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#48 How To Wear An Sweatshirt

How To Wear An Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt styles have changed since their original inception. Nowadays, people wear them to accent their personal style. Sweatshirts come in so many different types and lengths now, it’s amazing they haven’t been wearing them as fashion. There’s so many products, that it can be difficult to know which is the best for you.



How To Wear An Oversized Sweatshirt

The oversized sweatshirt is the perfect thing to wear when you’re feeling casual or only want to go out for a quick errand. It’s perfect for any season and is ideal for any occasion.

Women’s Guide To Wearing An Oversized Sweatshirt

If you want to look your best when wearing an oversized sweatshirt, then you have to wear a black oversized sweatshirt with a white t-shirt underneath. You will find more versatility in one garment than you have ever had before.

Some women may have to avoid wearing a skirt because they will show their bottom. No matter which jeans you choose, denim is a classic style, so you will never go wrong.


Denim compliments your overall look and accentuates your figure. It’s a perfect casual wear if you want to add just the right amount of style. Ripped or acid washed denim is a great way to add texture to your look. Pairing your jeans with this top will make your ensemble pop. Put on the sporty look with leggings or yoga pants. 

You can’t go wrong with fitted bottoms. They’re a great style choice for any oversized sweatshirt. To get more creative, you might try experimenting with brightly colored or patterned design jeans for more, or less, of a fashion statement. Wear your comfy joggers, and if you want to feel comfy all over, choose sweatpants that are a bit slimmer-fitting and tapered at the ankles.

Women Topping It Off

Sexy and chic – but not in an X-rated kind of way. Add an oversized sweatshirt worn as a dress to your outfit and pair it with thigh high boots. Choose a sport-friendly shoe to give you the confidence of a stylish, casual look.


It’s always good to mix up your outfits, and adding color to your clothing is a great way to do this. A sweatshirt looks best layered. Layer an oversized sweatshirt with a similar fit jacket. A bomber jacket is a good option if you want a sporty look.

Men’s Guide To Wearing An Oversized Sweatshirt

You can transform that same oversized sweatshirt into a classic look that will turn heads when you walk through the door by pairing it with the right clothing items. Combine an oversized sweatshirt with slim fitting pants.

Add an edge to your style that will help you look more put together and relaxed all day, regardless of whether you’re headed to class or enjoying casual Friday. For a trendy look, wear your oversized sweatshirt with some joggers.


Practical, yet fashionable. This is the look for those who take action while staying comfortable. Jeans and oversized sweatshirts are as old as time. This classic look makes you feel ready to take on the world, with your laptop in hand.

These ripped jeans are great for this look. For a laid-back, lounging kind of day, throw on some sweats and don your oversized sweatshirt.

Men Topping It Off

Wear an oversized sweatshirt and jacket for a slick, street look. Let the waistband hang down for a sleek, streamlined look. Wear this with a good hairstyle and new shoes for a striking look.

When you want to make sure you look the part, you should always wear sandals. Whether you wear flip-flops or slip-on shoes, sandals are a great compliment to oversized sweatshirts. This shirt is the perfect outfit for your next bonfire or a stroll down the boardwalk.


Don’t wear your sneakers or shoes for a casual look; wear a nice pair of shoes for an all- B-Boy Dance moves are the basis of many hip hop dance styles and the beats of many hip hop songs.

How To Dress Up A Sweatshirt

As you build your look, sweaters and cardigans are an undervalued item to experiment with. These trousers are versatile in that they allow freedom of expression while still maintaining a relaxed, fashionable edge. Here are some easy ways to dress up your favorite sweatshirt for the office, whether you’re working at home or going into the office.

Layering The Top

The easiest look for a simple, laid-back day would be a plain, crew neck sweatshirt. This is great for strolling around town or when you need to get work done. Wear clothing that’s easy to coordinate and has no logos or graphics.

Wear a button-down shirt underneath your sweatshirt to add a little flair to your look. You can wear the sweatshirt untucked and let the collar hang over the top of the sweatshirt, and you can also let your shirt poke out at the bottom or roll the cuff of the shirt over the cuff of your sweatshirt


This is a simple, timeless, casual look that offers the opportunity to wear something with just a few colors and textures, or you can get as bold or as simple as you’d like with your choices. Put a shirt underneath your sweatshirt, and wear a blazer on top.

Don’t wear your sweatshirt for the entire day; let the t-shirt peek out for more colors and texture. Experiment with different blazers to find your own personal style. This outfit is a great statement for events that require a jacket, allowing for an innovative and casual style that remains professional and put together.

Layering The Bottom

Denim goes with everything, so don’t be afraid to wear it with your favorite sweatshirt. Skinny jeans, straight, boot cut, it doesn’t matter. Classic jeans and classic tees make for the best of friends.


Don’t wear a tie to business meetings, conferences or client meetings. Slacks provide the social structure your boss needs, and the sweatshirt provides the comfort you need. Don’t sacrifice one when you can have both. It’s cold in the summer, so wear a shorts should be between 1-3 inches above your knee at most.

Finishing Touches

Watches are a great investment to help your business look professional. Make a statement. It’s all about personal style and expressing who you are. Go with something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.


Sunglasses and hats can add more color and texture to your look. Keep your jewelry in the open to make it look polished.

How To Wear A Sweatshirt In The Summer

Casual outfits are especially good for summertime. While you might think that sweatshirts are only worn during the winter, the crisp, clear nights of summer are perfect for a cozy, lightweight sweatshirt.

You’ll learn that two sweatshirts may look the same, but their materials will indicate what climate they’re meant to be worn in. Fashionable clothes for warm weather will provide breathability and keep you comfortable when the temperatures soar.


Put a hoodie or sweater around your waist for a versatile look. A practical outfit that’s perfect for the summer months when you’ll need to wear something to keep yourself warm. This casual look is great for your day’s needs.

Sweatshirts for bonfire nights are a trendy way to stay warm. When the warmer weather is here, it’s time to pack up those heavier clothes. Summer nights can be chilly in many areas, and it’s wise to be prepared for that.

If you’re going out to a bonfire with friends, wearing jeans and a long-sleeved tee is a smart and casual choice. Summertime means more time outdoors. When the weather is nice, try to get out and do some light exercise.


Sweatshirts are a must-have when you’re looking to increase the intensity of your workouts. Stay cool and dry as you train in your gym clothes with these sweat pads. Use lighter colors and pastel hues to bring color into your wardrobe for the summer. Pair a crew neck sweatshirt with white jogger shorts and flip flops for an effortless-looking, laid back style.

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