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#22 7 Tips For Matching T-shirt Fashionable

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7 Tips on How to Wear a Basic T-shirt More Fashionable

Fashion lovers often bash these basic t-shirts for being boring or looking sloppy. They’d rather wear something more fashion forward.

The three basic t-shirts every woman should have are a basic white t-shirt, a colored t-shirt and a printed t-shirt. Whether you wear them to the gym, on errands, to sleep, or anywhere else your day might take you, trusty t-shirts have your back.

Dog Heart

T-shirts aren’t that complicated, but they are simple. These guys aren’t the sexiest guys on the planet by themselves, but when they add their style to your wardrobe and personality, they can give the appearance

That’s the beauty of a basic t-shirt. It doesn’t make any particular statement, so it can take on whatever design or message you. There are many ways to transform a versatile basic t-shirt to create an iconic style that is anything but boring.


Add Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry can completely change the appearance of any basic t-shirt. The biggest problem with basic t-shirts is that they’re boring. They look too plain to wear in any but the most casual situations. A simple statement necklace makes a basic t-shirt work for date nights or coffee with friends.


Take neckline into account when choosing statement jewelry to wear with your basic t-shirt. Layer your t-shirt with a chunky pendant necklace if the shirt has a low V-neck. Wear a longer, floral statement necklace for scoop-necked tops. It will elongate the look of your outfit.

Go Oversized

A large, oversized t-shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that exists. A wide variety of oversized t-shirt is a must for any man’s closet. Basic oversized t-shirts are generally more attractive than plain, tighter T-shirts.

Get away with wearing leggings as pants almost anywhere, by layering an oversized t-shirt over your favorite pair of jeans. If your hem is long enough to reach your thighs, it’s time to bust out those ankle boots and pair them with a long t-shirt dress.


If you want to add a cool finishing touch to your outfit, it’s worth experimenting with an oversized graphic T-shirt.

Dress Up With Shoes

Your shoes are far away from your shirt. But if you’re wearing the right ones, your basic t-shirt will immediately look more stylish and dress up your outfit.

Shoes are magical and their magic does not disappoint when it comes to changing the vibe of a simple shirt look. You’re ready to update your look with some basic pieces to give your outfit that much-needed extra polish.


The right shirt and shoe for your outfit should depend on the rest of your clothes, too. Shearling looks good on most men, especially when it’s worn with a casual t-shirt and boots. It also helps with any perceived cool factor.

Wear a pair of loose fitting pants, a button-down shirt, and a flat shoe. Wear tights, booties, or ankle boots to add more texture and interest to your look.

Go With Jeans

A jean shirt is an excellent combination for a reason — and it’s easy to combine them in a way that will make any lady look incredible.

When it comes to choosing a jeans, don’t shy away from the more formal and dressier styles. These pairs are a great addition to any wardrobe, and will allow you to stand out in a crowd of all those casual jeans.


Opt for jeans that are distressed, embroidered, or detailed to balance out your solid t-shirt. If you want to wear your jeans higher, cuff them to add in some texture.

Professionalize It

You can even wear a basic t-shirt to events that require a little more formality like to an office. Professionalize a t-shirt by starting with a top that’s in a neutral color such as navy, white, or black.


You should wear a collared shirt so the neckline is not too low and tuck it into a fitted pair of dark jeans. Try going sleeveless with a white dress and white pumps.

Wear a Jacket

T-shirts are easy to wear, and sometimes it’s all you need for a pop of color. A jacket or cover-up will work wonders to spice up your look. It can work as a piece to add a bit of mystery.


Experiment with different lengths and fits of jackets. Try layering a cropped leather jacket over a longer t-shirt. Choose the knit fabric and pattern of the sweater for its fit, weight, and drape.

The more fitting your suit or shirt is, the better it will complement your body, which will make you look taller and thinner.

Make it Your Foundation

A basic t-shirt is not the only piece of clothing you should consider wearing. In fact, you should never write a thank-you letter that contains a statement like, “unless you’re keeping things very simple.

Wear something that flatters your figure. Be sure to dress it up and dress it down as appropriate. A solid t-shirt is the foundation for a great outfit. These are my go-to shoes for running, and they have some serious durability and comfort.

You don’t need to worry about ‘sapping the intrigue from your look’ if you wear a plain white T-shirt. Mix and match basic t-shirts that you already have in your closet with more unique, eye-catching pieces to create outfits that are just as cute

Pair a basic t-shirt with an embroidered jean to make it stand out from the crowd. Wear a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and then layer it over a maxi skirt.


You don’t have to be concerned about what your friends will think when you wear this t-shirt. T-shirts have a basic look, but with the right mix of fabric, design and color, they can look awesome. Wear various kinds of t-shirts to experience the comfortable versatility of basic t-shirts in a variety of trendy looks.

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