB and it is not their fault.

I promise you that if you get shot, both you and your ancestors will feel it. Of course, there had been some cases when soldiers would not register being hit by a real bullet because of a high adrenaline rush, but they would still feel it after some time and face the consequences.

To become properly trained for real world scenarios, the US Marine Corps must take things a step further and leave nothing to chance.

Real Steel Adjusted Guns Are Better For Training

Real steel guns are good for Marine training. They don’t differ much from the real guns, but they lack the deadly power that you must have in any training scenario.

If you want to be an elite sniper, all you have to do is take your own rifle and add training ammo, known as simunition, then you’re ready to go.

The AR15 rifle is already a training tool, and with some extra training, you can be proficient with it. The gun that has blue markings including the major blue colored upper receiver is marked so everyone can tell it a part from the real one.

The beauty of this is that you can still enjoy the sensation of real gunfire, just as the weight, range, and accuracy and the ability to call each hit.

This Is How Simunition Training Works

After the upper receiver has been replaced by the training blue one and the magazine has been charged with simunition rounds, the modified gun shoots the simunition rounds at 300 FPS being powered by the cartridge primer.

Airsoft guns can be easily classified as low velocity or high velocity guns. The velocity range for an airsoft gun varies between 300 and 400 FPS. A recipient does not have a problem calling a hit when a shot goes at lower velocities.

The bullet projected at this speed has no capability to cause injury, but it sure does leave the visible marks on a body. The projectile is rather like the paintball ball, than an airsoft ball and is made of a soft plastic.

Simunition rounds can be dangerous if they hit the eyes or face, but airsoft BBs, just like paintball ammunition, are more dangerous. All soldiers wear protective eye and face gear to keep themselves safe.

Marines use M16 and M4 Carbines for these training purposes because it lets them learn to be more in touch with the actual gun they plan to use in real life battles.

Would Airsoft Players Be Good Marines

This is one of those questions where there is no simple yes or no answer. Everyone is different and it would really depend on each individual airsoft player. However, I can tell you that if you are thinking about becoming an infantry Marine then I do not think you should go for airsoft as a hobby.

I learned the following: playing airsoft awakens the warrior spirit in some people; if you play to cut off time, airsoft can become dangerous; no matter what happens, the situation in a field is never dangerous and the only danger comes from people who don’t wear safety goggles; if someone accidentally steps in mud and falls on their nose, they can be hurt, and that injury could be deadly.

This game is not for the squeamish. The real battlefield is a thing completely different and all useful airsoft tactics, aim skills and team cooperation fall apart once the real treat is in front of you. The airsoft player is used to getting hit and calling hits, but once the real treat hits you there is no respawn.

Almost all players use the same basic approaches, and there are many variations of airsoft games which are all based on these principles. In the end, no matter how many different versions of the game there are, the basic principles are still the same.

Sure. If you want to show your skills in a very short period of time, CQB would be great for that. However, if you are a player that needs to train hard over a long period of time, then I think shooting would be more useful.

I was once told that plastic BBs differ that much from the real stuff. The real bullets can penetrate some walls and doors, and you too can do the same with plastic BBs.

Can Airsoft Skills Translate to The Firearms At All

Is airsoft good for improving shooting? As I have said before, the skills a person can learn with airsoft guns can indeed translate to the real firearms, but the person should be disciplined and focused about acquiring these skills.

Besides other great benefits, in this mentioned section you can learn about how a Japanese airsoft player managed to surprise an instructor with his aiming skills.

It’s more than just knowing how to aim and shoot, most importantly it’s about teamwork, sustaining the pressure, and being physically and mentally ready for every outcome.

You can never have too many guns and if airsoft is really that much fun then you must play it more often.

Using Airsoft to Supplement Your Firearms Training

Airsoft guns have become a favorite hobby for many soldiers. They are used in lieu of live ammunition for training purposes, and some even supplement their firearms training.

The Soldiers were armed with airsoft weapons. They have orange tips. These are replica airsoft guns. Let’s compare airsoft guns with real guns. A: The first airsoft gun was invented in Japan in 1960, and the first airsoft games were played by students in Taiwan in 1969.

The 9mm Luger pistol, with it’s unique recoil, provides a fun and realistic simulated experience. You can also attach real-life tactical attachments to it.

Cost for Airsoft Training

Great for practicing gun manipulation, and for drawing. It’s very inexpensive. The big selling point for me was the low price. I could buy a bag of 3,500 airsoft BBs for $7.

The low cost of airsoft makes it accessible for beginners. Since you’re not shooting real bullets, you don’t need to take the same safety precautions as with a real gun.

With practice, you can do anything. You don’t have to spend hours at the range to enjoy shooting. Just go to your garage or backyard, get yourself comfortable, and take aim.

Training In A Safe Way

Airsoft is a safe way for students to practice a variety of tactical skills, such as speed, strength, awareness, communication, teamwork, and more. It’s a great way to have fun while learning new skills.

You can actually get a stingray, which is not dangerous but painful if it gets too close. The sting ray feels nothing but pain as it sticks to you and is not a dangerous animal. The sting ray feels nothing but pain as it sticks to you and is not a dangerous animal.

Airsoft guns are good for practising shooting, but they’re not an exact replica of a real firearm. They’re safe because they’re low-powered, and won’t go off unless you really want them to.

Feeling for Using Airsoft Gun in Training

The trigger pull on real guns isn’t the same as on airsoft guns. Recoil is nowhere near the same, and the noise level isn’t the same. Airsoft guns can’t be practiced for malfunctions or reloading.

With airsoft, you can train to get the same feeling and adrenaline rush as when firing a real gun. So why not give it a try? You’ll learn why you should train with airsoft, what to expect if you decide to buy an airsoft gun, and what types of airsoft guns are the best.

I just can’t replicate that feeling when I’m firing my airsoft gun. Because of this limitation, it’s important that you don’t completely replace real live fire training with airsoft.

You should continue to take your gun out for training whenever you can. Airsoft is a step above dry fire training, and a step below live fire.

This is a really useful tool to have in your arsenal of firearms.

KWA ATP-LE2 Pistol Airsoft Specs

Max Velocity350 fps
Overall Length8.0″
Weight1.6 lbs
Suggested forSkirmishing
Barrel Length4.68″
Shot Capacity23
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
TriggerTwo-stage non-adjustable
Hop UpAdjustable
MaterialMetal/ABS plastic
Body TypePistol

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