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#15 Best Shower Experience In Bathroom


Best Shower Experience In Bathroom

When planning your dream bathroom shower remodeling project, there is so much more to do than just choosing a style, a color scheme, what finishes you’ll use, and what features your bathroom will have.

You want a bath remodel that will make your bathroom look modern and luxurious. A lavish shower head won’t do it; the only thing that can get you out of that rut is a total bathroom remodel.

If the plumbing is behind the scenes is up to par, you will be pleased when your bathroom is completed. You will be impressed with the overall performance and comfort of this new home.

If you want your shower to feel like a luxurious place to take a break, then it’s important to install the right type of shower valve system.


What Does A Shower Valve Do

Your shower faucet can be an important part of your showering system. The shower valve is used to control the flow of water coming from the shower head. Even if your shower seems fine, there might be big problems you don’t realize.

Replacing Your Shower Valve

To choose the right shower valve, you’ll have to decide which kind of shower valve you’ll use.

There are two types of valves used to control shower temperature: a thermostatic shower valve and a pressure balance shower valve.

You’ll learn why some shower valves are similar, but differ in price depending on where you buy them.

Water Temperature Issues

One big clue that your shower might be leaking is when you find yourself enjoying a nice, relaxing shower and then it turns into a battle between the showerhead and a toilet that’s been flushing all over the bathroom.


These kind of problems don’t always just make people annoyed but they can also be dangerous too. A well-maintained pool needs to be refilled and maintained to be safe for swimmers to use.


The best way to prevent this situation is to install a pressure-balance shower valve or a thermostatic shower valve.

Thermostatic shower valves are different from pressure-balance valves. Thermostatic valves control the actual temperature of the water, while pressure balance valves only control how much hot water to use compared to cold water.

There are four main types of valves that work best. For your house, we recommend a shower head with a ball valve.

How it Works: Pressure Balance Shower Valves

It’s called a “pressure balance” valve because it has one handle that adjusts the amount of

It also has a dial that measures the temperature of the water in the shower and adjusts accordingly.

A water valve responds to changes in the water pressure. If there is a disc on a piston, or a spool on a valve body, it responds to the change in water pressure.


If a toilet is flushed or a load of laundry is started, some of your cold shower water is being taken to the toilet or washer. Inside the shower valve, it should sense that there is now less cold water means that the shower water is going to get hotter.

The pressure balance shower valve automatically adjusts the hot water temperature to keep it balanced when it senses that there is a change in temperature.

One downside to installing a pressure-balance shower valve is that it doesn’t always pay attention to the temperature. If you set the valve to the hottest temperature that you can, and then turn the handle all the way to “hot,” the water that will come out of the shower will be as hot as the water heater can get.

Pressure Balance Shower Pros And Cons

There are a variety of reasons why some people prefer to use a pressure-balance shower valve. They can have a lower initial cost, it does offer scald protection, and it provides moderate comfort.


Some downsides to this shower valve include no temperature memory, and no additional scald protection.

Value Of Thermostatic Shower

A thermostatic shower valve is what you need to use because you’ll no longer have to worry about the temperature of your water ever again.

This water-saving shower valve works by making slight adjustments to the water flow as it’s being used, to ensure that you have the full pressure and full temperature every time.


Thermostatic shower valves are best when you are considering using multiple body spray options. Turn the tap on, and the setting will change instantly to your desired temperature.

Thermostatic shower valves have two handles. One of the handles controls the volume of water that is dispensed, while the other controls the temperature of the water. Thermostatic valves work by reacting to temperature.

Advantages of Thermostatic Shower Valves

This valve lets you easily increase or decrease the water flow without affecting the temperature. This is a great feature for any type of faucet.

This feature will help you save water, and it’s easy to do. Just turn down the water flow while shampooing or shaving.

This is all thanks to a wax piece in the shower valve which acts like an oven mitt. When the heat goes up, it warms the wax, causing it to expand and expand, and when the heat decreases, it contracts, allowing the hot water to circulate through the valve.


Whether you’re cooking in the microwave, baking in the oven, boiling water on the stove, or heating food in an air fryer, you’ll be more efficient and enjoy better results if the hot water doesn’t get stuck in the valve, because if it gets stuck, the temperature will drop and the water may not heat evenly.

The biggest reason to have a thermostatic valve is to have complete control over your shower temperature; with the thermostatic valve in place, your water heater can always be at 140° F and your shower heads always will be set to 100° F. This provides you with absolute safety from bacterial contamination.

This water filtration system provides a consistent temperature and higher flow rates for increased energy efficiency. It also is more efficient than your current filter.

Adjust Your Water Heater Temperature

Some people try to not purchase a temperature-controlling shower valve and instead try to adjust the temperature on their water heater directly. Bacterial growth will occur when your water heater temperature is too low, which can cause you to become ill.


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