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#76 10 Ways to Style Your Favorite Mini Skirt In Winter

mini skirt

10 Ways to Style Your Favorite Mini Skirt

You don’t need to tuck your favorite mini skirts into your closet during the cold winter months. You don’t have to put away your short skirts just because it’s cold outside.

Just say “stockings” and she’ll get it! Let’s just say that layers and stockings will be your mini skirts’ best friends.

Although these are not considered “fashionable” during the winter months, you can still continue to create adorable outfits with your favorite ones.

For your favorite mini skirts this winter, here are ten outfit inspos to keep you looking stylish and comfortable while feeling fashionable and cozy in the cold.


Comfy in Combat Boots

Put on your favorite jeans along with a cardigan and sneakers.

This is a nice looking outfit that would make it hard to go out in town with, but still feel comfortable at the same time.

This cute look can easily be altered with just about any color choices.

Short skirts are flattering for both you and your wardrobe.

This is one of your winter outfits that you’ll want to wear this colder season. You’ll feel stylish and comfortable wearing this coat!

Bars, Band Tees, and Leather

A little edgy, are we? Black and grey is a go-to combination that everyone should be comfortable wearing – and you look fantastic in it.

Get your favorite black leather jacket, band t-shirt, socks, and black Chelsea boots.

This winter outfit is great for an evening out with friends, or perhaps a brewery or a concert.

To dress for a winter holiday in the city, you can go with a black beanie and a warm and cozy chunky scarf.

This outfit will look good in so many ways, it’s a very flexible outfit.

The choice of band or graphic tee can have a major impact on the outfit.

Whether you want a casual or formal look, have fun with your t-shirt and shoes choices!

Layered and Chic

Wearing a wool coat, calf-high leather boots and a short mini skirt will keep you warm throughout the chilly months.

Since it’s possible to play with the layers in this top, you could wear a thick cotton shirt, then put your hair in a messy bun to keep yourself cool under the thick layers.

This outfit is a great choice for work at the office or a winter first date.

‘90s Vibes

To look sexy in a pair of skinnies, pair them with a loose blouse and knee-high boots.

The perfect combination of fashion and comfort is found in this casual-yet-dashing outfit.

There are many types of mini skirts, but wearing a pleated skirt with a dress shirt will make your outfit more attractive.

This book gives off a mix of Cher Horowitz from Clueless and Daria—if you’re a fan of ‘90s pop culture, that is.

For extra warmth in cold weather, if paired with stockings, wear some thicker-than-normal socks that match the color of your boots.

Warm & Fuzzy Feelings

Take out your favorite hoodie or sweater and pair it with a mini skirt and the softest, coziest slippers you own.

This is one of the most relaxing outfits on the list and will give a hint of athleisure when worn with thick, white sneakers.

This is an easy outfit to wear when you’re feeling a little lazy about putting on your outfit, but still want to look put together.

You can go to the coffee shop and do some weekend work or get a pumpkin spice latte date with your girlfriends!

Fancy in Pumps

Need a winter outfit for a formal evening out or a work meeting or a romantic date night with your loved one?

Wear a cozy cashmere, a colored mini skirt, tights, and black pumps.

This is a classy and simple outfit, but it still can be very elegant.

You can easily match the color of the shirt and pants, creating the look of a dress!

Simply tuck the top of the mini skirt into the skirt to have a more fitted, chic look.

Create a stylish winter look by wearing your favorite coat, and you’ll be ready for your favorite winter evening out.

Chunky Sweater & Sneakers

Pull out a great chunky sweater from your closet, and then wear it with any of your favorite mini skirts that are already in your closet.

A chunky sweater is one of the warmest clothes in the closet. It’s a wonderful layer to wear during the colder months.

If the weather permits, you’re likely to enjoy the outdoors when wearing a comfortable pair of walking or running shoes.

A leather trench coat or leather jacket can help you stay warm in cooler weather.

Put this coat on and you’ll look good and feel warm and toasty in this winter outfit.

Staying Warm in Plaid

A plaid shirt is a classic wardrobe addition that every guy should own.

Pairing a skirt with a pair of leather boots is a great idea.

You can wear any pair of riding boots, chunky combat boots, platform boots, or pointy, ankle boots. Pair them with black or nude stockings for winter.

Slip on a neutral-colored coat and get extra warm in cool weather.

A casual look like this is the best look for your best girl or for a first date. Elevate it with these boots for a look that shows off your personality.

Cool & Professional

Find out how to dress a black blazer this winter! This seems like an obvious pairing, but there is so much flexibility in how you can accessorize it.

You can get ready in the morning for a business meeting with a little help from your closet and a few accessories. Add a blazer and skirt combo to your outfit and layer on accessories for the rest of the day.

Get a playful twist on your look and take the plunge by trying on this bold blazer in a bright color for a fun, unexpected addition.

Remember that even if this is a work outfit, it can still be a fashionable look by balancing out the outfit with a comfortable pair of sneakers.

Sporty Spice

Get a fun, oversized graphic sweater and pair it with a short skirt. Then grab your comfiest sneakers and go out for fun. You could also wear this outfit during a girls’ night with your girlfriends!

If you want to look like you know how to wear an outfit that stands out, this is the one for you!

An adorable winter outfit option. Maybe it’s time to store your mini skirts away until spring, but you don’t always have to wear pants in the winter!

mini skirt

Short dresses aren’t only for beach vacations and springtime parties. They look great in a variety of outfits and can fit into a lot of different casual- and business-casual looks.

They elevate an outfit or update it in a way that you already wear every day.

Even if mini skirts aren’t your thing, you’re probably looking forward to these mini skirt inspirations.

Why not use your short skirts as short dresses for the rest of the year? It will save you money and help you look slimmer too.

How To Still Wear A Mini Skirt When It Gets Cold

Early autumn often brings a bit of an early-autumnal chill, meaning that dressing for warmer weather may require some transitional pieces.

It’s freezing cold, and there’s no chance of it turning into a tropical beach day. This is the perfect time to switch up your wardrobe for the season. Dress in layers and pull on a jacket and turtleneck before heading to the office.

During those in-between weeks and months, having some extra time on your hands might seem like a test of your styling skills, and wearing something like a mini skirt can be quite puzzling.

You’ve probably got some pretty cute outfits you love to wear, but when it comes to what to pair with your outfits, it’s a little bit of a crapshoot.

Donna Lisa wants to be known for being a stylish lady, so she has a few guidelines for fall. “I like to keep it balanced so crop tops are a hard no unless it’s a long sleeve chunky sweater and adding in a warm accessory like a scarf or cozy socks and boots is also a must,” she notes. “My favorite way to style a mini skirt once temperatures cool down is with tights and/or tall boots.

In the winter, mini girls need to have leg warmers, and girls with platform shoes will love these cute mini leggings that are not only comfortable, but chic and fashion.

There’s no doubt that the mini skirt was an extremely notable appearance at the fall/winter 2212 runway shows.

Molly Goddard recently debuted a new fall collection featuring the same plaid cardigan in a bolder, richer hue. Wear this look with distressed floral minis and leggings.

The show was very stylish, with a black leather mini, oversized white fleece bomber, and snow boots.

In a move that’s likely to be met with plenty of disdain, Courrèges has decided to go for broke with the 2018 fall/winter collection, sending the models down the runway in slits up to their mid.

And it wasn’t just these examples — Loewe, Balmain, Chanel, Valentino, and Miu Miu all gave their stamp of approval for short dresses in low temperatures.

This season, a lot of people are trying out new things. For instance, they’re wearing a lot of dresses and pants this time of year. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, you should check out what the latest fashions have to offer for fall.Phenylketonuria: dietary management in the 21st century.

A cropped mini, paired with an oversized sweater or a relaxed workman’s style shirt, is an easy staple for cooler days. Pair with a casual look, and this skirt can play up to the main attraction of an interesting top or loafer.

Swap in the Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are a versatile garment, especially if paired with a short hemline. You can wear them alone or pair them with other layers for a complete look.

This fall, when it’s getting chilly, throw on a black turtleneck and add in some accessories like a pair of scrunched socks and penny loafers.

It’s time to make your bag stand out from the crowd! With a cheery orange hue, you can make your bag the highlight of any outfit.

Lend on Autumn Layers

The vibe of a mini skirt can be easily shifted from summer to fall by layering it with colors, patterns, and materials that include autumn.

Start with a bright red plaid skirt as your base, and add an olive green dress for a more neutral palette that works year-round.

Add a light brown blazer to this look, and finish the look with a leather shoulder bag and flat-heel boots.

The top trend in fashion is to wear a necklace that resembles a ribbon.

Go Above (the Knee) and Beyond

You should finally take the plunge and invest in a pair of over-the-knee boots.

Despite their boldness, this dramatic shoe style is surprisingly versatile.

You can pull off a mini skirt with these boots! They add just enough height to offset the shortness of the skirt and make it more wearable through the cooler months of autumn.

The trio looks great in a dress shirt tucked into a pair of khaki pants.

Make it Match

This set can be made into a great party look when it’s styled with fun and whimsical accessories.

Veronica Beard’s botanical embroidered jacket and mini skirt set is designed in olive green and faded lavenders, making it feel less skewed toward summer and more appropriate for autumn.

These two dresses are perfect for the season’s trendiest fashion-forward events. Wear them over a simple t-shirt and black heeled boots for a chic look that will keep you looking hot all night long.

Double the Accessories

Autumn means it’s time for chunky scarves, cozy sweaters and even warm scarves.

This season, layer sheer tights over a pair of ribbed socks for a flattering look that is definitely on-trend. When worn with a pair of loafers the look is absolutely adorable.

It’s always a good idea to have a few basic items of clothing in your closet.

Enliven Outerwear With Prints

There are many different types of dresses to wear for work, school, social occasions and even funerals. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re looking for a way to make your outfit edgy, fun, or just a little more exciting, a print is always the best option.

Get a mini skirt in a Christmas or holiday-themed pattern and lay a long coat on top. It will look festive and will really keep you warm.

You can take it to the next level by layering with a bomber jacket.

Style Back-to-School Staples

If you live in a big city where rainy subway commutes are likely to ruin an outfit, it’s all too easy to shift your wardrobe from summery brights to a fall and winter all-neutral ensemble.

As the weather gets warmer, you need to incorporate a print or two into your outfit. From shorts to skirts, prints always add a little bit of energy to any look.

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday look, then this is the outfit for you.

A graphic band tee is the secret to pulling this look together. Add a pair of white boots, and you’ve got yourself an instant Spring look.

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