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Air Venturi TR5 PRO .177 cal Target Air Rifle Review #24

air venturi TR5

Air Venturi TR5 .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle Field Test

This Air Venturi TR5 .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle has been in the works since 2005 and it finally came to fruition when they were ready to field test it. In a way I’ve already field tested this Air Venturi TR5 .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle in the Baikal version. The Air Venturi version is pretty much a knock off of the Baikal IZH MP-61 which not only look like each other but also performed very similarly for me.

I used the chronograph to see what velocity the Air Venturi TR5 .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle was capable of producing. All five of the shots went over 500 fps, and averaged 513 fps.

Our non regulated firearms laws here in Canada will no longer allow our air rifle and muzzle loading firearms to use energy levels over four foot pounds. We also now have a maximum range limit of 30 feet so you’ll need to get a new scope or range finder for your rifle.

air venturi TR5

I was able to shoot 5 rounds using the Air Venturi TR5.177 Caliber Pellet Rifle into my paper target, and I was very impressed with the rifle’s performance. This is a really good rifle for someone who is not the best springer shooter, like me.

After shooting the Baikal IZH MP-61, which worked out extremely well for me, I felt it was important to shoot another rifle and get my hands on the best Air Venturi TR5 .177 caliber pellet rifle, which is a great choice.

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Product Feature

This side lever spring piston air rifle shoots 0.177 pellets up to 500 FPS. Featuring a fully adjustable rear sight and a two stage adjustable trigger, this air rifle is at home on the target range just as well as your backyard.

A spring piston air rifle that both young and experienced shooters alike can enjoy. The Air Venturi TR5 has a manual safety, rifled barrel, and includes 5 round magazines This air rifle has a two-stage adjustable trigger, globe and blade front sight, adjustable rear sight, and a 5 position adjustable buttstock.

air venturi TR5

The Air Venturi TR5 will meet the demand for a fully adjustable 5-position adjustable buttstock and a vertically adjustable buttpad.

And not to mention, weighing in at just 5 pounds makes the rifle extremely easy to handle. Featuring a fully adjustable rear sight and a two stage adjustable trigger, the TR5 is at home on the target range just as well as your backyard.

This is the perfect rifle for those of you who want a single shot, bolt action, precision hunting rifle with an extremely light trigger pull.

The sleek black finish and precision-machined receiver make this rifle a beautiful addition to any shooting bag. The smooth side lever provides a fast, clean follow up shot and the two included magazines keep you ready when your time is right. Mount an optic of your choice on the rear sight post and you’ll be able to zero in on your targets.

air venturi TR5

To make your rifle even better, there’s a UIT rail on the underside of the stock forend. It’s commonly found on 10-meter competition rifles, so you can add a handstop, sling mount, or even a bi-pod.


This Pro rifle shoots Hobbys at an average 548 f.p.s. It has a 16 f.p.s. spread between 539 and 555 f.p.s.

They’re both 542 fps. That puts the.223 Remington in the lead by about a point.

air venturi TR5

Trigger Pull

I dropped the Pro trigger pull down to 3 lbs. 2 oz. after adjustments. This one starts out at 3 lbs. 14 oz., and I was able to drop it to under 4 lbs. before adjustments.

I think this could be improved with a simple rephrase.

air venturi TR5


I loaded all of my pellets with a ballpoint pen. Each pellet that I inserted into the clip would pop when it had gone past the start of the chamber. I had to go back and retouch a couple of the pellets that were not as deeply seated.

Once seated the table remained level, and accuracy did not change. I used the pen to push all the pellets into the clip.

They went in with a pop.

air venturi TR5

Sight In

You need to sight-in the rifle to make sure that the sight is properly adjusted to where it sits on the upper receiver, as well as how far it is from the breech face when loaded. You’ll also need to make sure that the front sight is fully visible.

It took a while to get the clamp to hold still so I could get a good sighting in and start shooting.

air venturi TR5

The Test

I wanted to find out how accurate the.22 rifles were, so I shot at a target from 10 meters. I fired the RWS Hobbys, and they all shot into the same size group in the middle, and even though it was a rested rifle, it had me amazed how quickly they could shoot.

The first group of Hobbies was already measured to have an overall barrel diameter of 737-inches. So it had already met the 750-inch specification for a 3/4-inch (1875-inch) rifle. I thought it could do better, so I shot another group after adjusting the rear sight a little to the left.

The second group of Hobbies is even smaller than the TR5 at .552-inches between centers. The second group of Hobbies put five RWS Hobby pellets in 0.737-inches at 10 meters.

I tried the RWS R10 Match Pistol pellets. They’re great!

air venturi TR5


The Air Venturi TR5 is an excellent airgun replica of the IZH 61. It does an excellent job of reproducing the final version of the original.

A kid-sized sidelever with a good trigger and reasonable accuracy. The TR5 is light, easy to cock, and adjusts for length of pull. So, adults who are just beginning can also use it.

Air Venturi TR5 PRO .177 cal Target Air Rifle Specifications

air venturi TR5
Max Velocity500 fps
Overall Length34.5″
Weight5.4 lbs
Scopeable11mm dovetail
Suggested forPlinking & target practice
Caliber.177″ (4.5mm)
Barrel Length18.75″
Shot Capacity5
Cocking Effort23 lbs
Front SightGlobe w/Aperture Inserts
Rear SightDiopter/micrometer adjustable
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Body TypeRifle

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