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#60 How To Wear Y2K Fashion

How to Actually Wear Y2K Fashion As a Grown Adult

Y2K fashion has become an integral part of the culture of Gen Z, who were too young to have fully embraced the midriff-baring, butt-skimming ensembles favored at the time.

Fashion cycles through styles. If you stick to just one style, it will soon go out of fashion. As long as you’re willing to experiment, though, there’s no end to what you can create! Fashion fads have a tendency to come and go for the most part, but in this case it’s been around for only two short decades. It’s making a comeback.

Nowadays, we’re looking for all the things from the 1970s, when youth culture was at its most extreme. We’re all reaching for everything we can get our hands on that was made then, or at least reminds us of that era. The era was largely driven by excess, with pop culture and ultra-consumerism influencing fashion.

Everyone knows fashion isn’t all about your closet. It’s about your daily style. Think designer monograms and bedazzled logos on everything, with a daily wardrobe full of pieces that exist in the sartorial limbo of streetwear-meets-glamour.

For a more complex but still fairly simple read, read it. You might end up liking it. Y2K fashion was first introduced in the early 90s by the designer, Yves Saint Laurent, and this was his last collection before he passed away in 2008. It’s all about wearing your clothes from the ‘80s and ’90s.


What Is Y2K Fashion

While trends in recent years have been all about “pared-back, minimalist style,” Y2K fashion is all about making a big statement and making it louder than anyone else.

When Y2K hits, it’ll be like time travel for the millennial generation, because we’ll be able to relive some of our most magical memories and shopping trips of the past decade.

This period was shaped by female pop stars who commanded attention and respect.

The best screen legends of our generation include Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods, Mean Girls’ Regina George, Legally Blonde’s Vivian Bearing, and Mean Girls’ Cecelia Peck. They’re all wonderful, talented and influential.

They are the closet to their best Y2K look. As such, it’s their closets they should get to first, when they are in the market for a new Y2K outfit.

We’re talking hot pink everything, bedazzled logos, teeny-tiny bags, denim on denim, and yes, Juicy Couture.

Complete Your Noughties Fit

Modern-day icons of the movement include the likes of Rico Nasty, Bella Hadid, and Saweetie. To get the look, you’ll need to know what it is and how it works, plus which influencers are using it for inspiration.

How to Wear Y2K Fashion: Wide-Leg Denim Jeans

In the early 2000s, the popularity of low-rise and boot-cut jeans was at an all-time high. Canada’s polarizing tuxedo, as made immortal by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in 2001, is the epitome of a sartorial classic.

A denim trend that made a huge statement was the ultra-wide-leg jeans. This casual look can work as well for men as for women.

Modern-day take on wide-leg denim makes a statement. It may be less extreme than the previous generation of this type of jean, but it still does. Frame’s Le Palazzo jeans in black or Jean Paul Gaultier’s low-slung pants in dark denim for everyday wear.

Each of these items has a fun and fresh look, so you’ll be able to wear them all year round, no matter what the occasion may be.

How to Wear Y2K Fashion: Ribbed Cardigans

The Bedazzled logo t-shirts may have been all the rage back in the day, but today’s trendiest top choices are more elegant than ever.

Worn with the top and bottom buttons undone, the clingy ribbed cardigan was frequently worn over an off-the-shoulder silk slip dress. Off-duty style for those who are always on the go.

Pair a cropped cardigan with a matching bralette beneath. You could wear this look for a casual date night or an upscale holiday party.

Wear this look on a night out to the club. It’s a nice balance of subtle Y2K fashion references and a chic evening ensemble.

How to Wear Y2K Fashion: Mini Skirts

In the ’90s, girls would go all out in a mini skirt and short-sleeved shirt combo, but in the ’00s, they would sport more modest short skirts and crop tops instead.

This season, we’re all about vibrant colors and textures, so you need to get out there and pick up these trends. To do this, you should look out for colors and textures that will make your outfit pop.

To dress this fall fashion look, team your mini skirt with a bold printed sweater and some knee-high boots.

How to Wear Y2K Fashion: Matching Sets

The best fashion trend of the Y2K era was velour Juicy Couture track sets. They were the ultimate status symbols of the early aughts. Velour track sets were worn proudly by the screen queens of the era.

In addition to the OG bedazzled Juicy Couture set, there are plenty of other pieces you can wear to match up your look and your outfit. You can also tap the co-ordinate trend through a cam-o shirt and skirt set, or a Canadian tux.

How to Wear Y2K Fashion: Kitsch Accessories

There are times when it’s nice to play dress up, and dressing up for a night out shouldn’t be just about the wardrobe—it should also include fun, playful, and attention-getting accessories.

Are you going for the vintage 80’s look? Or do you just want to add some modern-day style? These accessories are for you. They’ll make your outfit look effortlessly cool and put a smile on your face.

The pair is an ode to fashion designer Stella McCartney’s love of colour and Bea Bongiasca’s iconic signature style. The duo are both stunning in their own way.

The best way to accessorize your Y2K fashion flex is to keep things fresh with some new accessories.

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