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#65 7 Ways To Dress Up Your Loungewear


7 Ways To Dress Up Your Loungewear

Your closet, once full of fun, fashionable outfits that looked good on the red carpet, is now mostly loungewear.

It’s finally time to start dining out, meeting up with friends, and going out in the world, which is so exciting after a year of work from home life and social distancing.

You now might be wondering what to wear outside after so many months indoors, and if there’s a way to repurpose your lounging favorites for the outside world.



Crop Your Oversize T-shirt

That oversized T-shirt you’ve been rocking from noon to midnight looks perfectly fine with a pair of leggings or biking shorts, but a fun way to really jazz things up is to create a cropped effect by tucking the shirt’s hem into the band of a sports bra.

The trick is that you don’t want to make the shirt too tight—that defeats the purpose of being able to roll up the sleeves—so I suggest going for a sporty fit with a bit of room in the waist and hips.

You can also take it a step further and add a belt around your waist to make it look a little more finished off. And if you’re wearing a dress or skirt, consider taking a few inches out of the bottom and tucking the top of the shirt into the waistband. This gives a more tailored look to your outfit.

Elevate Your Nap Dress

The hot new trend in loungewear is the nappy dress. These long, loose dresses are great for relaxing at home in or taking on holiday. They’re also great for getting more comfortable in a less constrictive lounge suit.

Take your nap dress into the world, and make it more special by adding a pair of strappy sandals.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

I strongly believe that the right accessories can totally transform an outfit.

You’ll love the idea of wearing something that looks like yoga gear but is really just a stylish way to add some athleisure to your day.

Accessories are great because they let you express yourself, no matter how small or big that may be. You can be as grand and bold or as muted and minimal as you want.

Think of your casual wear as a blank canvas, simple and versatile enough to be an expression of your personal style. It’s the perfect foundation for all your fashion accessories.


From necklaces and earrings to bracelets, bangles, and rings, jewelry is a fantastic way to upgrade your loungew

Fine gold and platinum jewelry are a great way to add elegance and glamour to your appearance.

If you like to wear something that fits like a glove, then choose skinny, soft knitwear in muted or subtle shades.

Hats and Headwear

If you’re just running to the grocery store in your sweats, popping on a simple baseball cap completes your casual, incognito look. A bucket hat is ideal for casual outings and can go with just about everything in your wardrobe.

Bags, Bags, Bags

Purses and bags are useful because they allow you to carry your personal belongings with you.

The cool thing about loungewear is that it’s always been associated with an easy going, laid-back vibe. But that doesn’t mean there’s anything casual about the latest styles in loungewear!

You have many options here. From designer purses to tote bags, shoulder bags, or fanny packs, it’s up to you which accessories will match the rest of your fashion choices.

Go Monochrome

Suits always look so sophisticated because suits are made out of fabrics that make you look like you belong at the office all day long.

Matching sets of any type of apparel are always going to look stylish, and the same goes for a sweatshirt and sweatpants set.

My favorite style of casual outfit consists of a cropped top and tapered-leg pants. It’s comfortable, and it looks put together.

Throw Some Heels On

I love wearing pajama-style clothing as an understated statement that says “I’m just wearing these because I love them.

Silk dresses are gorgeous when they’re made of glamorous fabric and feature fun details like feather trim.

Add some fun accessories like jewelry and heels to your everyday look.

Extra points if you add some statement earrings.

Add A Coat

The ideal sweatsuit will have the same style and fabric as your favorite jeans or shirt, and make you look great no matter

Throw on an oversized coat and pair it with ladylike accessories to create a look that feels a bit more classic and polished.

Dress Up Your Sandals

As we have become more comfortable in our attitudes to pandemic dressing, ugly-chic sandals and shoes have become the rage.

These shoes, while not everyone will latch onto them, do look fun paired with a stylish dress.

Let Your Shoes Do the Talking

When it comes to outfits, everything usually comes down to the shoes.

Wear clothes that are appropriate for the occasion when you go to social events. Don’t wear any clothing that could cause you to fall and damage your expensive clothes.

Before you get started, just think of all the wonderful styles of shoes you can buy.

Heels and Wedges

You should wear whatever you’re comfortable wearing in public.

Elevating your look doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune.

As the weather gets warmer, the last thing we need to think about is how to make our clothes and clothing fit better when it’s warm and hot outside.

Fashionable Flats

Finally, you can keep it simple and keep your shoes under $300, which makes them more affordable than higher-priced models.

Ballet flats or slippers in bright colors, funky prints, or exciting textiles can add a little color and personality to your lounging.

Statement Sneakers

Sneakers are so ubiquitous that they have become an important part of the street fashion movement.

Statement sneakers are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe, but when worn with your athleisure outfit they can take your look to the next level.

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