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Excalibur Bulldog 440 Crossbow #126


Excalibur Bulldog 440 – Fastest Recurve Crossbow

The Excalibur Bulldog 440 is a big game hunting rifle built for speed and accuracy. It was created specifically for hunters who love to hunt big game like deer and bear.

The Excalibur Bulldog 440 is a high-performance crossbow that’s faster than a rifle at 440 feet per second and doesn’t require the maintenance a compound crossbow requires.

Excalibur makes high quality crossbows, and year after year they consistently produce high quality, well-made products.


Crossbow shooting is the perfect sport for those who want to hit the target. These long-lasting, highly accurate, and extremely powerful guns are great for anyone who wants to hit the bullseye.

When it comes to shooting a recurve bow, it’s important to understand the difference between a recurve and a compound bow.

We’re going to take a close look at the Excalibur Bulldog 440 today.


Size and Weight

The Bulldog 400 is a total length of 34.85 inches. The Ravin R29X Sniper and the TenPoint Vapor RS470 are both small recurve crossbows that come in at under 29 inches of overall length.

Cocked the Excalibur Bulldog 440 measures 23 inches, and decocked it measures 30 inches. The crossbow is actually very big, which is why it’s really useful for bushy areas and when in a tree-stand. With some practice, you can maneuver the crossbow like this.

The Bulldog 440 is one of the fastest and most powerful crossbows out there. One of the things that helps getting there is equipping it with bigger limbs. Bigger limbs equals more power, therefore the Bulldog 440 couldn’t be made any smaller or more compact than the Excalibur model.

Because it’s so small and lightweight, it’s easy to carry to any hunting location. It’s really lightweight, which is good considering the price, and it’s equipped with an impact-resistant stock made of composite.

A bullpup crossbow is a shortened version of a compound bow and allows you to use the same length bow string to launch a longer arrow at greater distances. This is a really cool crossbow. It’s compact and fast. It has a good price and a warranty, and it looks cool, too.

A fully adjustable sight is essential for hunting success. A correctly adjusted sight is the best weapon for a hunter and will allow you to shoot with more accuracy and confidence.

Speed and Arrows

The Excalibur Bulldog 440 can shoot arrows at up to 440 feet per second. This is an incredible crossbow that makes one of the fastest shooting recurve bows available on the market.

We thought it would be fun to test how fast the Excalibur Bulldog 440 shoots so we set up a test shoot. We were surprised at how fast it shoots! It actually shoots faster than the advertised speed.

This crossbow shoots up to 500 feet per second. It includes four arrows (two of which are 18 inches in length) and is packaged with a bright orange luminoak tip. A Crossbow Bow Kit includes Broadheads and a Quiver. It also includes a 4 Arrow Detachable Quiver.

You should only use Bulldog’s that have a minimum weight of 350 grains to shoot the Bulldog 440. With the Excalibur Bulldog 440, you’ll actually find that it shoots much better and more accurately when using a heavier bullet.

You’ll give up some speed to save your skin. But it’ll help you build some strength too.


The Bulldog 440 features a Hawke XB30 PRO illuminated crossbow scope. It is a powerful tool for anyone who loves bowhunting.

Some of the crossbows get released with nothing but a scope. So if you’re looking to buy a new crossbow, you should look for one that has already been optimized with a good scope.

This is a great scope for the Crossbowman who wants to go as far as he can in hunting and shooting. It’s also good for anyone who just likes shooting from long distances.

You’ll need a 10-yard sight system and a 20-yard variable power zoom. The variable power magnification system will function as a speed ring and allow you to calibrate the scope to the bow speed.

Assembling and Disassembling

It’s easy to assemble Excalibur crossbows. If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight pistol, the Excalibur Bulldog 440 is the one to get. The Bulldog 440’s stock comes assembled and ready to hunt. It’s a great package for beginners.

You don’t need many tools like an Allen wrench and a flat-head screwdriver, but you do need to take the time to learn. Taking the Excali Bulldog with you is super easy, as long as you are familiar with it. The Assassin line from Excalibur has a “takedown” feature.

The Excalibur Assassin 400 TD can be taken apart in about 10 minutes by simply clicking the parts of the gun together. Many crossbow hunters don’t care that much about this feature. It’s a personal preference. The Excalibur Bulldog 440 comes with the Excalibur Ex-Shield Crossbow Soft Case.

You can easily store your Bulldog 440 with no need to take the crossbow apart.


It’s a breeze to cock a crossbow with the crank it supplies with it. The Bulldog 440 Charger crankset from Excalibur is ready to take your bike up a notch. With the Charger EXT Crank, you only need about 15 lbs. to build up to a full charge.

This is a real gun, not just a toy! It’s a powerful weapon that will give your child hours The Charger EXT Crank doesn’t make a sound when you cock it. Your handgun doesn’t even get a chance to be fully loaded before you take it off safety.

You can check it yourself. The Excalibur really delivered with the new Charger EXT crank. The Bulldog 440 with the Charger Ext Crank is much easier to crank than a rope cocker, and over. Draw weight is not nothing. With a bit of patience, you can spend more time out hunting, and get away from.

Shooting and Trigger

We love the Pro-shot ACP trigger on the Bulldog 440. It’s perfect for those hard-to-reach places on the gun and it has a nice reset feature.

This 2-stage, adjustable frictionless 3 lb. no-creep trigger feels like shooting a gun and is so comfortable to shoot, you’ll forget it’s even there!

Whether you want a cleaner-breaking trigger or a longer-travel hunting trigger that lets you feel the break, this trigger is guaranteed to make you a better shooter.

You’ll need some practice when it comes to shooting the Bulldog 440, because it has a reputation for having lots of kickback.

The Bulldog 440 is a powerful crossbow, it has a draw weight of 300 lbs.

Excalibur Crossbows provides its customers with a unique and powerful feature of its bullpup rifles, Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire Technology.

The anti-dry fire mechanism means that you can’t shoot with a bow without an arrow.


Bulldog 440 is the best gun for shooting clay pigeons out there today. The Bulldog 440 comes with a built-in sound deadening system. The sound deadening system eliminates noise and shock throughout the arm, legs, and stirrups for silent shooting.

Pre-installed on the Bulldog 440 are also the Excalibur Air Brakes. The silencers in this rifle help reduce the noise and increase accuracy. They also absorb part of the recoil. This gives a quieter and smoother shot. Pre-installed Air Brakes make it more convenient for shooters.

Excalibur’s Bulldog 440 pistol is silent, easy to use, and does not make much noise. Excalibur’s crank mechanism provides great performance.

Excalibur Bulldog 440 Specs

Max Velocity440 fps
Overall Length33.75″
Bow/Crossbow TypeRecurve Crossbow
Peak Draw Weight300 lbs
Axel to Axel Length Cocked24 “
Axel to Axel Length UnCocked30 “
Draw Length19 “
Weight6.3 lbs
Riser MaterialAluminum
Sold With QuiverYes
Quiver Capacity4 rounds
Suggested forHunting
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Recommended Bolt Length18 “
Nock TypeFlat
Stock Length24 “
Brace Height2 “
Cocking AidCrank

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Why M4 Carbine Rifle Used For More Than 2 Decades #125


M4 Carbine

The M4 carbine has been used by the military in multiple conflicts over the span of more than two decades. It is the official drink of the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

The M4 has its critics, but most others swear that it’s the best gun in the industry. This article discusses the many advantages of the M4 Carbine rifle and its disadvantages.



History of the M4 Carbine Rifle

In the 1980’s, engineers worked on the creation of the M4 carbine in an effort to develop a new weapon for close-quarter combat.

The U.S. Army’s M4 is the replacement for the M16. It is significantly shorter, with the barrel being less than half the length of the M16, making it much easier to maneuver in smaller spaces.

The Marine Corps started replacing their M9 handguns with the M4 carbines quickly, because they were convinced that the gun was better for close-quarters combat.

The M4 has traditionally been used in places that other, full-length rifles would be difficult or impractical to use. In 2016, the Marine Corps made the M4 the main weapon used by supporting schools, security forces, and infantry battalions.

The M4 is an improved version of the M16, and it is the most widely used rifle in the U.S. Army.

M4 Carbine Design

The M4 carbine is a short-recoil operated semi automatic only weapon and it’s magazine fed. It’s made by FN Herstal and Colt. It’s fired from the shoulder, and even has a collapsible stock.

This weapon is easy to carry and transport. It’s shorter barrel and carrying handle is also detachable. These features and the M4 carbine weight also allow troops to engage the enemy quickly and efficiently no matter the time of day.

I hinted above that the M4 is actually very similar to the M16. In fact, 80% of its makeup is identical to the M16 rifle. Both guns are similar in function and purpose.

It’s possible to add many accessories to the M4, including laser pointers, night vision devices, telescopic sights, grenade launchers, and more.

A blank-firing attachment can be a very useful tool for training. If you get bored during your practice, just switch the weapon to this and shoot away.


This is a typical machine gun design. It’s also a typical model used for special operations use. It’s fully automatic and is also easy to operate, even for non-experts.

The M4A1’s barrel is heavier, more durable and more accurate than the M4. Up to around 500 meters it’s good for shooting at targets.

This rifle is a new and improved version of the M4 that’s currently in use in the Army. It’s ideal for most any situation.

Mark 18 CQBR

The M14 rifle was based on the Soviet SKS design and was intended to replace the venerable but over-gunned M1 Garand. It’s called the “Mk18 CQB,” or just “the Mk18.

Enhanced M4 or Colt Advanced Piston Carbine (APC)

The biggest advantage of this model is that it cools more effectively than other models. It also has greater accuracy and less stress on parts.

Armwest LLC M4

This is the M4 that was created by M4 critic Jim Sullivan, in order to address shortcomings he observed in the original weapon.

The Ultimax is the new and improved version of this weapon. The M4-203’s cyclic components are double the weight of those in the original M4.

Colt Commando

Special Forces are made from spare parts that the Army has lying around.

The M4-SBR Commando is based on the M4, but it features a full auto mode, not a 3-round burst.


As the Army’s requirements for a new assault rifle have been finalized, the Colt Model 925 RAS is now a modular weapon system (M4 MWS).

This new model is much better suited to existing M4s than the old one. However, it wasn’t adopted when another designation proved to be better-suited for existing M4s.

M4 in the News

Military men have been using this rifle for many years. It’s been in the news for being used in military operations. This story from NPR talks about how the US military plans to continue using the M4, the most widely used rifle in American service.

Another story tells of rivaling weapons and how they’ve performed against the M4 rifles. In a 2007 comparison of the M4 and other carbines, the Army tested each weapon using ten rounds per weapon. The Army found that the M4 was slightly faster to fire but more prone to jamming.

Unfortunately, the M4 didn’t live up to the expectations of the industry. The development of the Internet did have some discouraging effects on the military. It made some changes to the military that needed to be made.

It was recently announced that the Army’s top-of-the-line rifle, the M4A1, didn’t stand. The competing weapons were tested for reliability and durability. One of them performed better than the others. Even with the results, the Army still chose to stick with its coveted rifle.

The U.S. Army has been upgrading its M4s to the prized M4A1, and in 2016 it’s going to begin replacing. When I first started writing articles for this blog, upgrades were expected to continue for about two years.

The army actually planned to upgrade the M4 even further and called this plan the M4A1+ initiative. Despite the fact that the data was included in various proposals, the Army really didn’t think the upgrades were worth the time, effort, or money.

A Range of Problems

The Army’s controversial switch from the venerable M-16 rifle to the new AR-15 rifle has been plagued by problems such as jamming, which have not been fully resolved by the manufacturer.

A few examples include, over one-third of troops using the M4 reported that the hand guards often rattle and become incredibly hot when firing.

The following are issues that you may encounter while using the E-Series. Feed jams, double feed, difficulty locking in the magazine, and difficulty zeroing the optic.

We heard from customers that the handguards and optics didn’t meet their expectations, so we upgraded them. We also found that the stock was being used improperly, so we replaced it. These improvements greatly reduced the number of complaints.

The M4’s performance and reliability have been vastly improved. It was reported to have occasional problems with reliability and maintainability, but they’ve been significantly lessened.

These troops actually said that during more than a dozen engagements, there were no real problems with their weapons. That is quite remarkable.

The M4A1 was the gun of choice of soldiers in the Gulf War because of its reliability and range. Now it’s even better than when it first came out in 1990.

Converting to a Gas Piston

A conversion kit for the M4 carbine allows it to be used as a gas piston rifle, but for those who want the feel and sound of an M4 carbine, the options for converting it into a piston rifle are available.

Although this is a bonus at first glance, it’s less practical. Gas pistons are prone to causing jams and lower accuracy, and they’re heavier than electric pumps. That’s when the entire weapon needs to be disassembled to fix the jam.

A common problem with this change is that it causes the gun to become very loose. This means the bolt carrier does not fit correctly in the buffer tube, which then allows the gun to move forward or backward when shot.

Gas pistons are heavy, require more maintenance, and are not recommended for the military. This causes wearing of the parts, and the gas piston isn’t generally recommended for the military.

Crosman M4-177 Combo Specs

Max Velocity660 fps
Overall Length33.75″
Weight3.75 lbs
Trigger Pull4.0 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Muzzle Energy4.93 ft/lbs
Barrel Length17.25″
Shot Capacity18
Cocking Effort3-10 pumps
Front SightAdjustable for elevation
Rear SightAdjustable for windage
PowerplantMulti-pump pneumatic
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerFixed

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#76 10 Ways to Style Your Favorite Mini Skirt In Winter

mini skirt

10 Ways to Style Your Favorite Mini Skirt

You don’t need to tuck your favorite mini skirts into your closet during the cold winter months. You don’t have to put away your short skirts just because it’s cold outside.

Just say “stockings” and she’ll get it! Let’s just say that layers and stockings will be your mini skirts’ best friends.

Although these are not considered “fashionable” during the winter months, you can still continue to create adorable outfits with your favorite ones.

For your favorite mini skirts this winter, here are ten outfit inspos to keep you looking stylish and comfortable while feeling fashionable and cozy in the cold.


Comfy in Combat Boots

Put on your favorite jeans along with a cardigan and sneakers.

This is a nice looking outfit that would make it hard to go out in town with, but still feel comfortable at the same time.

This cute look can easily be altered with just about any color choices.

Short skirts are flattering for both you and your wardrobe.

This is one of your winter outfits that you’ll want to wear this colder season. You’ll feel stylish and comfortable wearing this coat!

Bars, Band Tees, and Leather

A little edgy, are we? Black and grey is a go-to combination that everyone should be comfortable wearing – and you look fantastic in it.

Get your favorite black leather jacket, band t-shirt, socks, and black Chelsea boots.

This winter outfit is great for an evening out with friends, or perhaps a brewery or a concert.

To dress for a winter holiday in the city, you can go with a black beanie and a warm and cozy chunky scarf.

This outfit will look good in so many ways, it’s a very flexible outfit.

The choice of band or graphic tee can have a major impact on the outfit.

Whether you want a casual or formal look, have fun with your t-shirt and shoes choices!

Layered and Chic

Wearing a wool coat, calf-high leather boots and a short mini skirt will keep you warm throughout the chilly months.

Since it’s possible to play with the layers in this top, you could wear a thick cotton shirt, then put your hair in a messy bun to keep yourself cool under the thick layers.

This outfit is a great choice for work at the office or a winter first date.

‘90s Vibes

To look sexy in a pair of skinnies, pair them with a loose blouse and knee-high boots.

The perfect combination of fashion and comfort is found in this casual-yet-dashing outfit.

There are many types of mini skirts, but wearing a pleated skirt with a dress shirt will make your outfit more attractive.

This book gives off a mix of Cher Horowitz from Clueless and Daria—if you’re a fan of ‘90s pop culture, that is.

For extra warmth in cold weather, if paired with stockings, wear some thicker-than-normal socks that match the color of your boots.

Warm & Fuzzy Feelings

Take out your favorite hoodie or sweater and pair it with a mini skirt and the softest, coziest slippers you own.

This is one of the most relaxing outfits on the list and will give a hint of athleisure when worn with thick, white sneakers.

This is an easy outfit to wear when you’re feeling a little lazy about putting on your outfit, but still want to look put together.

You can go to the coffee shop and do some weekend work or get a pumpkin spice latte date with your girlfriends!

Fancy in Pumps

Need a winter outfit for a formal evening out or a work meeting or a romantic date night with your loved one?

Wear a cozy cashmere, a colored mini skirt, tights, and black pumps.

This is a classy and simple outfit, but it still can be very elegant.

You can easily match the color of the shirt and pants, creating the look of a dress!

Simply tuck the top of the mini skirt into the skirt to have a more fitted, chic look.

Create a stylish winter look by wearing your favorite coat, and you’ll be ready for your favorite winter evening out.

Chunky Sweater & Sneakers

Pull out a great chunky sweater from your closet, and then wear it with any of your favorite mini skirts that are already in your closet.

A chunky sweater is one of the warmest clothes in the closet. It’s a wonderful layer to wear during the colder months.

If the weather permits, you’re likely to enjoy the outdoors when wearing a comfortable pair of walking or running shoes.

A leather trench coat or leather jacket can help you stay warm in cooler weather.

Put this coat on and you’ll look good and feel warm and toasty in this winter outfit.

Staying Warm in Plaid

A plaid shirt is a classic wardrobe addition that every guy should own.

Pairing a skirt with a pair of leather boots is a great idea.

You can wear any pair of riding boots, chunky combat boots, platform boots, or pointy, ankle boots. Pair them with black or nude stockings for winter.

Slip on a neutral-colored coat and get extra warm in cool weather.

A casual look like this is the best look for your best girl or for a first date. Elevate it with these boots for a look that shows off your personality.

Cool & Professional

Find out how to dress a black blazer this winter! This seems like an obvious pairing, but there is so much flexibility in how you can accessorize it.

You can get ready in the morning for a business meeting with a little help from your closet and a few accessories. Add a blazer and skirt combo to your outfit and layer on accessories for the rest of the day.

Get a playful twist on your look and take the plunge by trying on this bold blazer in a bright color for a fun, unexpected addition.

Remember that even if this is a work outfit, it can still be a fashionable look by balancing out the outfit with a comfortable pair of sneakers.

Sporty Spice

Get a fun, oversized graphic sweater and pair it with a short skirt. Then grab your comfiest sneakers and go out for fun. You could also wear this outfit during a girls’ night with your girlfriends!

If you want to look like you know how to wear an outfit that stands out, this is the one for you!

An adorable winter outfit option. Maybe it’s time to store your mini skirts away until spring, but you don’t always have to wear pants in the winter!

mini skirt

Short dresses aren’t only for beach vacations and springtime parties. They look great in a variety of outfits and can fit into a lot of different casual- and business-casual looks.

They elevate an outfit or update it in a way that you already wear every day.

Even if mini skirts aren’t your thing, you’re probably looking forward to these mini skirt inspirations.

Why not use your short skirts as short dresses for the rest of the year? It will save you money and help you look slimmer too.

How To Still Wear A Mini Skirt When It Gets Cold

Early autumn often brings a bit of an early-autumnal chill, meaning that dressing for warmer weather may require some transitional pieces.

It’s freezing cold, and there’s no chance of it turning into a tropical beach day. This is the perfect time to switch up your wardrobe for the season. Dress in layers and pull on a jacket and turtleneck before heading to the office.

During those in-between weeks and months, having some extra time on your hands might seem like a test of your styling skills, and wearing something like a mini skirt can be quite puzzling.

You’ve probably got some pretty cute outfits you love to wear, but when it comes to what to pair with your outfits, it’s a little bit of a crapshoot.

Donna Lisa wants to be known for being a stylish lady, so she has a few guidelines for fall. “I like to keep it balanced so crop tops are a hard no unless it’s a long sleeve chunky sweater and adding in a warm accessory like a scarf or cozy socks and boots is also a must,” she notes. “My favorite way to style a mini skirt once temperatures cool down is with tights and/or tall boots.

In the winter, mini girls need to have leg warmers, and girls with platform shoes will love these cute mini leggings that are not only comfortable, but chic and fashion.

There’s no doubt that the mini skirt was an extremely notable appearance at the fall/winter 2212 runway shows.

Molly Goddard recently debuted a new fall collection featuring the same plaid cardigan in a bolder, richer hue. Wear this look with distressed floral minis and leggings.

The show was very stylish, with a black leather mini, oversized white fleece bomber, and snow boots.

In a move that’s likely to be met with plenty of disdain, Courrèges has decided to go for broke with the 2018 fall/winter collection, sending the models down the runway in slits up to their mid.

And it wasn’t just these examples — Loewe, Balmain, Chanel, Valentino, and Miu Miu all gave their stamp of approval for short dresses in low temperatures.

This season, a lot of people are trying out new things. For instance, they’re wearing a lot of dresses and pants this time of year. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, you should check out what the latest fashions have to offer for fall.Phenylketonuria: dietary management in the 21st century.

A cropped mini, paired with an oversized sweater or a relaxed workman’s style shirt, is an easy staple for cooler days. Pair with a casual look, and this skirt can play up to the main attraction of an interesting top or loafer.

Swap in the Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are a versatile garment, especially if paired with a short hemline. You can wear them alone or pair them with other layers for a complete look.

This fall, when it’s getting chilly, throw on a black turtleneck and add in some accessories like a pair of scrunched socks and penny loafers.

It’s time to make your bag stand out from the crowd! With a cheery orange hue, you can make your bag the highlight of any outfit.

Lend on Autumn Layers

The vibe of a mini skirt can be easily shifted from summer to fall by layering it with colors, patterns, and materials that include autumn.

Start with a bright red plaid skirt as your base, and add an olive green dress for a more neutral palette that works year-round.

Add a light brown blazer to this look, and finish the look with a leather shoulder bag and flat-heel boots.

The top trend in fashion is to wear a necklace that resembles a ribbon.

Go Above (the Knee) and Beyond

You should finally take the plunge and invest in a pair of over-the-knee boots.

Despite their boldness, this dramatic shoe style is surprisingly versatile.

You can pull off a mini skirt with these boots! They add just enough height to offset the shortness of the skirt and make it more wearable through the cooler months of autumn.

The trio looks great in a dress shirt tucked into a pair of khaki pants.

Make it Match

This set can be made into a great party look when it’s styled with fun and whimsical accessories.

Veronica Beard’s botanical embroidered jacket and mini skirt set is designed in olive green and faded lavenders, making it feel less skewed toward summer and more appropriate for autumn.

These two dresses are perfect for the season’s trendiest fashion-forward events. Wear them over a simple t-shirt and black heeled boots for a chic look that will keep you looking hot all night long.

Double the Accessories

Autumn means it’s time for chunky scarves, cozy sweaters and even warm scarves.

This season, layer sheer tights over a pair of ribbed socks for a flattering look that is definitely on-trend. When worn with a pair of loafers the look is absolutely adorable.

It’s always a good idea to have a few basic items of clothing in your closet.

Enliven Outerwear With Prints

There are many different types of dresses to wear for work, school, social occasions and even funerals. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re looking for a way to make your outfit edgy, fun, or just a little more exciting, a print is always the best option.

Get a mini skirt in a Christmas or holiday-themed pattern and lay a long coat on top. It will look festive and will really keep you warm.

You can take it to the next level by layering with a bomber jacket.

Style Back-to-School Staples

If you live in a big city where rainy subway commutes are likely to ruin an outfit, it’s all too easy to shift your wardrobe from summery brights to a fall and winter all-neutral ensemble.

As the weather gets warmer, you need to incorporate a print or two into your outfit. From shorts to skirts, prints always add a little bit of energy to any look.

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday look, then this is the outfit for you.

A graphic band tee is the secret to pulling this look together. Add a pair of white boots, and you’ve got yourself an instant Spring look.

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Schofield No. 3 Nickel CO2 BB Revolver, 7″ #124


Barra Airguns produces a variety of replicas of the classic, nineteenth century Schofield No. 3 pistol. There are many Barra Schofield revolvers, with different barrel lengths and surface finishes.

Most of these guns fire rubber bullets, but they can also be fired with pellets, if required, by using different “cartridges” (plastic tubes which have the projectile loaded at the front, pellets are inserted in the rear of their cartridges).

The Barra Schofield BB revolver comes complete with BB cartridges. This gun has the big, chunky butt, combined with the nickel finish.




The Barra Schofield BB revolver impressed the HAM Testers with its outstanding looks and feel. With a weight of 2 Lbs 7 Oz. it feels very solid and robust in the hand, and it’s a lot more comfortable to hold and shoot than most other BB revol

That weight is 3 ozs more than say – a comparable Colt Single Action Army model. The centerfire version is similar to the size of the original. This hammer has no safety. Don’t even think about using it without first having the correct technique mastered.


This system prevents the hammer from being pulled back into the cocked position, which is a great feature. The hammer only needs to be in its rear position when it is not being used.


The Barra Schofield BB revolver reviewed by HAM generated excellent accuracy at 6 Yards range. Every shot fired from that range was accurate. We only needed to knock off three or four of them to qualify for the next round.

This was a good effort from Ham Tester Doug Wall, even if the sights were very nineteenth century in nature. They were very accurate, even though they were just copies. That’s also the bad news when it comes to target shooting!

Not much to complain about on the performance front. Shot at a decent speed with no drop off or light loss. Typically, the Point of Impact was around 1.5 inches below the center of the chest, and one inch to the left at 6 yards.


Although the groups were good, this offset caused a few BBs to miss the soda can section of the target. In practice, an experienced gun owner should develop a natural “aim-off” grip with the gun to correct this offset.

At 10 yards, the BBs spread out a lot: this is common with most.22 caliber BB pistols. So in reality, only 8 out of 10 shots would have hit the soda can.


The manufacturer claims that the Barra Schofield BB revolver looks authentic and feels just like the real thing. This keyboard is made of solid metal, and is designed for durability and reliability.

The airgun in question is the “Muzzle Velocity” Barra Air Gun. The claims made by the manufacturer of the Barra Schofield BB revolver that it could exceed an advertised muzzle velocity of 1,450 fps are untrue.

The highest actual velocity recorded was 381 FPS with ASG BBs.Diversity of intestinal helminths in domestic dogs in south-eastern Poland. But this was achieved in a cool – 60 degrees F – basement range.


All CO2-powered guns are affected by ambient temperature. In fact, they shoot faster by about two fps per degree change in temperature. This is why our 381 fps at 60 degrees Fahrenheit is about to hit the 410 fps spec. at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you keep your gun shooting at around 440 fps, it will still hit the same target in the same amount of time, regardless of what kind of weather you’re. The change in ambient temperature is responsible.


The Barra Schofield BB revolver tested by HAM gave an average standard deviation of 8.50 FPS across the whole test, including five different types of standard HAM review BBs.

This is a good number for a CO2-powered BB gun, which is the kind of pistol that shoots darts at high velocity. It indicates that the gun shoots consistently and with little variation in performance.


All airguns work differently. The Schofield is no exception. Faster firing rates will produce lower muzzle velocities due to the heat generated from the higher volume of air entering the barrel at a faster rate.

This trigger pull weight consistency really is exceptional.

The HAM test revolver is equipped with a trigger pull weight that varies by just plus four ounces and minus five ounces.

The performance of this particular CO2-powered BB revolver is very good. It is consistent, and the higher power of the CO2 helps propel the BBs farther.


The Schofield No. 3 is a single-action revolver with a top-break action. It also has a thumb-rest safety. This is the same Barra reproduction as the one that’s shown in the photo.

The trigger itself is single stage and very easy to shoot. With the release the sear automatically springs the action, which allows the action to fire. Pulling an average of 3 lbs. 2 oz. makes this sample lighter than a typical dog food bag.

It was a great trigger. You’ve got to use your voice, but not so that it hurts. The best way to pull back the hammer is to have the thumb pull back the hammer before each shot.


This is the best pistol, for most people. You cock it and then rotate the cylinder, bringing the next cartridge into battery. When the hammer is cocked, there’s a satisfying “click”. Yes, it takes less than two clicks to open the chamber for the next shot. But this is not a good thing to do because it may put you in danger of breaking the gun.

The Schofield’s action is an important part of the shotgun. This is a good little addition for the price. It holds the front sight in place and also functions as the rear sight.

When the action breaks, it allows the round to move. The star ejector pulls out the empty cartridges at the same time as the moving round. It’s easy to make fun of these kinds of products, but I promise you, you’ll see why they work.


The Barra Schofield BB revolver tested by HAM produced a round 100 shots from a single 12 Gram CO2 cartridge. At this point the Muzzle Velocity was still 236 fps but was falling fast.

It’s not the absolute highest shot count ever, but the new Schofield from Blue Ridge Arms is one of the best single-action revolvers. Not only does it get more shots out of less powder, it also has great recoil and no blowback.


The left side pistol grip side plate is where you’ll find the hex key that’s used to tighten the CO2. As this is a separate part it can prevent problems with the loosing of the hex key.


The highest muzzle velocity recorded during HAM testing was 377 fps. That velocity was reached when the test subject fired with ASG Blaster BBs.

There’s a temperature range at which this is achieved, the high end of which is at 60 degrees.


This is an interesting gun. It does very well with the aged look. There are three indications that indicate whether a knife is sharp or not. It is not a battlefield effect, but the impression is of a gun that has a long and useful life, and a careful owner.

In addition, maybe others have been found on replica watches. It’s not something that I’ve seen before on a replica watch. Some light sanding is present on the frame and lock plate. It’s very challenging to take a good picture of this.

The Barra Schofield BB revolver has a small, deliberate level of imperfection. This gives the gun an extremely realistic look. Replica BB Guns have the perfect metal finish and a uniform nickle coat. That looks too good to be true.


Barra Airguns says that a mild abrasion stage is deliberately included in the finishing of the aged Schofields. The faux wood plastic pistol grips are a well-printed set of the M1911A1 variant. The Barra Logo only adds a touch of uniqueness to this case.

I don’t know why, but it appears the gun will work with.22 ammo if I only load one round at a time. It’s not a great test of reliability or durability. There’s one final point that we need to cover in this discussion about the Schofield. These are printed in gray, which means that they’re reasonably unobtrusive when you hold the firearm in everyday use and handling.


This is a very high quality BB gun and, as a result, it’s well worth the money you spend for it. There’s a great color users’ guide covering operation and maintenance of the revolver that shows you how to use and care for it. It’s available online from gun dealers such as Pyramyd Air.

Barra No. 3 Nickel Full Metal Specs

Max Velocity410 fps
Overall Length12.5″
Weight2.4 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Barrel Length7.0″
Shot Capacity6
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
Trigger ActionSingle-Action
Max Shots per Fill100
MaterialFull metal
Body TypePistol
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
UpgradesFaux wood grips

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#75 What Is Y2K Fashion

Is Early 2000s Fashion Coming Back

In this article, we’ll go through the basics of Y2K fashion, and give you everything you need to know about its origins, why it’s back, and how to pull it off.

The fashion industry agrees we’re creatures of habit. We like to hang onto our pasts, particularly when it comes to our wardrobes. Baggy denim is a cool style that will make a comeback soon, so get ready to trade up from your skinny jeans.

As soon as people figure out how to make money from social media they’re going to agree with you. It will happen two decades from now. This means you could have an idea for a killer product. Or that you’ve got a great product idea that needs marketing, but you don’t know how to market it.

Fashion designers were not around to see Y2K and thus we primarily have Generation Z to thank for Y2K fashion. This look was shot by Gen Z’s favorite photographer, and if we’ve learned anything about the generation it’s that a good photo can change everything.

It’s important to have a fashion aesthetic that reflects who you are and what you love, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a model all the time. This is the perfect gift for the little princess in your life. She’ll love her new bedding set, as well as the stories that accompany the characters.


What Is Y2K Fashion

Y2K Fashion calls back to the biggest trends of the 90s and the first years of the millennium.

This is a pop art of the millennium. The bright colours and kitschy aesthetics of this work blend to create an unapologetically maximalist look.

It’s the boldness of the style that makes it a fashion disaster, not the fact that it’s a fashion disaster.

Minimalist fashion rejected the past decade’s fad for the simplicity of the early 20th century.

This is a great opportunity for experimentation.

No matter how many different outfits you have to choose from, there is one piece of clothing that will always match perfectly—your favorite jeans.

The goal of Y2K fashion is to express yourself as vividly as you can.

Take a look at your peers online. If they’re posting about something you enjoy, you might want to try it out for yourself.

In the past decade, Y2K fashion is more body-positive and there are always exceptions to the bedazzled rule.

The Origins of the Y2K Aesthetic

As previously mentioned, Y2K fashion is a look straight from the early 2000s, which is often characterized by distressed jeans, retro sunglasses, and oversized sweaters.

Heelys were popular throughout the 2000s, but people also got interested in skateboarding because of Tony Hawk. They both changed the world of sports and entertainment.

It was a time of great change. Technology companies like Apple and Microsoft were becoming part of our lives.

Gaming consoles and flip phones are at the cusp of new technologies.

Meanwhile, the Internet as we know it began to take shape.

Pop culture reflected everything that was changing politically and socially.

The best fashion of the decade came from pop icons, and Radiohead was the biggest influence.

When Destiny’s Child, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and N’SYNC were all just kids, they created an iconic song and dance genre that changed music forever.

Y2K fashion is a term that applies to many of today’s best-selling fashions, including dresses, jackets, skirts, and blouses, which are designed and produced to be extremely.

Why the Y2K Aesthetic Is Back

Fashion is cyclical, which means that few trends are truly original.

This is the kind of hairstyle that is all over the place right now. It’s a very ‘in’ look.

80’s haircuts have returned. Even emo has returned. If you take your rose-colored glasses off for a second, you’ll realize that trends are just good business.

Following years of vintage dressing and thrifting, Y2K style is a natural progression.

Juicy Couture doesn’t have to be for everyone. But it was always going to find its way back into the closets of younger generations.

Brands like this are always going to catch on. And here we are, falling in love with Y2K fashion all over again.

The trend with the greatest appeal is the gaudy trend. It was originally a trend that was flashy in an old-fashioned way.

The past was simpler and there was more opportunity to become rich than there is now.

The best thing about the early 2000s was that it was really experimental.

A baby tee and a mini skirt may have been the popular fashion item of the time, but today there are much more ways to dress

In today’s market, there are so many options for customizing your looks.

You can get authentic clothing at thrift stores and sites like Etsy.

If you don’t mind a little DIY action, you can even retrofit your closet to match the distinctive style of Y2

There are plenty of ethical and small brands available if you want something new.

When browsing online, make sure to buy the items you see in person.

Pearlescent or “pearly” colors are very vibrant and will last for a long time without fading.

Meanwhile, you can never go wrong with patterned wide-leg trousers or skinny glasses.

Baby Tees

The “baby-bump-revealing” shirts were the trend in the 2000s.

Cropped shirts are all the rage. From baby tee cropped shirts to ringer tees, these shirts are everywhere.

Y2K-inspired designs have become more popular, and they can add an edgy element to any ensemble.

There are lots of colors, prints and sizes available, so you’re sure to find something that will work perfectly for you.

For a more casual, relaxed look, choose a light cotton top to layer under a sweater, with a pair of leggings.

Baguette Bags

The classic baguette shoulder bag was made famous by Carrie Bradshaw.

A baguette bag is a versatile accessory, but you might not realize that it doesn’t have the same storage space as other bag

Put it on for a cute touch to your everyday wear.

In the 21st century, a pochette is a good way to stand out at a wedding.

Pair it with a white top and high-waisted jeans for a retro vibe.

Velour Tracksuits

After Y2K fashion brought back one of the biggest staples of the 2000s: velour tracksuits.

Brands like Juicy Couture were a major influence for people who wanted to wear their clothes inside-out.

The traditional look has now been replaced by a more modern approach that’s more versatile and fits more easily into trendier aesthetics.

Crop tops, baby tees, and sports bras are some of the ways you can modernize this look.

This is a perfect look for any workout. You’ll feel comfortable, stylish, and confident as you do cardio in your favorite tracksuit and then wear your

For color go for baby blue, pink, green or purple. If you go with the more velveteen looking, the better.

Wide-leg Denim Jeans

These classic denim jeans have died because skinny jeans have come out.

While the former isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, the revival of wide-leg jeans offers a less extreme alternative to low-rise jeans and mini-skirts.

Wide-leg jeans don’t work alone, but vintage Von Dutch Trucker hats and fitted babydoll t-shirts complete the Y2K aesthetic.

Denim on Denim

Speaking of denim, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will always be associated with that infamous 2001 costume they wore.

The 2000s fashion trend for Y2K is more conservative than previous fashion years. You shouldn’t go for crazy colors, but make sure the two jeans match.

Select a cropped jacket. It goes with any jeans style. Then, finish the look with a pair of sunglasses and a baguette bag.


Fashion has always been popular, but in the 2000s futuristic fashion took off.

Metals are back, and they’re hotter than ever. They’re a fun way to make your jewelry look more trendy

When choosing metallics for your jewelry collection, choose shades that are bright and keep the accessories to a minimum.

Metallic puffers seem to be the go-to these days.

However, if those are too garish for you, we also recommend metallic track pants and a matching crop top or jacket.

Pleated Skirts

Fashion has always been popular, but in the 2000s futuristic fashion took off.

Metals are back, and they’re hotter than ever. They’re a fun way to make your jewelry look more trendy.

When choosing metallics for your jewelry collection, choose shades that are bright and keep the accessories to a minimum.

Metallic puffers seem to be the go-to these days.

However, if those are too garish for you, we also recommend metallic track pants and a matching crop top or jacket.

Ribbed Cardigans

Girls who love wearing cardigans will love this cardigan.

Ribbed cardigans are versatile enough to wear to work, while they still have a laid-back, comfy vibe.

A statement necklace adds polish to your simple look without being out-there. And they’re affordable, so it’s possible for any budget.

A cropped cardigan is the best option, though you should feel comfortable wearing any length of a cardigan.

If you’re looking for the perfect off-the-shoulder blouse to go with a mini skirt, look no further than these options.

Translucent Clothing

Y2K fashion wouldn’t be Y2K fashion if it didn’t revive some pretty weird numbers.

Fashion-forward, yet timeless, transparent clothing is surprisingly versatile.

To add, there are no required accessories. Just wear whatever you like!

Military camouflage is a particularly popular pattern in the 2000s, as are abstracts and paisley.

If that’s not bold enough for you, then opt-in for a transparent button-down shirt and pair it with a solid-colored baby tee underneath.

Another option for layered evening dresses would be to layer an invisible dress over a plain white dress.

Mini Skirts

The short skirt trend is one of those items that never seems to die down, no matter how many times it’s brought back for another go-round. It’s not only short-length skirts that make this look trendy, though, as shorts and micro-mini skirts are still popular, too.

Denim mini-skirts have had a resurgence thanks to the 2000’s, but Y2K fashion also introduced alternative fabrics like leather and mesh.

It’s all about having the right outfit, or in this case, skirt. Depending on your preference, a mini skirt can make or break your outfit.

Prioritize eye-popping patterns with your skirts and add a matching cropped top or baby tee in a solid color.

Tie Front Tops

Tie-front tops are all the rage again thanks to Y2K fashion.

Tie fronts are essentially the same as butterfly fronts, but with a little more versatility and significantly less sparkle.

They are a must-have for women who love to dress sexy without having to go overboard on lingerie.

A fitted top is the perfect foundation for a dress. Wear it with a fitted skirt and it’s a stylish, polished look.


Handkerchiefs were one of the trendiest accessories of the 2000s. Y2K fashion diversifies the look to include different styles and patterns, such as t-shirts.

A good accessory can add style to any ensemble, especially if it’s the right bandana. Wear it traditionally, but tie it over your head like your favorite pop star from the 2000s. A pretty bow accentuates this dress. Add this accessory to your holiday party attire or wear it on.

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Daisy Adult Red Ryder BB Rifle #123


Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun: Adult & Youth Models

You could do a lot worse than getting Daisy’s Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. There’s nothing quite like throwing a frisbee and trying to hit a ball into a cup.

There are lots of good reasons to learn how to shoot a gun. If you had a BB gun as a kid, there are good reasons to learn how to shoot it.



Daisy The Company

Daisy Outdoor is located in Rogers, Arkansas and is the oldest, biggest air gun manufacturer not only in the United States but in the world.

You may want to think about tracing the company’s roots all the way back, because you’ll discover that its roots go back to 1880.

In 1880 a guy called Clarence Hamilton started a watch repair shop in Plymouth, Michigan. But he was also quite a tinkerer.


James Hamilton ended up filing a patent for an all-metal, vane-less wind turbine.

Short story long, the windmill didn’t go well but his next product, an air rifle, was a seriously big hit. Get your hands on a BB gun.

Fun Fact

If I’d been there ten years earlier, I could have designed my rifle out of wood. Hamilton’s watches are made of metal, of course, making them different.

When Hough told Hamilton to keep working on it, he asked him to bring it to the board meeting. Hough said “Boy, Clarence, that’s a daisy!” and that’s where the Daisy Outdoors name originated.

It may just be a story, but it is interesting. In 1889 the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company built the first electric-powered windmill in Plymouth, England.


decided to make the Daisy air rifle their main product. As of 2015, they still call themselves Wind & Gun. The company first became interested in air rifles in 1876 when Henry Cockerill invented the safety lock and started to make them for the British army.

In 1938, Daisy signed the Red Ryder licensing agreement. The Red Ryder agreement is generally accepted as the oldest continually-in-effect licensing agreement in the United States business world. Daisy has survived the Great Depression and is kicking ass on a new front: marketing its own line of air rifles. Without Daisy the BB gun world would not be what it is today.

Safety First

When it comes to gun safety there are only four golden rules. For Daisy, safety has always been paramount and they’ve been pushing it in the ad campaigns since their inception.

Shooting safety is an important aspect of safety culture and that’s why these companies have invested so much time and money into creating new technology to make it safer for consumers.

It wasn’t until Daisy started working with local schools in 1948 that they pushed safety and training. The BB guns in schools was a response to the popularity of BB shooting in the army.


There used to be reasonable restrictions on who could get a concealed weapons license, but it’s getting harder to get one, now that the NRA has successfully lobbied lawmakers to remove the regulations that once existed.

In the 1960s Daisy organized a national youth shooting program, which led to a nationwide youth shooting education program.

Daisy, an author and educator, has published a ten-lesson curriculum for shooting education that will help instructors teach kids about gun safety. I cover safety, shot selection, and shooting.

Youth Red Ryder Model 1938

For more than eight decades, this has been the classic Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. This gun is a lever action style air rifle, and I was thrilled to have the chance to play with. It’s a better fit for the kids than it is for me, but it still brought a smile to

This year, Daisy released their limited edition product in a classic, out of print package, too. This rifle was built by Remington in 1938, and was the perfect weapon to hunt coyotes. The Treetop Trek Travel Trailer offers a very comfortable place for your kids to travel.

The Red Ryder Model 1938 has a solid walnut stock, red forearm with the “Red Ryder”. If you want an auto-loading revolver that is reliable and accurate, then the Model 917 Lever Action. Front sights are blade and ramp, and the rear sight is adjustable. 


This model has a 650-capacity tube that holds.177-caliber BBs, and has a max velocity of 350 fps and a max range of 195 yards. The Red Ryder is a wonderful toy because it gives you a chance to shoot your BB at targets up to 50 yards away! It’s so much fun that you’ll want to play with it all day long.

An air gun is legal in most areas, so long as the gun is not loaded. Make sure you’ve checked your local regulations before you start shooting. It’s fantastic for kids because it means you can set up in your backyard to start teaching them the basics of gun safety.

We know you have to abide by the rules, and if you’re not careful you might just be responsible for someone’s injury. Daisy says the Model 1938 for kids is perfect for the 10 to 13 year old age group. You might need to provide more help and guidance with this model, so you can be sure it’s appropriate for younger children.

Of course, just because your kid is only ten doesn’t mean they don’t need to be watched or helped. When it comes to hunting, nothing beats the Model 1938. It’s an air rifle that has a cocking lever. A hammer cocking the lever allows the sear to move back, and then the coiled spring pushes the sear forward to lock it into the receiver.

Yes, the trigger is usually the same as a pistol and pulls it, releasing the piston and propels it through the barrel, launching the BB. It’s a simple thing to load the Red Ryder, but a nice feature to make it even simpler. You push the button and it loads up to 650 BBs.


A single pump isn’t needed for the shotgun, but it doesn’t have to be precise. Kids need to know the basics of gun safety and learn how to safely handle a firearm. The Red Ryders website is designed to teach them those basics.

Yes, you should definitely teach your kids not to shoot each other with a BB gun. If you have a bunch of empty pop-top cans lying around the house and you want to make the house smell a bit more like a party, then you need the Rocket. It’s not just ridiculously fun, but it’s also a lot of work.

Adult Red Ryder Model 1938

It’s true. When Daisy released a Red Ryder BB Gun with an adult-sized magazine, I was stupid excited. This is the same air rifle as the Model 1938 used by kids only with a stock designed for adult shooters. It’s good because you’re starting your business so you need to shoot what you can, even if that’s a youth model.


The adult stock is 36.75-inches long, which means there are a couple of extra inches on the stock. Shooting the ball at this angle makes it feel smaller than it actually is, so it’s easier to hit. It’s no mystery why people buy luxury watches. They’re status symbols. There’s an adult Model 1938. So, you no longer have any reason to not get one.

You Want This

The moment that little boy saw his dad bring home his Model 38 has been etched into his brain forever. He’d be in BB gun heaven. The Daisy Red Ryder Model 1938 isn’t only for Christmas, so get that out of your head.

A backyard filled with baseballs is a year-round deal. You may want to try this out as a first step in introducing your kids to shooting guns and ammo. It’s easy, and it’s affordable.


A great first air rifle should have a comfortable grip. It shouldn’t have an extreme angle that makes it uncomfortable to hold steady. It has all the basics down, but fits most children just fine.

It’s smaller than a youth model, so it’s not as good for us to use. But, it’s a lot more comfortable to use than the youth model.


It’s a BB gun. You’re not supposed to hit any specific target. It’s okay to fire the Model 38 if you stay a few yards away from your target. It’s a heavy ball but it only has a maximum velocity of 350 feet per second and those are little steel balls you’re slinging.

Precision isn’t the name of the game, but you can easily shoot flying cans off the Rocket Shot Target Launcher. Solid for learning the basics of marksmanship or just having fun, this air rifle will put the ‘air’ in shooting.


Red Ryder BB Gun isn’t a problem, even though it comes with a number of drawbacks and limitations. The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Pencils is the definitive guide to buying pencils. With all its flaws, it is the best camera I’ve ever tested. And at this price point, it’s a steal.


It’s fun for everyone—including kids and adults. Daisy is an industry leader in air guns for almost 80 years. They’re a perfect choice for the gun enthusiast. I love the vintage packaging for these air rifles and am looking forward to shooting them this spring. For kids and adults, this game is a great way to have some fun. But don’t forget your safety glasses!

Daisy Adult Red Ryder Specs

Max Velocity350 fps
Overall Length36.75″
Weight2.95 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Shot Capacity650
Cocking Effort18 lbs
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade & Ramp
Rear SightAdjustable
Body TypeRifle
UpgradesScoped Rifle Combo

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#74 9 Rules For Wearing A Mini Skirt

9 Rules For Wearing A Mini Skirt

According to Lyst and ShopStyle, mini skirts will be a major must-have this spring.

Long lengths aren’t just appropriate for petite women or those under the age of 25. They also look great on any woman, and can be pulled off by anyone provided you know the best tricks to pull them off.

The right fabric I’ve been seeing a lot of people wearing a white denim mini skirt with black boots lately, and it’s looking so good. You know how to wear that outfit, but if you want to try it out for yourself, here’s what you need to know about wearing white denim. What you need to know First of all, you need to know that white denim is the new black, but it’s not exactly the same as black.

And what are those tricks for wearing a mini skirt like an adult? Here are our top nine tips.

mini skirt


Opt For Skirts That Are Neither Too Tight Nor Too Flowy

The best Goldilocks fits are on the petite size and are best for petite to average-size bodies.

Skirts that are too flouncy, ruffled, pleated or fitted in any way can all too easily look very juvenile, and skin tight pencil skirts or hip-hugging spandex is a bit too

Look for a mini with a more structured fabric that moves away from the hips for that perfect balance between loose and fitted.

mini skirt

Don’t Go Too Short

If you really want to get the long-lasting benefits of a mini but you don’t want to risk flashing your underwear every time you sit down

For tall women, it’s important to look for skirts that hit three inches or so above the knee.

They’ll look even sexier with their skin covered up by a tank top or dress.

mini skirt

The best part is that you can easily wear them to work or even out on the town and they’ll still look great. But if you’re looking for something a little more casual, then you might want to consider wearing something more short.

This is particularly true if you tend to be clumsy. You don’t want to end up with a wardrobe full of torn clothes. 

Short Skirts And Long Jackets Are A Match Made In Heaven

Cake really knows what they’re talking about when they sing the song ‘Short Skirt/Long Jacket.’ The combination of a trench coat or duster and a mini gives the illusion of extra coverage without actually covering up your legs. After all, you chose a mini because you wanted to show off your stems.

mini skirt

No, you don’t need to buy a matching set of hair dye to do this trick.

Monochrome Is Always A Good Idea

You might not realize how much layering is a part of fashion now, but this trick really works.

One more hot tip for making your body look longer and leaner: Wear boots with a low or flat heel that’s close to your skin tone.

mini skirt

This will help you appear more attractive if you’re not tall.

Stick With Flat Shoes Or Low Heels

High heels have a very sexy, sophisticated look with a mini dress or skirt, but for a casual day look they’re just too much.

Flat boots are easier to walk in, and can help keep your proportions in check.

Try A Neutral-hued Skirt Suit

What makes the mini-skirt and the accompanying cropped jacket look grown-up are two things: A surprising trend and a look that works for work.

mini skirt

I’m particularly attracted to navy, black, and dark gray, but they’re all great choices.

As for shoes, try flat knee-high leather boots or flat loafers. These will definitely give your look a professional vibe.

When In Doubt, Go The Sporty Route

You might want to wear a tennis skirt this summer. We know they’re a huge trend now, but we expect them to carry over into spring / summer, too.

For all the men out there, these are the best athletic shoes ever. They’re extremely comfortable, super stylish, and will make you look awesome no matter what your workout involves.

mini skirt

Make sure you pair your new dress or skirt with some comfortable flat shoes that give you a smooth and polished finish.

Leave The Raw Hem Denim To The Youths

In order to wear a denim mini like an adult, you need to be willing to invest in a dark wash, and pay attention to your details.

mini skirt

Frayed hems, bleaching, and distressing at the pockets are just too connected to high school (or at least the early 2000s) to look chic.

If You Want To Show Off Your Socks, Keep Them Short

When a shoe is designed to be more casual, it looks better if it doesn’t have a bold color or pattern.

When worn with a short miniskirt and high-heeled shoes, this is a true uniform that looks just like a school uniform.

Whether you are going to a formal or informal event, you should never wear your socks with your shoes or boots, except for when you are heading to a Gilmore Girls costume party.

mini skirt

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FX Crown Continuum MKII, GRS Green Mountain Laminate #122



The FX Crown Continuum MKII is the latest version of the Crown platform. This shotgun is notable for having two barrels, both of which are of the same caliber. It’s specifically designed for benchrest and other types of long-range shooting.

The gun was tested with the short (380 mm, 15 inch) barrel. This is an ideal weapon for hunting and similar situations where maneuverability is critical. There are two included moderators: a male and a female. Attach whichever moderator to the barrel of your choice.

This is the new, latest, and greatest FX Smooth Twist X barrel rifling. The barrel is mounted more firmly than ever before. There are five set screws to secure the barrel.

You will be on top of the breech, with two each side of the gun. There are a number of important features that make the new crown different than the old one.

For just $100 more than the “non-Crown” version, the FXC Continuum comes with the same two-barrel flexibility.

It was so good, Doug decided to purchase it himself. He wrote a great review of it and shared his thoughts. He clearly sees the improvements in this Continuum and feels that it represents outstanding value, even at $2K.

Doug’s comments are what makes this so good. He went through all of the features of the adjustable stock and wrote what he thought about each feature.




As can be seen above, the FX Crown’s Continuum tested by HAM achieved peak muzzle velocities of 1,097 fps with alloy pellets and 1027 fps with lead.

If you are not interested in the performance or quality of the air rifle itself, then most purchasers of this air rifle will be more interested in the 35.

The results of this study are amazing because these pellets not only worked but they also delivered the best accuracy.

We had a fairly-well one-hole group for ten shots at 25 yards.


It is an air rifle as is expected of FX Air Rifles, that the accuracy produced by almost all the HAM test pellets weighing 14 Grains and above was excellent.

I know it sounds crazy, but only the H&N Field Target Trophies seemed not to the taste of this air rifle.

Ham radio has no reason to expect that the long barrel will deliver accuracy results that are less stellar than this – and at much longer ranges.


HAM tested the trigger pull of the Crown Continuum and it was outstanding. Light and smooth is what the first stage is. You see a very clear stop when you pull back further. The second stage is the release stage. There is no trace of slack or creeps in that second stage. A small amount of pressure trips the sear with no additional movement.

This really is a symptom of a glass break. The trigger blade is finished and beautifully shaped. The ball of the finger can be invited to apply pressure just the right way. The release of the Continuum’s Trigger is a joy in and of itself. HAM tested the pull weight of the crown continuum and found it to be very light. When tested with an electronictrigger pull gauge, it felt and was very consistent.

The pull weight of both the first and second stages is adjusted by thetrigger. The HAM Team can’t think of a reason why anyone would want to change the factory settings on a gun.

The only thing missing from this Trigger is the ability for the blade to be moved forward or back to accommodate long or short fingers. It was ideal for us, and that didn’t matter to the HAM tester. If you hold the cocking lever back and pull thetrigger at the same time you push the cocking lever forward, the Trigger can be de-cocked.

The safety lever can be found on the right of the stock, behind and above thetrigger blade. It works just as well as possible. The side lever action was smooth and easy to use. It was easy to operate and it was light.

The cocking effort was over 12 lbs more than the Crown tested, but still very acceptable. This is the highest level of cocking action you can expect from an air rifle with a $2,000 pricetag. The Crown Continuum once again delivered!


Every PCP Air Rifle will have different muzzle velocity and shot counts per fill. The FX Crown Continuum test by HAM was run at a pressure of approximately 1,600 PSI. The power wheel was set to max and the transfer port was set to “.25.30″.

This is how we received it. The result is that this gun, with the shorter barrel, is a “hot performing” gun. The Continuum is an accurate airgun. The muzzle energy is up to 32 feet per pound for the.22 caliber in the Continuum. In addition to its high muzzle velocity, the Hammer AR-15 Pistol Kit with Vortex Openings delivers a huge spread of patterns.

In many ways, we can all agree that more power equals more shots on goal. The FX Crown Continuum performed better than other tested crowns by HAM, producing at least 65+ consistent shots.

FX specs is the brand that delivers the most shots per fill to its customers. The Continuum could be tuned back down to a lower power and a correspondingly large increase in shot count per fill. It’s no surprise that we expect the Crown to have an amazing build quality. The build quality was tested and it passes all of the required tests.


HAM tested the FX Crown Continuum at the highest setting and it delivered the predictably excellent level of consistency. You can rest assured that the Smith & Wesson Model 4506 has been thoroughly tested. We’ve pulled the trigger to make sure it works just the way it’s supposed to, and we can’t wait to share our test results with you.

The average trigger pull weight was 1 Lb 5.4 Oz. No trigger pull registered as much as an ounce different from this average. That’s extremely close to the perfect speed! The average standard deviation across the HAM pellet test suite was just 3.35 FPS.

It’s an incredible low score, and one of the best we’ve ever seen. The FX Crown’s impressive performance is only part of what makes this one of the most versatile guns in the HAM line. Its unmatched versatility makes it easy to use out of the box, with or without optics.

From the rear (right) pressure gauge, we see the regulator was set at about 110 Bar (1,600 PSI).


With its shrouded barrel and moderate muzzle velocity, the FX Crown Continuum was very quiet. This HAM Air Rifle shoots very quietly. For those with small yards, it’s certainly a backyard-friendly product!


The FX Crown Continuum comes with no sighting equipment, so it’s up to you to install it yourself. Yes, and HAM team installed a Aztec Optics 5.5-25×50 First Focal Plane scope for this review. This is not the longest scope rail we’ve seen, but it does provide sufficient flexibility to allow for almost any combination of optic and shooter’s individual eyesight.

You’ll need to use high rings to gain clearance for the magazine, but the amount of high rings you’ll need depends on the caliber of your gun. The adjustable comb and buttpad ensures that this face mask can still be used while providing an excellent cheek weld.


The Crown Continuum air rifle scored high marks for shootability as well. This is a rifle that is light in weight.

The test gun weighed in at only 8 lbs 7 Oz and had a full HPA tank, empty magazine and mounted scope. The Continuum points well and shoulders well, according to the HAM Testers. For rapid target acquisition, the short barrel is very beneficial.

The thumbhole stock provides a good position for the firing hand, because thetrigger finger falls into place naturally. The point of balance can be reached through the natural position of the forward hand and thetrigger. The cheek piece is used to facilitate both comfort and cheek welding. A 5mm Allen wrench is used to adjust the rubber buttpad vertically.


Let’s cover the easy one first. The quality of fit and finish on all metal parts is flawless. The Minelli-manufactured stock also exhibits the highest standard of finish. The leather is in great condition and there’s a beautiful, soft satin finish over the remainder of the stock.

And the whole package has a high quality feel to it. Even though the HAM Editor has changed his mind and feels it looks even better with the longer barrel, the author still wants the short barrel!


The compact, “chunky” look is very pleasing to the eye. The best-selling stock is the laminated yellow stock. But the guys at the wood shop that make our stocks disagree. Doug doesn’t. He much prefers the more subdued black/blue laminate of his own crown!

Fortunately, the FX Crown Continuum is available in a choice of stocks, so the issue of color can easily be addressed by the buyer.


The FX Crown Continuum is readily available online from an increasing number of dealers.A few years ago I started making a conscious effort to live as simply as possible. You may have a chance to see one up close and personal at one of the specialist airgun stores around the country.

What a time to be alive, we’re able to use this thing that opens up our laptop more easily. This is what the future looks like. The only negative thing about the Continuum case is that it is long enough only to hold the gun with short barrel and the moderator was not included.

A removable section of foam allows a scope to be carried with a custom fit to the particular rifle.

FX Airguns Crown Continuum MKII GRS Specs

Max Velocity1015 fps
Weight9.7 lbs
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practice
Caliber.22 (5.5mm)
Muzzle Energy58 ft/lbs
Shot Capacity18
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill145
Operating Pressure3625 PSI / 250 BAR
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerMultiple settings
Cylinder Size480 cc

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#73 What Is Camp Fashion

What Is Camp Fashion & How to Try It

In the fashion world, camp fashion can often be ambiguous. We appreciate this but do not see any impact on the site and feel the need to support the site and continue to build our network. I have tried to add some of the links I used as a guide, to enable those of us that didn’t use them, to follow along. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I was shocked to learn that the event featured the first ever wearable, wearable sculpture. At the event, they showcased the designer’s work, including his creation, “The Met”, which he refers to as his first wearable sculpture. He said that this type of fashion would be the fashion industry’s new style.

On the other hand, we think collars – the double-notch variety currently in style, to be specific – are, well, ugly, or we view it as inspiration – look at all the outdoor-inspired puffers, anoraks, and other gorpcore fare from the past three years.

camp fashion


A Barebones Definition of “Camp”

Camp stands for itself. It’s a concept that doesn’t have anything else to stand for, but still feels like it does.

And that’s where we get into the campier territory.

In fashion, think the meme-adorned gowns from Viktor & Rolf, or cult favorites like Showgirls and The Room.

While everyone was happy to see a return to the fashion statement the Met Gala used to represent, many were disappointed that the event did not live up to the lofty standard set by the last two years.

It was chaired by Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Serena Williams, and Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele.

It was not selected for its creative team, but for its pop culture output.

It’s been said that the “old” Lady Gaga is a lot more daring and bolder than the one we’ve seen in recent years.

Michele for giving us a new look at what the 80’s could have looked like. She has created a new silhouette that is almost entirely gender-neutral, and she’s done so with incredible colors.

After his fashion shows and ad campaigns featuring animals and severed heads, we couldn’t help but think about the juxtaposition of animal life and death with the recent spate of celebrity suicides.

The Origins of “Camp”

In the new definition from the 2015 OED, camp appears in a positive light and is no longer associated with effeminate or homosexual behavior. It is now defined as a “subculture” or “lifestyle” consisting of dressing and acting in an exaggeratedly manly fashion.

In 1961, Susan Sontag wrote Notes on Camp, which includes all things camp. Camp is playful and frivolous in the face of seriousness.

Sontag further defines it as something that’s aspirational — if it doesn’t go far enough, regardless of execution, the result is simply bad or mediocre.

It’s a well-known fact that the word “camp” began around the 17th century as a way to describe large, elaborate military encampments. But according to some historians, the word actually originated with King Louis XIV and his lavish and ornately decorated palace at Versailles.

The high-heeled shoe was an example of the period’s excess.

The new shoe has increased a man’s stature and authority. It will also make him more able to navigate around obstacles and get from one place to another.

The word camp, in its French origin, actually goes back to the Latin verb “campeare”, which literally means to “stand up”.

If you’re going to peacock, here’s how to do it right. In today’s speak you’d call it “peacocking.” You’ll learn how to accessorize properly, where to shop, how to show off your style and more.

Camp in the Modern Sense

Camp sensibilities are as old as civilization. As long as humans have lived in groups, there have been places where people could relax together, eat together, sleep together, and do whatever else they wanted to do together. Modern camp is a throwback to a time before the separation between public and private.

But instead, they are from the 20th century’s underground cultures – specifically queer and black culture from Josephine Baker’s outlandish getups to ‘70s and ‘80s gender-bending performers like David Bowie and Grace Jones to multi-decade spanning drag culture.

The only thing that doesn’t stand out in the current exhibition is the fact that it’s referential to the present or iconic. Everything else stands out, as it’s all pulled to extremes.

President Donald Trump is a reality TV personality and politician who appears in a show that promotes camp culture. Though he has a certain camp-y, uncouth appeal and uses an unconventional vocabulary, he is clearly not aware of the effect he produces with his style and speech.

When it comes to reality shows, there’s no shortage of them that focus on body image and “revenge body” culture.

The series attempts to be relevant by trying to appease and avoid offending large swaths of people, only to settle further away from the center and into mediocrity.

Forced camping can work if the extremes are broad enough.

Everyone knows that the Real Housewives are in on the joke. They all know the formula, so it makes it easier for them to laugh at all the fake drama that goes on.

It’s no longer acceptable to be unwilling to brawl, throw champagne, or make a B-grade novelty single when it comes to being cast in a TV show.

This week’s episode of Gossip Girl was “so bad, it’s good.” The fight between Blair and Serena turned into something that could never be fixed.

The Exaggerated Silhouette

It’s a big, broad concept.

Two years ago, we started noticing longer, boxier, and wider-cut pants.

This suit is a style that’s moving on to blazers, with shape-enveloping cuts, angular shoulders, and double-breast details that fold over the body.

The Ironic Trend

With the right lens, you can view anything through a distorted funhouse lens. That’s how you get the silhouette that fits that 20-year-old high-waist, tapered pants.

We see the same styles, cuts, fabrics, and even logos on clothes that look dated. They’ve all gotten a second wind.

Normcore fashion is an example of an extreme fusion of popular culture and subculture fashion.

This evolved into the dad fit. These are high-quality and often high-fashion items, but their performance-driven construction has become so common that they’ve been worn by men all over the world for nearly twenty years.

As long as the trend holds on, suits will become a little bigger next year.

Appropriating Base Concepts

During the last decade or so, there’s been a lot of talk about writing and selling in the mainstream. In fact, for a long time, there was a distinction between “serious writers” and everyone else. Now, that distinction is starting to blur.

Fashion – and menswear specifically – has blurred the boundary between the so-called high end and everyday fashion. Nowhere is this more evident than on the catwalk, where even the high end designers are featuring their streetwear collections.

It’s easier than ever to appropriate “low” consumer culture for your brand.

It’s all part of Moschino or Vetements’ continued push to experiment and expand their style. And Jeremy Scott isn’t the only designer taking inspiration from the fast food industry.

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Air Venturi V10 Match Air Pistol #121

Air Venturi V10 Match Air Pistol

The Air Venturi V10 Match Air Pistol is a world class performer at a competitive price. You can’t beat the affordability of this air pistol. It’s an affordable choice for anyone in 10-meter pistol competition.

It generates enough power to launch its.177 pellets at 400fps. This means it’s an ideal speed for accurate shooting. This is a good-quality.22 rimfire pistol. It’s a bit heavy, but it’s adjustable to fit almost everyone.




The Air Venturi V10 Match Pellet Pistol is a match-grade pellet gun and one of the better priced guns for the money. You need accuracy when shooting, so the best pellet guns for accuracy are match grade pellet pistols. They’re not the best in power, but they’re very accurate and very consistent.

My first impulse was to get another one, but my wife has made me promise I’d only replace one piece at a time, so I had to wait until I could find an excuse to be without it. So I did a little bit of my own testing with a similar Chronograph, and the venturi V10 Match pellet pistol gets right around 390 fps using 7 grain lead pellets.


I shot about 6-7 rounds downrange on a fresh paper target setup around 30 feet away. I sat with a sandbag up front for stability, and my Air Venturi V10 Match Pellet Pistol shot 6 out of the 7 rounds all in one hole that stretched out to about 1/4 of an inch. The gun is accurate and easy to use. There was just one flyer that extended the grouping to almost an inch. This is not bad for a beginner.


The trigger on the Air Venturi V10 Match Pellet Pistol is fully adjustable, but it is designed for a left handed shooter. It’s made for a right hander, however.

The trigger pull is very light, and it should be good to go for most people.

This is a nice feature of this lens because you don’t need to stop and charge it every few minutes. You just need one pump for full power so it’s much easier to shoot.


The air venturi v10 match pellet pistol is a great air-gun for beginners and advanced shooters alike. It’s got a super tight group size and the pellets come out with such precision and speed, that it will give your shots the accuracy of a much more expensive gun.

Air Venturi V10 Feeling

The Air Venturi V10 Match Air Pistol is an entry level 10-meter match air gun. It’s made to be used single handed, which is evident by its form fitted grip and palm shelf. It has a single-stroke pneumatic powerplant with an adjustable trigger and fully adjustable sights.

The AirForce is a great looking, well-made and well-built airgun. The air-pistol can be fired without any perceptible recoil. The small recoil is due to the fact that it is not an electric weapon.

It’s called the.22 Match, and it’s perfect for taking down small game on the range. Its combination of adjustable sights and lightweight design allows you to hunt with confidence and accuracy. The competition grade rifled steel barrel does not disappoint.


Its single-stroke, pneumatic powerplant delivers consistently high speeds. I measured my results and found an extreme 10 fps spread, even with the smaller pellets. In addition, CO2 doesn’t explode, and there’s no gas leakage.

The V10 is very much not an ambidextrous air pistol. The grip is wonderfully designed to be used in your strong hand, and can even be used with two. It cannot, however, be used in your weak hand with anything like a comfortable or suitable purchase on the gun. Because of this, the V10 is available in both a right-hand and left-hand version. The palm shelf on the grip is adjustable to the user’s hand size, and fits even my large gorilla type hands. It’s a bit tight, but that’s how I want a single handed palm shelf.

Air Pistol V10 Comment

As I said earlier, the accuracy of this gun is stellar. The problem I faced was, how do I show you that? How do I remove myself and my abilities as a factor in the accuracy demonstration? I decided upon a two-fold approach. This gun is meant to be fired single handed from 10 meters….so that’s what I did. However, I fired a 20 shot group. By making the sample size that large, though there would surely be some pulled shots, you can hopefully see a trend in the gun’s capability. This was method one of two, and you can see the results in the picture below. This group is standing, single handed, from 10 meters (not yards) using the H&N Finale Match Light pellets. The target is a regulation size (6.7″) 10 meter target. The orange dots are just to help my poor eyesight. Clearly, the olympic games recruiter won’t be calling me any time soon.


The other method I used to illustrate the capability of the gun while removing as much of myself as a variable as possible…was to cheat. Rather than shoot the gun single handed and standing, I shot it two handed and seated with my arms rested on the back of a chair. Yes, I know that’s cheating…but again…we’re discussing the capability of the gun and not the capability of Donnie Reed. The gun is far more accurate than I am. Below is the 5 shot cheater group from 10 meters, arms rested, using the H&N Finale Match Light pellets.


While this gun has accuracy for days, what it does not have is power or a safety of any kind. Because of this, I would warn against using the gun for anything but target shooting. This is not a hunting gun, and unsuitable even for shooting small birds. The gun produces a smidge over 2 ft-lb of energy at the muzzle, and that will fall off sharply at any distance. I do not consider this a negative aspect of the gun, as it’s clearly marketed and designed to be used as a target pistol. It excels at that task. The right tool for the right job.

When you factor in the comparably low cost of the V10 compared to other dedicated 10 meter air pistols, I’m of the opinion that it’s a great choice for an entry level target gun. It would also be a good choice for plinking or teaching someone how to shoot a pistol accurately. Like I said in my opening paragraph, I truly think this gun is awesome…and wouldn’t be surprised if one made it into my personal collection. I hope you’ve found this report useful, and I thank you for reading!


Donnie Reed is our Sales Manager and general airgun guru here at Baker Airguns. He was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, and qualified as both a Rifle Expert and Pistol Expert. Donnie is now a competitive airgun shooter, focusing primarily on field target and benchrest competitions. He has won both PCP and piston class field target matches, as well as local benchrest competitions. Donnie also runs the Youtube channel and Facebook group ALL THINGS AIRGUN. His first college degree is in Mathematics and Sciences, but he is still pursuing another in Physics and Astronomy.

Air Venturi V10 Specs

Max Velocity400 fps
Overall Length12.6″
Weight1.95 lbs
Trigger Pull1.5 lbs
Suggested forCompetition
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Barrel Length8.26″
Shot Capacity1
Cocking Effort20 lbs
Front SightBlade & Ramp
Rear SightAdjustable for windage & elevation
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
PowerplantSingle-stroke pneumatic
Body TypePistol
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Grip SizeMedium

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