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#68 12 Mini Skirt Outfits for Every Style

mini skirt

12 Mini Skirt Outfits for Every Style Body and Budget

Mini skirts are one of few trends that have survived the test of time. Today’s ultra-short skirt is a modern-day variation of this type of garment that originated in the 1960s. Since then, however, the look has drastically changed. Today the mini skirt is once again a style staple. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and the micro mini is a major style trend.

As the mini skirt is increasingly dominant in the fashion industry, it will give rise to a large variety of styles, fabrics, and shapes. It’s easy to wear a cardigan any time of year, but there are three important reasons why we can’t resist it when the weather gets chilly.

mini skirt


Micro Style

Miu Miu is releasing a very short, super short, mini skirt that is going to break the Internet—yes, it’s a dupe. And everyone from all over is freaking out because they think this is the real deal.

A couple of fashion influencers have dressed their short mini dresses in preppy collared sweaters. Cropped sweater, fun pattern.

Textured with Tights

Tights are both functional and fashionable. They’re also perfect for pairing with virtually any short skirt.

Get this chic suede boot, and add a little something extra with a chunky gold chain necklace.

The result? A polished, put-together look in just about five minutes.

Beachy Chic

This crochet mini skirt is great for your next date night!

Get your swimsuit, then add a sun hat and trendy jelly slides to complete your outfit.

Be Bold

Add a patterned mini skirt to your wardrobe and you’ll never go wrong by wearing it with a neutral top.

Finish it off with a subtle accessory, such as a pretty piece of jewelry.

Moto Moment

Add some extra pop to any outfit with this fun faux leather mini skirt and matching moto jacket.

This is the look to the next level with a graphic rocker t-shirt.

Everyday Ease

Slip on a mini skirt to look chic this summer.

It is perfect for someone who loves the mini skirt look, but is worried about the practicality. It’s also perfect for an autumn outing: it comes in a grey color, so it goes well with everything, from jeans to skirts, and even suits. A contemporary crop top and neutral crossbody bag bring the look together.

Business Casual

If you like wearing a tweed mini skirt, you’ll love this one.

I would wear John with a basic blouse and chunky heeled boots. It would look great in the office.

On the Town

Get a fun and fashion-forward makeover with this Alice + Olivia dress. It will have everyone talking about your style.

The statement-making skirt speaks for itself, so keep the rest of the look stylish yet simple with a sleek bodysuit and gold hoops.

Belted Bliss

A chunky chain belt goes well with every mini skirt. It makes them look that much more exciting.

When you’re creating a space that calls for something special, be sure to let your decor be the star.

Sporty Sophisticate

Whether you need a change of pace from yoga pants or you just want a skirt to wear with your workout clothes, tennis skirts from Alo Yoga are great alternatives that will make you feel all kinds of comfortable.

Put on your yoga gear, tie your shoes, and you’ll be ready to conquer your next sweat sesh.

Polished and Preppy

Plaid miniskirts are great. They’re all about playfulness and preppiness.

Add a blazer to your wardrobe for a more professional look. A pair of black leather loafers will complete your look.

Florals for Spring

When we read this, we all know the famous Devil Wears Prada quote.

When you want to show off your favorite print, pair it with a bold and modern style that makes you feel confident and put together.

Accessorize with this flower-inspired ring and you’ll never leave home without an accessory again.

Comfy in Combat Boots

Wear your favorite short dress along with high heels and a cardigan. You’re a badass. You rock a black leather jacket, dark wash jeans and a pair of combat boots. This outfit has so many options you could wear it in multiple ways!

The shorter sweater makes the skirt more visible. So, wear a printed skirt if you already have one in your closet. With its gorgeous mix of soft and warm materials, this casual blazer is the perfect way to make your outfit look both fashionable and cozy this winter.

Bars, Band T-shirts, and Leather

Feeling edgy? This outfit is fun and everyone looks good in all black. So pull out your favorite black leather jacket, band t-shirt, stockings, and black Chelsea boots. This winter outfit is great for an evening out with friends—or a brewery or a concert.

If you’re more cold-blooded, you can consider wearing a black beanie and layering with a chunky, black scarf. This outfit is really versatile. It can be worn in so many different ways that it can be dressed up or down. A great choice for a t-shirt is your band or graphic tee. They can make your outfit and even add personality to your style.

In either case, have fun with your T-Shirt choice! Lastly, style this winter outfit up or down depending on how you style your shoes of choice!

Layered and Chic

Dress up in a light-weight cashmere sweater, warm knits or silk blouses for casual weekend wear.

Your hair should be pulled back from your face and into a messy bun if you want to keep yourself comfortable during the heat of summer.

This outfit is great for work at the office or a winter first date.

90s Vibes

Wear your favorite mini skirt with a loose button-up shirt and chunky boots during the wintertime. They’ll go well together and are very comfortable to wear.

It’s an outfit that will work just as well whether you’re wearing it for errands, going out, or even going on a date.

The perfect choice for any girl who wants to turn up the heat, these mini skirts feature a bit of extra coverage and show off an awesome shape.

There’s a fun, smart and sassy personality that permeates throughout the entire book, making it an easy and enjoyable read for teens and young adults.

For extra warmth, wear thicker socks if you’re going out in cold weather.

Warm & Fuzzy Feelings

Put on your comfiest pants, zip them up, and go on a date!

It’s one of the most relaxed ensembles on this list.

This is an outfit that will make you feel confident, even if you are not feeling particularly fancy-free when putting it on.

This outfit is perfect to wear while getting your work done or going out with your girls.

Fancy in Pumps

Put on your comfiest pants, zip them up, and go on a date!

It’s one of the most relaxed ensembles on this list.

This is an outfit that will make you feel confident, even if you are not feeling particularly fancy-free when putting it on.

This outfit is perfect to wear while getting your work done or going out with your girls.

Chunky Sweater & Sneakers

Why not give your favorite chunky sweater a makeover with some accessories, such as a belt or scarf, to make it more stylish?

A chunky sweater is another wardrobe staple that can be worn all year round, but especially in winter and fall.

Whether you’re going to dress this outfit up or down with the choice of shoes, it’s almost always a comfy way to go if you wear a cozy addition to your closet.

Leather coats are very popular right now. They’re stylish and warm. If it’s colder out, you can also wear a trench coat or a leather jacket for added warmth.

Don’t be self-conscious and wear something that looks nice and feels extra toasty in this winter outfit.

Staying Warm in Plaid

Plaid shirts have become a closet staple, no matter your style.

Why not? Pair it with a denim mini skirt and your favorite pair of leather boots.

You can choose from riding boots, chunky combat boots, platform boots, or pointy, ankle boots.

Choose a gray overcoat to complete the look and stay extra warm.

These are perfect for a date night. They will easily be elevated to a more formal event with dress pants and a dress shirt.

Cool & Professional

I’m obsessed with this top; it’s so easy to wear and look put-together. This could even work for a wedding because it’s so sophisticated. If you’d rather not wear a dress, consider adding a pair of pumps with it.

A blazer and skirt look is best with your favorite pair of sneakers and a sweater or a scarf.

Wear a bold hue, like a hot pink or electric green, on your blazer. This will be a unique, chic touch that everyone will notice.

Although this workwear outfit can be a bit of a pain to wear because of the combination of leather boots and trousers, they can actually be quite fashionable. Plus, this outfit looks more professional than most work outfits because of the shoes and the belt.

Sporty Spice

You can’t go wrong with this basic sports look. Wear an oversized pullover that’s paired with a mini skirt. Then add some high-tops to complete the look.

This outfit stands out and it’s fun and comfortable!

It’s perfect for the cooler months, and it’s always easy to wear as a top or even a skirt with leggings underneath.

You don’t need to wear long dresses for the fall and winter. There are still cute, flirty skirts for the warmer months.

They have a way of elevating an outfit or updating an old one you’ve always loved.

Even if mini skirts might not be your thing, we hope this style inspiration convinces you that they are worth trying out, even if it is just for one day.

Don’t leave your mini skirts in the closet this winter, use them for the rest of the year!

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