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#52 Women Spring Fashion Style

Spring Fashion

Spring fashion is the season of renewal. It’s a season when we clean our home, get rid of excess clutter, and make the most of our belongings and the time to buy your wardrobe is now.

If you live in snowy climates, you’ll definitely want to stop wearing your winter coats and get out of your snow pants.

Spring Fashion


Spring Fashion Colors to Sweeten Your Wardrobe

Nature is a huge source of inspiration for fashion. When the outdoors are full of colorful flowers and other elements, so are the fashions. This is another year that promises eye-popping hues of orange, magenta and crimson.

If you’re a regular lover of all things vibrant, then jump right in and get this spring dress dyed with a bright hibiscus color. Whether deciding which paint colors to combine or what clothing items to wear, you always need to find the right balance.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create your own style look, then try mixing unique hues with neutrals or complementary shades. Neon-colored earrings are the perfect splash of playful colors to perk up your outfit.

If you want a soft pink that won’t compete with other colors in your makeup. Turn your closet into a garden with beautiful lilac and buttercup yellow flowers. If you’re looking for a new workout outfit that’s not flashy, then this is the collection for you.

Cotton-candy stripes on a sweater vest looks really sweet paired with your favorite blue jeans. These colors for spring fashion have us looking forward to warmer weather.

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day

The best Valentine’s Day fashion starts with heart jewelry. This random day in February hikes up the price of chocolate and flowers. Some friends are going out on a date and having a special evening planned to the nines.

Yes, we’re here for the fashion and we’d love to see your best outfits. If you want to wear spring fashion, you should think about cutouts and sheer fabrics. This fitted top in passionate pink with an asymmetrical shoulder cut out is alluringly feminine, yet stylish enough to wear alone to the office.

A mesh top on a long-sleeved black dress adds a nod to the 80s. You’ll have a chance to experience love in all its forms at Leather Fest. Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love and romance for that special someone. Pick up a romantic red blouse.

Pair the top with leather leggings and strappy heels for that perfect mix of sweet and sour. This is a great Valentine’s gift. It includes two-color glitter-print heart stickers in a variety of sizes.

Garden Party Attire

As the world becomes more interconnected, people will start sharing more things than ever before. From special occasions to Spring weddings, it’s time to dress up again. This is a must for any girl’s spring wardrobe, as they’ll be incorporating florals. You are about to say that you hate flowers. That is so cute.

For spring? It’s going to be groundbreaking. There are many ways to answer that question. You could wear a classic black tuxedo and white tie to the garden party, add a sparkle to the bride’s bouquet with a ditsy floral number with a lace-trimmed.

Or, go casual in a striped romper that will keep you cool in the heat and fresh in the spring. Everyone likes a picnic. But, if you’re allergic to flowers, then wear this dress and skirt ensemble. 

To add a bit of “90s” nostalgia to the mix at a casual party, use vintage-style table settings. If you love the look of a gingham slip dress, go with this cute pair of red square-toe wedges. Wear this cozy-looking top as the evening descends upon the party, and make sure you take it off when the sun starts.

Preppy Style for the Win

Preppy style is inspired by American heritage styles, specifically college-inspired looks. Though the first versions of preppy style were in men’s wear in the early 1900s.

The look at the time was all about plaid and pleated mini skirts, clean button-downs and dresses with feminine silhouettes. This year’s preppy revival is all about gender neutrality.

A preppy look always includes collars and contrasting stripes. Add sport coats, sport coats, polo shirts, slouchy sweaters, and oversized sweatshirts to your wardrobe.

How to Style a Little White Dress

Little White Dress is a fashion-focused blog that covers all styles of little white dresses. Its status as a spring break and graduation go-to gives it a place on our preppy style honor roll.

White dresses will be in style this year and they’ll come in a multitude of variations and colors. Enjoy swooning over smocked waists, elegant sleeve elements, and light fabrics like eyelet-laden cotton.

Most of our guests choose the T-shirts for our events. There are many different ways to celebrate—consider going for an all-white outfit for your baby shower!

Looking for a complete look that’s easy to hide under your cap and gown for an upcoming graduation ceremony? A short-sleeved and round-necked little white dress will work well with any school color.

Staying Active in Style

Spring brings the return of sunny (and activity-friendly) weather. During winter, athleisure and activewear were all about oversized layers and thermal details.

The perfect spring fashion this year is a skin-flattering, figure-hugging silhouette that reveals as little skin as possible. Whatever your preferred activity, whether you like to hit the links, go with the yoga flow or trek through the mountains.

Regardless of your preference for sport, there are many different choices out there to help you.

What to Wear to Play Golf and Tennis

Playing golf can be quite intimidating if you don’t know the game inside and out. Court sports like tennis and pickleball are good places to start.

When you wear sleeveless cuts and high necklines, you’ll tap into your inner Naomi Osaka, the Japanese tennis superstar. A color-block tennis dress will add color and personality to your spring wardrobe.

If you don’t have golf spikes, reach for your sneakers that you wear when running. Just make sure they have a good grip. For chilly mornings on the green, choose a tennis skirt and a coordinating quarter-zip to keep your swing in check. 

If masculine styles aren’t your speed, don’t worry. Wear an active polo and stretch khaki pants to take it easy.

What to Wear to Yoga Class

It’s hard to improve your crow pose, but it’s possible with some practice and patience. If you want to know what to wear to yoga class, you don’t have to stray very far from the clothes you’re used to.

It seems like leggings and sports bras are still yoga essentials. These basics will never go out of style. There are so many different reasons for the popularity of the spring, but the biggest trend is the color.

Your yogalates might not need any more of those boring old white and black or neutral-toned backgrounds.

What to Wear Hiking

Spring is the time of year when trails and green space open up, so they’re ready for a fresh round of adventures. Next, it’s time to figure out what to wear when hiking.

Zip-off hiking pants are a must-have in your pack, along with a sporty zip-up jacket with weather-resistance. When the weather is really hot and humid, you may not want to hike without protection.

When it comes to spring fashion colors, earth tones are always in style for the experienced hiker. Sage, slate and cerulean are great colors to use when you want to stay on trend and up to date with the latest trends. If you want to go on a hike but aren’t sure about your footwear, you’ll want a sturdy pair of comfortable and durable boots.

New Workwear for the New Year

You’ve just been hired at your dream job! Now it’s time to start work, but you don’t have a clue what to wear. Look for those tried-and-true staples that are made for office wear, like business suits, business shirts, and work pants.

If workleisure isn’t the new dress code at your place of work, you need these six essentials in your work wardrobe. Use imperfect dots or set yourself apart from the crowd with shirring and statement collars.

Neutral colors are great for a fashion-forward workwear look. Try shift and shirt dresses in new neutral colors, such as candy-colored orange. Wide-legged trousers are also acceptable, particularly when worn with a matching blouse for an edgy but appropriate-for-the-office outfit.

It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do, you can always give yourself an extra boost by wearing the right outfit.

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