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#56 9 Ways to Wear a Lightweight Vest

9 Ways to Wear a Lightweight Vest

It’s easy to know what to wear this fall and winter. These outfits will keep you looking stylish and in style for those cold days. Vest is one of choose for you.



Vest VS Waistcoat

First of all, this isn’t outerwear. It’s outerwear. When we say “vest” it means an outer-outer garment, not the vests that come with a three-piece suit.

The vests you’re talking about are typically made of cotton, nylon, fleece and down.

They are the most underrated types of outerwear for fall and winter. They provide extra warmth without being too bulky and have a low profile that looks just as good in warmer weather as in cooler weather.


They’re a great option for people who can’t wear a coat or jacket in the cold, but still want to look sharp. For more info, visit our article on how to wear a vest. We’ve rounded up some of the best coats, jackets and vests for fall and winter — all at prices you’ll love.

This is the type of coat you can take from the office to the boardroom to a dinner party. It’s made from an extremely soft polyester material and has a full lining to keep you warm and dry.

Lightweight Vests

When you choose your down jacket, make sure it’s one that isn’t bulky or heavy. That way, you can wear it on its own, or wear it under a favorite jacket.

We’re flattered that you think our Flatiron Vest is ultra thin and sits easily under your jacket, against your torso.


This vest is not only very lightweight, but it also offers a bit more natural insulation against the cold than most other winter coats.

If you want to keep warm and stylish during cooler months then both are great choices.

How to Wear a Vest

Vests are versatile, light weight, and are good for warmer weather or for any season. So, let’s look at some outfit ideas to wear your new lightweight vest.


Vest Outfit – Over a Henley Shirt

Wearing a vest casually is one of the best ways to wear a vest. You don’t need any fancy clothes, or even a special outfit to enjoy a morning at the gym.


A dark blue vest will work well with almost any other color of henley and jeans. What’s a good shoe, for shoes, sneakers, or boots are both great choices.

Vest Outfit – Under a Field Jacket

A medium weight jacket will work perfectly with your first set of layers, and it’s a good idea to add a medium weight jacket for extra warmth.


The field jacket is one of our top picks for fall, and it can even carry you into winter when you layer up with a quilted vest.

Vest Outfit – Over a Button Up Shirt

If you’re feeling bolder than the traditional henley, switch to a casual button up. Tuck your shirt in for an office ready get up, or leave it out to give yourself a more casual.


Vest Outfit – Smart Casual Layers

Throw on a blazer to dress things up even more and add a wool sweater. This is a timeless smart casual look that works for any occasion, from weekend getaways to business casual work days.


Vest Outfit – Over a Corduroy Shirt

One of the best fall fabrics is corduroy. It’s got a lot of natural texture and insulation, so it’s great for cooler weather. If you haven’t tried corduroy shirts yet, you should definitely check out this season’s collection. It’s a good under layer for a lightweight vest.


Vest Outfit – With Shorts

Sometimes you just need a little more insulation for those cold winter nights, but you don’t want to wear your pajamas all night.


The solution is a lightweight vest. Thick, bulky puffer vests don’t work in shorts, but a thin, quilted vest gets the job done without sacrificing style.

Vest Outfit – With a Hoodie

To create a layered, rugged look, pair your vest with your classic hoodie in light grey.


Pair this outfit with a pair of jeans and your favorite shoes, or even sneakers, and you’re ready for the weekend.

Vest Outfit – Over a Cotton Pullover

You could go for a formal or semi-formal look by wearing a collarless dress shirt with a lightweight sweater or jacket.


This combination is a comfy, casual look that is perfect for spring and fall weather. You can always get dressed in a coat for extra warmth.

Vest Outfit – Over an Oxford Button Down

An untucked Oxford shirt is perfect for the casual look, since it doesn’t require buttoning.


The Peter Manning NYC Weekend Oxford is a little shorter, so it’s ideal for wearing with the collar open.

Bonus: With a Scarf

You’ll need more than just a scarf to stay warm in winter. You’ll need layers, including a hat and a scarf. This year you should try out our shorter length scarves.


A Vested Interest

We hope these outfit ideas will inspire you to wear lightweight vests this fall and winter. Make sure you have a good vest. The best ones will keep you warm and help with weight loss. This is a solid choice to wear under your jacket and over a shirt when it starts to get cold.


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