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#9 Benefit Of Automatic Water Fountain

water fountain

Benefit Of Cat Water Fountains 

Cats are chronically dehydrated, so did you know that? You may be wondering if a water fountain is good for cats. The good news is that cat water fountains are safe when they are properly cared for. It is important to find the right fountain for your cat and keep it clean.

There are many reasons why using a cat water fountain is so beneficial. For example, water fountains ensure that there will always be water available for your cat during the day. It will help to keep them properly hydrated. Most cats like fresh water in bowls, but there are a few who prefer running water!


What Are Cat Water Fountains

A cat water fountain is just a drinking fountain for cats. There are many different types of fountains. Some are automatic, some non-automatic, and some are made from ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel.

There are two main types of fountain – those that use filters and cycle water, and those that are more like a water cooler in the office. There are many options available, and it’s important to find the best option for your cat.

How To Choose A Cat Water Fountain

There are a number of factors that should be considered when selecting a fountain for cats. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of water fountains for pets.

water fountain


Whether your kitty is going to be in a condo or a house, it’s important to think about where the water fountain will go. Cats will use a water fountain if it fits comfortably in their area. So, if you keep your cat in an area where there is plenty of room for it, it will use the water fountain.

That said, if you have to buy a fountain, you want one that’s compact, easy to set up and take down, and that does the job you need it to do. Balance is important.


Tap water may contain some toxins and harmful chemicals, so you should avoid it. Therefore, it may be beneficial to find a cat water fountain that includes filters. This helps keep your cat’s drinking water safe.


It may be hard to find a fountain for cats that looks good in your house, but there are plenty that work for your household aesthetic. Cat owners should also be wary of a drinking fountain because some cats will be wary of them.


Put thought into how noisy your water fountain will be. When considering where to put the fountain, you want to consider how much noise the fountain makes. For most electric cat water fountains, there’s a bit of noise. If you have a skittish cat, look for the most noiseless fountains.


You may want to decide which materials your cat’s water fountain is made of, as there are many choices on the market.

Plastics that are made from recycled materials could harbor more bacteria if the water is left sitting for too long, potentially leading to allergies for pets with sensitive skin.

There are many kinds of wood and stone materials, some of which are porous and retain odors if not properly maintained. Having a good range of kitchen tools helps keep life in the house running smoothly.


A fountain that’s low-cost, may have a shorter lifespan, and require frequent replacement. Pet fountains are fun and attractive additions to the home that are both safe and affordable for any budget.


For a cat who likes drinking out of a water fountain, having one that allows for bulk refills will end up saving you time when it comes to filling and maintaining their water fountain.

Cleanliness and hygiene are important. If you want to find the best water fountain that is easy to clean, you’ll need to look for a model that is easy to clean.

Fresh Water

Depending on the type of water fountain that you decide to purchase, you may end up with a fountain that only releases water as needed. This will help keep your cat’s water fresh and clean, as well as keeping the bacteria at a minimum.

Proper Hydration

Most cat owners are surprised to learn that their pets are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to many health issues, including urinary tract infections and kidney disease. Cats drink to hydrate and absorb nutrients. Drinking fountains for cats will make them more hydrated, leading to better levels of nutrient absorption. 

Increased Nutrient Absorption

Drinking plenty of water helps keep your cat’s body hydrated. It also aids his or her digestion. Your cat’s digestion is important, and helping it better absorb nutrients will help it grow and feel good. Proper hydration can help increase your cat’s saliva production, which can help break down food.

Filters Out Toxins

Tap water is one of the most convenient ways to get your daily intake of water, but it can also contain toxins and chemicals that may enter your system.

Using a water fountain that comes with an extra filter can help you catch most of these toxins, making the water a lot safer for your cat to drink.

Make sure to check the frequency of the replacement of the filters, as this will factor into the overall cost of the fountain.

Keeps Water Cool

Water fountain are a good alternative to bottled water, but most have a cooling feature. Most also provide filtered water which is healthier than regular bottled water.

Water that is cooler is better for your cat because it helps prevent bacterial infections and is a better choice than warm water. Warm water allows bacteria to grow quickly.

Are There Downsides To A Cat Water Fountain

There are some issues associated with cat water fountains. Being aware of the benefits and drawbacks of a cat water fountain can help you decide which one you want to purchase.

Plastics Can Harbor Bacteria

If you decide to use a plastic water fountain for your cat, it is important that you know that it can be a breeding ground forbacteria. This could mean more time spent maintaining your cat’s water fountain, such as changing the filter, to make sure you’re keeping it as clean as possible.

Electricity Hazard

Electric cat water fountains are the type of fountains you want to focus on.

Try to find an electric fountain that has an automatic shut-off feature in the event that any issues arise, like overheating or other product related malfunction. When researching electric water fountains, it is advisable to proceed with caution.


Some cats may not take well to a water fountain as a means of hydrating themselves. If your dog drinks a lot of water, it may be more appealing for them to drink water in the water instead

This will lead to more messes and more time spent cleaning up after your cat. Fortunately, a quality pet mat can help protect your flooring and make cleaning up easier for you.

Difficulty Cleaning

If you want your cat to keep her water fountain clean, you should always be cleaning it—and often—to reduce the likelihood of any build-up of grime and bacteria. Some of the best water fountains are designed with parts that can be easily taken apart, making them easier to clean than some of the older ones.

Cleaning your cat’s water fountain is essential to keeping your cat healthy. Without regular cleaning, the water in your cat’s water fountain can get filthy and lead to skin issues, such as allergy or acne. Take care of your fountain by following the manufacturer-provided instructions. Use all-natural cleaners between deep cleanings.

Maintaining Your Pet Water Fountain

Your pet’s water fountain is very important to keep clean. This will ensure your pet gets the right amount of water.

A clean fountain is a healthy place for cats to drink from, which means your cat will have clean drinking water. Try to keep your cat’s water fountain clean by cleaning it once per week.

Change your water fountain filters as needed, according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Some filters need to be changed every 2-4 weeks, while others only need to be changed every 1-3 months.

You must change out the nozzles on water fountains when they become clogged or dirty.

Are Cat Water Fountains Good For Your Cat

If you’ve got a cat, finding the right water fountain for it can be a challenge. Read product reviews and compare prices. Once you’ve made your purchase, check out the reviews to see what other customers had to say about that product.

Automatic water fountains and pet feeders like the Feeder-Robot are great because they can help you save time and give your pets constant access to their food and water. The Feeder-Robot is a new, reliable pet feeder that lets you monitor your pet’s food intake and provides an additional set of hands to administer medications or comfort your pet.

Water fountains are generally safe to use. However, it’s important to clean them regularly because bacteria can build up in the water and cause skin irritation or other issues. Your cat’s water fountain should be easy for her to access.

If you put a big tub of water in your hallway, your kids will start using it more often. A new water fountain will make your cat happy. He or she may even bathe there. Another possibility is that your cat has urinated in the water and there is a biofilm developing. 

This is normal, but it’s still important to make sure you keep your cat’s water fountain clean.

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