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#15 Smart Casual Style For Men

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Smart Casual Dress Code For Men

Smart casual has no set definition, but you should use it when you’re unsure about your clothing choices. Whether you’re wearing slacks or jeans, try to match your shirt to your pants. A blue, green or white shirt will work for any casual occasion.

A black-tie affair is a traditional black-tie event, usually a formal event, such as a wedding, a debutante ball, an awards ceremony, or a charity gala.

Smart casual is the norm today. But that doesn’t mean you have to go all out. Smart casual still requires a bit of formality without appearing overdone.

smart casual

You go online to search for smart casual style guides that counsel everything from shorts, which don’t strike us as especially smart, to Ascot ties, which don’t come over as particularly casual.

Many of these guides feel like they were set in stone shortly after the ten commandments.

Whatever smart casual means, it’s likely to be something different today than it was in the starch-collared 19th century. “Smart casual is destined to be one of those terms that history will not be kind to,” says Josh Sims, author of Men of Style. “Thankfully, the recent explosion in non-designer-y brands offering considered, very wearable clothing is making moot the second guessing of whatever the term means.

Because actually, it’s all quite smart now – but in a comfy way.


What Is Smart Casual

Smart casual doesn’t really mean anything. It can mean anything, from dress up to just wear your jeans and a shirt.

The style advice page from Mr Porter indicates that the smart casual gamut comprises “pretty much anything smarter than a tracksuit, but less formal than a suit”.

smart casual

Thanks to Mr P we have a much better idea of what suits and what doesn’t. There is no one look. 

Formal Smart Casual

Formal smart casual attire is a jacket or blazer, flannels, needlecord trousers, or chinos (not jeans), a shirt with a collar, and smart shoes.

Informal Smart Casual

An informal smart casual dress code remains vague, beyond consent for smart, clean, dark-coloured jeans, a statement thatpolo shirts are better than collarless T-shirts, and an instruction to change from what you have been.

smart casual

The last point is perhaps the best point to start from. It is difficult to define smart casual because it can mean different things in different contexts. It’s a state of mind as much as clothing.

Casual VS Smart Casual Dress Code

Casual and smart casual are usually differentiated by which color shirt they wear. Casual clothes have a looser fit and a more relaxed feel. Smart casual is a little more formal, and a bit more upscale.

Casual dress is as simple as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Smart casual might mean choosing a collared polo in place of a standard tee or denim in a darker wash.

smart casual

Another distinction between smart casual and business formal is smart casual is a little more polished. Casual can come across as sloppy or lazy, but smart casual is an air of professionalism, or at the very least, some thought behind your outfit.

Casual attire can be a good starting point for finding the perfect smart casual outfit. Start with a few key items in your daily wardrobe and gradually add more upscale pieces as you see fit.

This should be your guide when choosing an outfit to wear to work every day. You won’t sacrifice style for comfort, or your unique personal style, by wearing a more formal work-out clothes.

The History Of Smart Casual

The exact origin of smart casual is difficult to pinpoint, but it seems that it started in France in the 1970s. It gained widespread use in the 1980s and 1990s, and is now popular among many people.

There are a couple of variants on the way in which you can say that someone is “the best at something.

smart casual

Sleeveless dresses are indeed worn by some people, but we recommend against it. We actually don’t know why, but we can speculate about it, although we don’t endorse it.

It’s a common mistake for people to use smart casual as a substitute for business casual. Back in the day, you didn’t just dress smart to go to the office, but everywhere else as well. Smart casual was hastily put in place as the traditional standards of dress deteriorated.

Smart Casual Style Tips – Change Your Attitude

“Smartness is more a matter of the appearance of your clothes rather than their style.” Sir Hardy Amies writes. “Wearing polished shoes, pressed trousers, and ties neatly tied are necessary factors in a smart appearance.

A perfect T-shirt, an indigo pair of jeans, and a clean pair of trainers from a minimalist brand, such as Uniform Standard, can make you look smarter than a shirt that’s dirty, stained trousers and scuffed shoes.

smart casual

Always wear appropriate clothing for your job. It makes a statement about your character and your professional reputation.

Smart casual dress doesn’t have to be as complicated as it appears. It’s actually more about a mood, a feeling, an attitude or the right amount of self-confidence, rather than following a particular set formula or combination of pieces.

Smart Casual Style Tips – Play A One-Two

A smart casual outfit is hard to define. You should have at least one item in your wardrobe that’s a mix of a suit and slacks, and a couple of different colors that

Another helpful and practical approach is to start with a casual outfit and then add two or three pieces for a more dressy alternative.

smart casual

For example, if you are going on holiday you can wear: a bomber jacket, T-shirt, jeans, and trainers. Very casual, right? Now switch in any one of a blazer, a shirt, a pair of trousers or a pair of chinos and a pair of shoes. It’s OK to be a bit more dressed up than your surroundings.

Smart Casual Style Tips – Throw Some Shade

There are times when it is appropriate to wear slacks and a casual shirt for the office, and there are times when you need to dress up the look. Darker colours are more flattering, so smartening up can be as easy as adjusting the lights.

You can do the same with a red leather jacket, a blue T-shirt, blue denim jeans and black sneakers. Now you’re looking for a navy bomber that’s been stonewashed and indigo jeans.

smart casual

Your grey T-shirt suddenly looks fancier. If you swap your T-shirt for, say, dark grey, and your trainers for navy or black, your outfit The constituent styles are the same, but the overall effect is very different. So, in short, this is an easy way to improve your smartness, because if you’re dimmer, your lightness dims as well.

Smart Casual Style Tips – Take The Rough With The Smooth

There are other factors that affect the quality of an argument as well, such as the texture of it. Formal items for men are rarely smooth and shiny, with the exception of the most well-made stuff.

smart casual

If you swap the worsted wool for a matte flannel or tweed, you both literally and metaphorically change the feel of the piece. When paired with jeans or dress pants, the sweater can make them look slightly more casual than when they are worn alone.

This is a handy rule of thumb and forefinger that you can apply to casualise any piece of clothing.

Smart Casual Style Tips – Blazer Trail

Blazer, shirt, jeans and trainers is a smart casual outfit for every occasion, from work all the way through to parties and drinks after work. Throw in a jacket or coat for winter and you have complete smart casual attire.

But not all blazers are created equal. Gold buttons are the perfect middle-class-people’s choice.An assessment of health-related quality of life in older veterans who use an exercise bicycle.

smart casual

A blazer that’s a bit rough to the touch will look nice when paired with denim. A shorter jacket with narrower lapels. Patch pockets – which look like they’re stitched on – are similar to ‘cazh’.

Finally, ridding a smart jacket of its padded shoulders and canvas-panelled chest will help it feel a lot more casual, and will make it much more comfortable, too. A casual-looking blazer would look more “unstructured” than a structured one.

Smart Casual Style Tips – Button Up

A T-shirt can be considered casual if it’s plain, in good quality, and well-fitting. But upgrading to a polo shirt will instantly smarten a casual t-shirt.

A traditional button-down sports shirt is further along the spectrum towards a button-up, but it’s still casual. Indeed, Polo is a traditional sport. The collar was used to keep it in place during the game.

smart casual

The shirt has button-down collars and cuffs, which allows for a bit more flexibility in how they fit. It’s common for pants to come in fabrics such as oxford cloth or chambray, which are more durable than silk.

A collared shirt always looks more professional. Even if you don’t wear a suit, wearing a collared shirt will make you look more put together.

Smart Casual Style Tips – Put On Your Finery

They aren’t necessary, but you should have some kind of apparel to help you blend in with the crowd when you attend your next outdoor concert, and a hoodie or sweat shirt can add that element.

You can substitute a fine-gauge yarn for this casual and sporty piece. The fine-gauge knit will lend it a soupcon of sophistication.

smart casual

Pull a plain T-shirt over your sweater (and maybe change your sneakers for a pair of loafers), and you’re about to learn how to weave.

Obviously a chunky knit isn’t going to have quite the same effect as a jacket that has toggles and is decorated with a massive moose, but you could wear a cardigan without a collar instead of a jacket.

The knitted blazer is kind of in between the sweater and the button-down shirt.

Smart Casual Style Tips – Pocket The Difference

Casual wear is usually considered to be a business attire sticking point. Jeans are generally not a good choice, but a pair of dark, undistressed jeans is generally a safe choice for business situations.

That’s not to say that you have to use the failsafe chinos, or any of our pants. They’re just safer. Pins are an often overlooked opportunity to show a little fashion flair without being too over-the-top.

smart casual

The bomber jacket, T-shirt, and jeans combination is an old classic, but swapping the jeans for tailored trousers can not only look smart, but it also makes a statement about your style.

A fabric like cotton or wool will help you pull off the casual trouser, but it’s not the kind of swerve that you’d want to wear at the office. This is why most guys stick to jeans or chinos.

Smart Casual Style Tips – Toe The Line

If you want to get away with wearing your new trainers in the office, there are very few casual settings these days where you can’t wear your new shoes. That said, if you are in any doubt, then play it safe and avoid it completely.

smart casual

The right shoes can rescue even the worst fashion disaster – the reverse is rarely true.

Black, brown, and even tan are smart business suits, and all of them look fantastic. Almond-shaped or pointed toes are more casual than chunky ones, and have a more polished look to them. A nubby, matte suede is more casual than a smooth, shiny leather.

Smart Casual Style Tips – Get Your Kicks

Trainers have gone through a renaissance in recent years, and are a smart and stylish choice for any outfit. Where trainers are permitted, the recommendation is typically a classic style like Converse Jack Purcell’s, Adidas Stan Smith’s, or Common Projects in white. That’s not wrong at all.

A darker colored suit is more formal than a lighter colored suit. It’s less likely to attract attention, and therefore, it’s less likely to get dirty. 

smart casual

Leather is the smart choice for an everyday bag. It can be polished or matte. Suede is the choice for a formal bag. Coarse canvas is a good choice for a rugged bag. Knitted trainers are very versatile, and they look good in many situations, but there might be a little too much fuss and froth for some circumstances.

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